How To Fix EasyPaisa Error Code 404?

EasyPaisa is a popular digital payments service in Pakistan that allows users to pay bills, transfer money, and more through their mobile devices. However, users may sometimes encounter the frustrating Error 404 page when trying to access the EasyPaisa website or app.

How To Fix EasyPaisa Error Code 404?

The 404 error, also known as “page not found,” indicates the page you were trying to reach could not be found on the server. There are various potential causes of EasyPaisa 404 errors, but the good news is there are also several troubleshooting steps you can take to fix the problem.

In this article, we’ll explore the common causes of EasyPaisa 404 errors and provide actionable solutions to help you get back to making payments and money transfers.

What Causes EasyPaisa 404 Errors?

Here are some of the most common reasons you may see the EasyPaisa 404 page error:

  • Incorrect URL – A minor typo or incorrect letter in the URL leads to a non-existent page. Double check the URL you entered matches EasyPaisa’s official website or app address.
  • Outdated app – Using an outdated version of the EasyPaisa mobile app can create compatibility issues leading to 404s. Update to the latest version of the app.
  • Website domain change – EasyPaisa may have recently changed its domain name causing old links to break. Try accessing the site through the new domain.
  • Temporary site maintenance – EasyPaisa’s website or app may be down for routine maintenance or updates, causing 404s temporarily.
  • Browser cache issues – Outdated files stored in your browser’s cache can cause incorrect pages to load. Clearing the cache fixes this.
  • Connection problems – Slow internet connections, VPN use, firewalls, or other network issues can interfere with accessing EasyPaisa’s website.
  • Account suspension – If your account was suspended due to inactivity or violations, you may see 404s when trying to log in.

Knowing what’s causing your specific 404 error is key to fixing it quickly. Next, we’ll go through the various methods to troubleshoot and resolve EasyPaisa 404 pages.

17 Ways to Fix EasyPaisa 404 Errors

Follow these top troubleshooting tips to get EasyPaisa working again when you see the 404 “page not found” message:

1. Check the URL for typos

Carefully check the URL you entered for any spelling errors or incorrect letters. Even a small typo in the website address can lead to a non-existent page. Type the EasyPaisa URL manually or visit through a trusted bookmark instead of clicking unknown links.

2. Try accessing EasyPaisa through the official website

Go directly to EasyPaisa’s website at instead of through other sites or links. This verifies you’re using the correct domain to access the login page.

3. Update the EasyPaisa mobile app

If you’re seeing 404s in the EasyPaisa app, make sure you have the latest version installed. Outdated apps frequently suffer compatibility issues. Updating provides the most current fixes.

4. Clear your browser cache and cookies

Delete your browser history, cached files, and cookies to eliminate any corrupted data causing 404 errors. Here are guides for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge.

5. Try alternate web browsers or devices

See if the 404 still occurs in other web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. Also attempt accessing EasyPaisa on another device like your mobile, tablet, or a friend’s computer. This helps isolate the issue.

6. Check EasyPaisa’s status on social media

Follow EasyPaisa on Twitter and Facebook to check for any service outage announcements that may be causing widespread 404 errors temporarily. The EasyPaisa Help Page also displays real-time system status.

7. Reset your router and restart devices

Power cycle your router, modem, phone, computer, or other devices by turning them off and back on. This refreshes connections which may resolve intermittent 404 issues.

8. Disable VPNs and firewalls temporarily

VPN software, firewalls, ad blockers, or restrictive networks can potentially block access to EasyPaisa. Try disabling them briefly to see if that allows the site to load properly.

9. Switch from WiFi to mobile data

Pages failing to load over WiFi may indicate an issue with your network connection rather than EasyPaisa’s site. Trying mobile data provides an alternate connectivity method.

10. Enable cookies and disable tracking protection

Ensure cookies and tracking scripts are enabled in your browser settings. Strict privacy and tracker blocking can interfere with EasyPaisa’s website loading correctly.

11. Try using a different web browser

Install and attempt accessing EasyPaisa from alternate browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Edge, or Safari. A browser-specific issue may cause 404 errors in just one.

12. Contact your ISP if network issues persist

For recurring connection problems across devices, contact your Internet Service Provider regarding potential outages or other network disruptions that require troubleshooting on their end.

13. Reset your EasyPaisa password

If you suddenly can’t log in, try resetting your password through account recovery options. This resolves access issues stemming from an incorrect password.

14. Check for account suspension notifications

Log in to your registered email or EasyPaisa messages to see if any notices indicate your account was suspended, causing 404s on login. Follow resolution instructions if provided.

15. Use Incognito or Private Browsing Mode

Open an incognito/private window in your browser and navigate to EasyPaisa. This prevents any browser extensions or account settings from interfering.

16. Update browser extensions and remove suspicious add-ons

Outdated or corrupt extensions sometimes disrupt page loading. Update all extensions or selectively disable suspicious ones. Completely removing unwanted add-ons can also help.

17. Contact EasyPaisa Customer Support

If you still see the 404 error after trying the above steps, contact EasyPaisa’s 24/7 customer support for additional troubleshooting assistance. Provide error details and screenshots.

Following these tips should resolve most common EasyPaisa 404 errors. Certain steps may apply more than others depending on what’s causing your specific page not found issue.

