How To Fix Draft kings Error Code sco126?

Draftkings error code sco126 can be frustrating to deal with as it prevents you from accessing your Draftkings account. However, the good news is that this error is fixable with a few simple steps. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through what error sco126 is, the common causes behind it and the various solutions to resolve this issue for good.

How To Fix Draft kings Error Code sco126?

Whether you are facing problems logging into your account or placing bets, this article will help you troubleshoot and fix error code sco126 on Draft kings in a few minutes.

What is Draft kings Error Code sco126?

Draft kings error sco126 pops up with the message: “Sorry something went wrong. Please try again later. Error Code: sco126.”

This error typically occurs when the Draftkings server is unable to process your request and establish a connection with your account due to an issue on their end.

Some common instances when error code sco126 shows up include:

  • When logging into your Draftkings account
  • When trying to place bets or wagers on Draftkings
  • Attempting to make withdrawals or deposits
  • Accessing certain parts of the website or mobile app

The sco126 error points to a temporary server-side problem that is preventing your account from communicating properly with Draftkings servers and should be fixable.

Common Causes of Draftkings Error Code sco126

There are a few common triggers behind encountering the sco126 error on Draftkings:

Temporary Server Outage

The most common reason you may get the sco126 error is due to a temporary glitch or outage on Draftkings’ servers. Heavy traffic and overloaded servers can sometimes cause connectivity issues that prevent your account from interacting seamlessly with their systems.

Site Maintenance

Draftkings performs routine maintenance and upgrades on their website which can also inadvertently cause sco126 errors for some users. Typically site maintenance leads to intermittent downtime and disruption.

Weak Internet Connection

An unstable internet connection on your end can also be a factor leading to sco126 errors. From WiFi dropouts to network congestion, any connectivity issues, lag or packet loss could potentially interfere with communicating properly between your device and Draftkings’ servers.

Outdated App Version

Using an outdated version of the Draftkings mobile app that is no longer fully compatible with their latest servers can also produce sco126 errors occasionally.

Account Security Issues

In rare cases, the error could be due to security holds on your account – for instance if suspicious activity was detected or login attempts from unknown locations. Draftkings may restrict account access temporarily which manifests as sco126 errors.

Browser Cache and Cookies

Outdated browser cache/cookies, corrupt data or conflicts can prevent proper handshaking between your browser/app and the website. Clearing your cache/cookies may help resolve this.

How to Fix Draftkings Error Code sco126

Now that you know what causes Draftkings error code sco126, here are the various solutions and steps you can take to get rid of this error and access your account again:

1. Check Draftkings Server Status

As server outages are the main culprit, first check the Draft kings Server Status Page to see if there are any known issues and downtime being reported. If yes, then simply wait for Draft kings to resolve the disruption which should fix the sco126 error automatically.

2. Restart Your Device/Internet Router

If no server issues are reported, try restarting your device as well as the internet modem/router. A simple restart helps reset any temporary glitches that may be affecting connectivity.

3. Switch to a Stable Internet Connection

Try troubleshooting your internet connection – disconnect/reconnect WiFi, switch to mobile data or use a wired connection instead. Strong, stable internet is key to avoiding errors like sco126.

4. Update/Reinstall the Draftkings App

For mobile app issues, update the Draftkings app to the latest version or reinstall it completely. Updating eliminates any compatibility bugs that may be causing hiccups.

5. Try Again on Desktop/Mobile Site

If the problem is isolated to the app only, check if you can access Draftkings successfully on the mobile or desktop website version. Site versions are less prone to localized mobile app glitches.

6. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

On your desktop browser, clear all site data including cache, cookies, history for the Draftkings website. Corrupt old data can sometimes disrupt connectivity.

7. Try Incognito/Private Browsing Mode

Launch an incognito window in your browser and navigate to Draftkings. This ensures any browser extensions/addons are not interfering and causing sco126.

8. Check Account Security Settings

Log into your Draft kings account and review your security settings. Turn off any unknown device restrictions or location blocks that could be preventing access.

9. Contact Draft kings Customer Support

If all else fails, reach out directly to the Draft kings support team via live chat or by submitting a ticket. They can look into your account and provide individual assistance with debugging the sco126 issue.

Preventing Future sco126 Errors on Draftkings

To avoid running into Draftkings error sco126 again in the future, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Maintain a fast, stable internet connection on your gaming device to prevent connectivity issues.
  • Update to the latest version of the Draftkings mobile app and keep auto updates enabled.
  • