How To Fix Error Code A17 On Stan?

Stan is a popular streaming service in Australia that allows users to watch movies, TV shows, and more online. However, some Stan users may encounter error codes like A17 when trying to stream content. The A17 error typically indicates an issue connecting to Stan’s servers.

How To Fix Error Code A17 On Stan?

Fortunately, there are several troubleshooting steps you can take to fix the A17 error on Stan and resume streaming. In this guide, we’ll cover common A17 error causes and solutions to help you get back to binge-watching your favorite shows.

What Causes the A17 Error on Stan?

There are a few potential causes of the A17 error on Stan:

  • Connectivity issues – Slow internet speeds, WiFi dropouts, and other network problems can prevent Stan from connecting to its servers properly. This disrupts video streaming and produces error A17.
  • Outdated app – Using an outdated version of the Stan app could result in compatibility issues and connection errors like A17.
  • Cache problems – Corrupted cache files or a full cache can also interfere with Stan’s ability to stream content smoothly. Clearing the cache often fixes A17 errors.
  • Account problems – In rare cases, an issue with your Stan account could be responsible. Resetting your password or signing out and back in may help.
  • Server outages – Stan’s servers going down for maintenance or due to technical issues can temporarily cause the A17 error for all users.

Knowing the potential sources of the problem makes it easier to start troubleshooting and get rid of the A17 error.

Step 1: Check Stan Server Status

Before trying any troubleshooting steps on your end, check Stan’s server status. Server outages are a common reason why the A17 error appears for all users at the same time.

You can check the Stan Status page to see if they have reported any known issues or maintenance that could be causing the A17 error. If the servers are down or experiencing problems, you’ll have to wait until Stan resolves the outage.

However, if Stan’s servers are up and running normally, you can move on to troubleshooting your own device and connection.

Step 2: Restart Your Device and Modem/Router

One quick fix is restarting your streaming device and home internet equipment. Here’s how to do it:

Restart your streaming device – If watching Stan on your smartphone, tablet, computer, or smart TV app, close and re-open the app. If the A17 error persists, do a full restart of your device.

Restart your modem and router – Unplug your home modem and WiFi router, leave them off for 60 seconds, then plug them back in. This will refresh your internet connection which may resolve any network issues causing A17 errors.

Allow a few minutes after a restart for your modem and router to boot back up fully. Then try launching Stan again. A device and connection reset fixes many intermittent network and app glitches that can prompt the A17 error.

Step 3: Check Your Internet Connection

With Stan, a stable internet connection with adequate bandwidth is essential for smooth video streaming. Connection issues like a slow network or frequent disconnections can trigger the A17 error.

To see if your internet connection is the culprit:

  • Check connection speed – Use a site like Speedtest to measure your current upload/download speeds. Consistent speeds of at least 5-10 Mbps are recommended for streaming in HD. Lower speeds can cause buffering and connection issues.
  • Test with a different device – Try streaming Stan on a different device like a mobile device connected to WiFi. If that device streams without issues, then the problem may be limited to one device.
  • Use a wired connection – For the most reliable connection, use an Ethernet cable to connect your streaming device directly to your modem instead of using WiFi. This avoids any interference or signal drops.

Address any connection problems found by contacting your internet service provider, moving devices closer to your router, or upgrading your network if speeds are consistently low.

Step 4: Update Your Stan App

If your Stan app is outdated, this could explain recurring A17 errors. Using an outdated app version may result in compatibility issues as Stan makes updates to their service.

Updating to the latest version of the Stan app for your device only takes a minute and may quickly fix the A17 error:

  • Mobile app – On your iOS or Android device, go to the App Store or Google Play Store to check for any available updates for the Stan app. Install the latest version.
  • Smart TV app – On LG, Samsung, Android TV and other platforms, go to the app store on your TV to update the Stan app. New app versions are released frequently.
  • Desktop app – In your computer’s app store (Microsoft Store, Mac App Store etc), check for and install updates for the Stan desktop app.

