How To Fix Error Code 32 In Tally Prime 3.0?

Tally Prime is the latest offering from Tally Solutions aimed at small and medium businesses to manage their accounts and finances efficiently. However, users may sometimes encounter error codes while using the software that could halt their work. Error code 32 in Tally Prime 3.0 indicates issues with user rights and permissions that prevent certain tasks or operations from being performed.

How To Fix Error Code 32 In Tally Prime 3.0?

This comprehensive guide will provide a step-by-step procedure to diagnose the causes for error code 32 and resolve it quickly to restore normal functioning of Tally Prime 3.0. We will also look at the main reasons why this error occurs along with tips to avoid it in the future. Following these troubleshooting steps accurately will enable you to fix error code 32 and seamlessly manage your business accounts and finances.

Causes of Error Code 32 in Tally Prime 3.0

Error code 32 in Tally Prime 3.0 is typically caused by one of the following reasons:

  • Incorrect user rights and permissions: The user trying to perform the operation may not have the required rights to do so as per the role and access levels assigned.
  • Activation of security controls: Enabling security controls like password protection, user creation etc. without proper permissions can lead to error code 32.
  • Corrupt user accounts: Errors or inconsistencies in the user accounts due to which user rights may not be accurately assigned.
  • Expired license or subscriptions: Outdated or expired license keys and subscriptions can sometimes trigger error code 32 in Tally Prime.
  • System file errors: Corruption or conflicts in system files and folders governing user rights and permissions may be responsible.
  • Outdated application files: Having older versions of application executables and components which are incompatible with the current Tally Prime version.

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Error Code 32

Follow these troubleshooting procedures in the given sequence to ascertain the reason behind error code 32 and fix it:

1. Check User Role and Permissions

Go to ‘Gateway of Tally’ and press F12 to open the configuration menu. Under ‘Users’ option, open ‘Create/Alter Users’ and edit the user account getting the error. Check if the relevant permissions like access to required features or operations are enabled for that user based on their role. Modify permissions if needed.

2. Review Security Controls

Examine if security controls like user management, password policies, access restrictions etc. are active and conflicting with normal permissions and rights. Disable security controls if they are triggering error 32 erroneously.

3. Recreate User Account

Error code 32 can occur if user accounts have errors or corruption. Delete the problematic user account and recreate it afresh with appropriate rights and access levels. Then try the operation again.

4. Update Licenses and Subscriptions

Using the activation key under the F12 configuration menu, update the license and subscriptions. This will refresh the entitlements and resolve license-related conflicts.

5. Verify Application Executable Files

With Tally inactive, navigate to the Tally Prime install directory. Check whether the application executable files like Tally.exe or TallyXMLServer.exe are as per the current version. If not, download the latest files and replace them.

6. Repair System Files

Boot into safe mode and run the System File Checker tool. This will scan system files including those related to Tally user permissions and repair corrupt ones. Restart and check if error 32 is fixed.

7. Tally Data Recovery

In rare cases, the Tally data folder may be damaged causing the error. Use the data recovery tool in Tally Prime to restore data to default settings. Backup your data beforehand.

8. Tally Support

If the error persists despite trying all of the above solutions, the last recourse is to contact Tally Support. The support team can investigate the specific cause in your environment and resolve error 32 remotely or guide further troubleshooting.

Tips to Avoid Error Code 32 in Future

Follow these best practices regarding user accounts, security configurations and software maintenance to avoid encountering error code 32 again when using Tally Prime:

  • Create user roles, rights and permissions thoughtfully based on genuine needs. Do not enable excessive access without purpose.
  • Make changes to user accounts, licenses, security settings progressively one by one instead of simultaneously to isolate the potential causes better.
  • Maintain a checklist of active security controls and access policies to review periodically for anomalies that may trigger error 32.
  • Update Tally Prime version in tandem with releases from Tally after ensuring compatibility to have the latest stable executables and files.
  • Keep backup data in sync across devices to easily revert to working configurations in case of software or data corruption errors.
  • Use the Tally data validation tool regularly to proactively identify and fix anomalies in the Tally data folder before operational impact.