Key Takeaways

  • EasyPaisa 404 errors mean the requested page can’t be accessed on the server. Typos in the URL, outdated apps, temporary site issues, and browser cache problems are common causes.
  • Updating the app, clearing the browser cache/cookies, checking EasyPaisa’s status, and using alternate devices can quickly fix many 404 occurrences.
  • Disabling VPNs, enabling cookies, resetting passwords, and contacting customer support provide additional ways to troubleshoot persistent EasyPaisa 404 pages.
  • Carefully check the URL, update browsers/apps, switch connections, and contact your ISP or EasyPaisa support for help fixing ongoing 404 errors.


While EasyPaisa 404 errors can certainly be annoying when trying to transfer funds or make payments, the problem can typically be resolved through some simple troubleshooting. Start by verifying you’re using the correct URL, updating your app and browser, clearing out old cached files, and checking for any service outages. Switching devices, browsers, and connections can also help isolate the issue. For persistent 404s, resetting passwords, editing browser settings, contacting your ISP, or reaching out to EasyPaisa’s customer support team may be needed to get the site loading properly again. With the right fixes, you can get back to enjoying seamless digital payments through EasyPaisa.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Why do I keep getting a 404 error on EasyPaisa?
Frequent EasyPaisa 404 errors are most often caused by an incorrect URL/domain, outdated app, browser cache issues, site maintenance, or problems with your network connection.

2. How do I fix EasyPaisa 404 error on app?
To fix EasyPaisa 404 errors in the app, first update to the latest app version. Also try clearing app cache/data, restarting your phone, and connecting over a different WiFi or mobile data network.

3. What is EasyPaisa error 604 and how to solve it?
Error 604 in EasyPaisa refers to a temporary issue connecting to the server. Trying again after a few minutes is the best solution, as servers are usually back up quickly.

4. Why is EasyPaisa not working?
If EasyPaisa is down entirely, it’s likely due to routine maintenance or an unexpected outage. Check status updates on EasyPaisa’s social media, website notifications, and Downdetector to see ongoing issues.

5. How do I contact EasyPaisa customer support?
You can contact EasyPaisa customer support via their 24/7 helpline at 021-111-338-224. Alternatively, email [email protected] or visit to get in touch.

6. How do I talk to an EasyPaisa agent?
To speak with an EasyPaisa agent, call their helpline number 021-111-338-224. Select the relevant option once prompted to be connected with an agent who can assist you.

7. Why is my EasyPaisa account locked?
EasyPaisa accounts usually get locked due to multiple incorrect login attempts or inactivity for an extended period. You’ll need to contact customer support to unlock it.

8. What is EasyPaisa error 420?
Error 420 in EasyPaisa refers to an issue verifying your account credentials. Try re-entering your username and password carefully. Resetting your password can also resolve this.

9. How do I activate my EasyPaisa account?
You can activate your new EasyPaisa account by verifying your registered mobile number through the one-time password sent via SMS. Follow the activation steps in the email or app.

10. Why is EasyPaisa verification failed?
If EasyPaisa verification fails, it’s typically due to entering incorrect login credentials or outdated verification codes. Redo the process carefully and request new OTP codes if needed.

11. How do I recover my EasyPaisa PIN code?
If you forgot your EasyPaisa PIN, you can recover it by tapping “Forgot PIN?” in the app and following prompts to set a new PIN. You may need to verify account ownership first.

12. How do I contact EasyPaisa on WhatsApp?
Currently, EasyPaisa does not offer customer support via WhatsApp. You’ll need to call their helpline, email, use live chat on their website, or visit an EasyPaisa shop for assistance.

13. Is EasyPaisa reliable and safe to use?
Yes, EasyPaisa is a reputable and trusted digital payments platform in Pakistan. They use encryption and verification measures to protect account security when sending money.

14. Why is my EasyPaisa payment failing?
If an EasyPaisa payment won’t process, it could be due to incorrect info entered, insufficient funds, recipient account issues, or server problems. Contact support if the problem persists.

15. How can I delete my EasyPaisa account permanently?
To delete your EasyPaisa account, you’ll need to visit your nearest franchise location in person with original ID documents. Account closure can take 1-2 billing cycles.

16. Does EasyPaisa work internationally?
Unfortunately EasyPaisa only works within Pakistan for now. But they do aim to expand services globally in the future for international payments.

17. How do I cash out from EasyPaisa?
You can cash out your EasyPaisa wallet balance at any franchise location. Just take your original CNIC, enter your PIN, and the cashier will dispense the funds. Minimal fees apply.

18. Why is my EasyPaisa wallet not showing balance?
If your EasyPaisa balance doesn’t show correctly, try force closing and reopening the app, checking your transaction history, or contacting support in case transactions are pending/failed.

19. How do I send money from EasyPaisa to bank?
To send EasyPaisa funds to your bank, open transfers in the app, choose bank account as recipient, enter account details, and confirm transfer. The amount will reflect in 1-2 days.

20. How can I increase my EasyPaisa mobile wallet limit?
You can request an increased transaction limit by submitting ID documents and income info to EasyPaisa support. Higher limits unlock as you build a transaction history.

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