Once updated to the latest version of the Stan app, launch it again and see if error A17 persists. Keeping your apps updated is an easy way to prevent streaming problems.

Step 5: Restart and Update Your Streaming Device

In addition to app updates, also check if your streaming device itself needs a restart or firmware update.

For smart TVs, gaming consoles, streaming boxes and sticks (like Chromecast or Firestick):

  • Restart your device – From the device settings menu, restart your smart TV, console or streaming stick. This clears any software glitches.
  • Check for system updates – In your device settings, check for available firmware/OS updates from the manufacturer and install them. System updates improve performance and fix bugs.

Restarting and updating your actual streaming hardware periodically helps avoid any software issues that could interfere with streaming on apps like Stan and cause technical errors.

Step 6: Clear Your Cache and Data

Corrupted temporary cache and data files can sometimes trigger the A17 error. Clearing your Stan cache forces the app to re-load fresh files.

Follow these steps to clear cache:

  • On mobile – In your Android or iOS Settings, locate the Stan app and choose to Clear Cache. Additionally, you can Clear Data which will reset the app.
  • On smart TVs – In your TV system Settings, find options to Clear Cache and/or Clear Data for apps. Select the Stan app.
  • On computers – In your browser Settings, find options to clear cache/cookies and site data. Clear data for

After emptying the cache and data, re-launch Stan. This often resolves app errors like A17 by forcing a clean re-load of information.

Step 7: Check Your Account

In rare cases, the A17 error might be tied to your individual Stan account rather than your device. Some account-related issues that could require troubleshooting include:

  • Subscription problems – If your monthly subscription expired, or your payment info is outdated, this can disrupt streaming until fixed.
  • Incorrect login – Make sure you aren’t logged into a different Stan account on your device than your active account.
  • Reset password – Try resetting your Stan password in case your current password is glitchy.
  • Sign out – Sign out of your Stan account everywhere, restart your device, then sign back in.

Addressing any account-specific problems could help resolve an isolated A17 error that only appears on one device registered to that Stan account.

Step 8: Contact Stan Customer Support

If you’ve tried the above troubleshooting steps and the A17 error persists on your Stan account, reach out to their customer support team directly for assistance.

You can contact Stan Support through:

  • Online chat – Chat live with a support rep on Stan’s website.
  • FAQ pages – Consult Stan’s FAQ site for additional troubleshooting.
  • Phone – Call Stan Support at 1300 793 782 (Australia wide) for 1-on-1 help.

Provide the Stan Support team with details on when the A17 error started, what devices are affected, and the troubleshooting steps you’ve tried. They may be able to resolve any underlying account, network, or app issues causing the problem.


Error code A17 can certainly be annoying and interrupt your streaming sessions on Stan. However, in most cases, this error can be fixed with simple troubleshooting like app updates, clearing cache, restarting your device, and checking for network or account issues. Contacting Stan support directly is also an option if the error persists.

With the right troubleshooting approach, you can isolate the source of the A17 error and resume streaming your favorite shows and movies through Stan. Just be sure to keep apps updated, use strong network connections, and maintain your account properly to avoid issues.

Now that you know the common fixes for error code A17, you can quickly troubleshoot and get back to streaming should this error ever pop up again in the future.

Key Takeaways:

  • Error code A17 on Stan typically indicates an issue connecting to Stan’s servers, often due to device, network or app problems.
  • Troubleshooting steps like restarting your device, updating apps, checking connection speeds, clearing cache, and verifying account status can resolve the A17 error.
  • If troubleshooting does not fix the A17 error, contact Stan customer support for additional assistance.
  • Keeping apps, streaming devices, and your Stan account updated helps avoid streaming errors like A17.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Why does error code A17 happen on Stan?
    Error A17 usually occurs because of problems connecting to Stan’s servers, often due to issues like slow internet speeds, outdated apps, cache problems, account issues, or server outages at Stan’s end.
  2. How can I fix A17 errors on my iPhone/iPad Stan app?
    On iPhone/iPad, try force closing and restarting the Stan app, updating to the latest version of the app, ensuring you have a strong WiFi signal, and clearing the cache and data for the Stan app in your iOS Settings.
  3. Does restarting my modem help fix Stan error code A17?
    Yes, restarting your modem and router can help resolve A17 errors by refreshing your network connection. Unplug them for 60 seconds before plugging back in.
  4. What should I do if my Stan app is already updated?
    If your Stan app is already updated but you still get A17, try deleting and reinstalling the app, clearing cache and data, double checking your login details, and contacting Stan support.
  5. Why does my Stan keep buffering and showing the A17 error?
    Buffering and A17 errors usually point to an unstable internet connection. Check your speeds with Speedtest, connect devices directly to modem with Ethernet, or contact your ISP about service issues.
  6. How do I reset my password on Stan?
    You can reset your Stan password by going to their website, clicking Sign In, selecting Forgot Password, and entering your email to receive a password reset link. Resetting passwords can fix account issues.
  7. Does the A17 error mean my Stan subscription ended?
    It’s possible. Check your subscription status under account settings. If your sub ended, you’ll need to renew to keep streaming and resolve the A17 error.
  8. What should I tell Stan support when contacting them about error A17?
    Provide Stan support with details like when the error started, what device(s) are affected, your troubleshooting steps tried already, your username, and any error codes/messages.
  9. Is there a workaround to watch Stan when getting error A17?
    If Stan is down, unfortunately no; you have to wait it out. If it’s your device/connection, a workaround is to try watching Stan on a different internet connection or device like mobile data or a friend’s WiFi.
  10. Why does Stan error A17 happen on my smart TV but not phone?
    If A17 only occurs on one device, it likely indicates an issue with that device rather than your network. Try rebooting the TV, checking for firmware updates, reinstalling the Stan app, and clearing cache/data.
  11. Does using a VPN help fix error code A17 on Stan?
    Connecting to a VPN could potentially resolve A17 issues caused by your ISP or geographic restrictions. But for other causes, a VPN is unlikely to fix the root problem.
  12. How can I prevent error A17 on Stan in the future?
    You can avoid A17 errors by using Ethernet connections for devices when possible, keeping all apps updated, restarting your modem/devices regularly, avoiding streaming when networks are congested, and addressing account issues promptly.
  13. What if I keep getting error code A17 even after troubleshooting everything?
    If you still get A17 errors after trying all troubleshooting steps, your last resort is contacting Stan Support directly so they can investigate issues with your account or their servers.
  14. Is A17 the only error code on Stan?
    No, some other common Stan error codes include A9, A12, A15 U110, U111, and U301. Each has specific causes and fixes, but A17 is one of the most common.
  15. Can weak WiFi cause the Stan error A17?
    Yes, weak WiFi signals and intermittent connections can definitely trigger A17 errors while streaming. Use 5Ghz bands, get closer to your router, or use Ethernet cables to maintain a strong connection.
  16. Why does my Stan error A17 get fixed temporarily but then come back?
    If your A17 error keeps returning, this points to an underlying problem that is not permanently resolved, like an ongoing network issue or outdated firmware/app causing conflicts.
  17. I keep getting signed out of Stan randomly when error code A17 appears. Why?
    Random sign outs along with error A17 can indicate an issue with your Stan login credentials. Try resetting your password and re-logging into your account.
  18. How can I tell if the A17 error is my internet or an issue with Stan’s servers?
    Try streaming a different service like Netflix. If Netflix works fine but Stan still shows A17, then Stan’s servers are likely down. But if no streaming works, your internet is probably the issue.
  19. Is the Stan A17 error different on mobile devices versus smart TVs?
    The A17 error has the same underlying causes on mobile and TVs – connectivity issues, app problems, etc. However, the steps to troubleshoot may be different based on the device.
  20. Does deleting and reinstalling the app help resolve error A17 on Stan?
    Sometimes. Reinstalling the Stan app can clear any corrupted files that may be interfering with connectivity and video streaming. So this fix is worth trying if you’re still getting A17 errors.



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