Key Takeaways

  • Error code 32 in Tally Prime 3.0 indicates problems arising out of user account permissions, security configurations or corrupted components.
  • Check user role access, security controls, license status, file integrity and perform repairs as needed to troubleshoot the error systematically.
  • Exercise prudence while managing user accounts, access controls and keep software updated to avoid error 32 occurrence.
  • Maintain backups and validate Tally data health to recover seamlessly in case of software faults triggering the error.
  • Seek help from Tally support if the problem is unresolved despite trying all standard troubleshooting techniques.


Error code 32 in Tally Prime can interrupt and hamper your accounting activities if not addressed timely. By following the step-by-step troubleshooting guide outlined in this article, you can quickly diagnose the factors responsible for error 32 and implement the right solution to restore normal functioning. Adopting the preventive measures also ensures you avoid encountering the problem frequently. Leverage the capabilities of Tally Prime to streamline your business finances and accounting without hiccups after resolving error 32 through these proven methods.


Q1: Why am I getting error code 32 in Tally Prime suddenly today when everything was working fine earlier?
This indicates some change in configurations like security policy updates or user access settings recently that may have triggered the error. Review the latest changes and roll back problematic ones.

Q2: How can I find which user is getting the error code 32 in Tally Prime?
Go to Gateway of Tally > F12 Configuration > Users > Alter Users. Check each user’s permissions to identify the problematic account.

Q3: What is the solution when error code 32 comes even after reinstalling Tally Prime?
The issue is not with the software installation but likely with corrupted data or system files governing user rights. Try repairing the Tally data folder or run System File Checker to resolve.

Q4: Why do I get error code 32 when trying to print in Tally Prime?
The user attempting to print may not have ‘Print Reports’ permission enabled. Go to User Configuration and allow Print Reports access.

Q5: How can I backup Tally data to restore if error code 32 occurs due to data corruption?
Go to Gateway of Tally > F12 Config > Data > Backup > Select Local or Remote backup path to safely store your data.

Q6: What are the key permissions I need to check to troubleshoot Tally Prime error code 32?
Verify these critical permissions – Access Controls, Security Controls, Accounts & Inventory, Masters & Transactions, Print Reports.

Q7: Will reinstalling Tally Prime resolve error 32?
Reinstalling Tally will not directly fix the issue if it is due to data errors or OS level user permission problems. Try the troubleshooting steps first.

Q8: Can I get support from Tally for fixing error code 32 problems?
Yes, the Tally Support team can be contacted for resolving persistent error 32 issues. They provide remote assistance as well.

Q9: I get Tally error code 32 while opening a company, what should I do?
Likely causes are data corruption or user rights issues while accessing the company. Try restoring backup data or modify user access levels.

Q10: How can I allow a user full access rights in Tally Prime?
Go to User Configuration > select user > Additional Info > set Access Levels to Full Control – this assigns all permissions and rights.

Q11: What are the common causes for Tally error 32?
Typical causes are incorrect user permissions, security controls conflicts, expired licenses, corrupt system or application files, damaged data folders.

Q12: Why does Tally Error 32 come even for Admin user sometimes?
For admin users also, certain specific rights need to be enabled like Accounts & Inventory. If disabled, Error 32 may occur.

Q13: I get Tally Error Code 32 while activating a license, how to correct?
Verify you are using the latest Tally executable files. Update them if needed. Recheck license keys or contact Tally support for activation issues.

Q14: How do I allow msme registration invoice printing in Tally for a user?
Activate the ‘Print Reports’ permission and allow access to Accounts & Inventory functions for the user in Tally configurations.

Q15: What is the keyboard shortcut to open user configuration in Tally Prime?
Use Alt+U key combination in Tally Gateway screen to quickly open User Configuration menu.

Q16: How can I find which security controls are enabled in Tally Prime?
Press F12 from Tally Gateway > Select Security Control to see list of activated controls. Review and disable conflicting ones.

Q17: How do I reset all user permissions in Tally Prime?
Go to F12 Configuration > Users > Alter Users > Reset All Users to reassign default minimal permissions to all users afresh.

Q18: What permissions do I need to give a TallyPrime user for payroll?
Provide Masters & Transactions, Accounts & Inventory, Cost Categories, Cost Centres, Print Reports access.

Q19: How do I activate Tally payroll feature for a user?
Under User Configuration > Security Controls, enable Payroll Configurations option for the user.

Q20: Can I create multiple users in TallyPrime with different access levels?
Yes, TallyPrime allows configuring multiple users with selective access to functions, reports etc. as per role requirements.

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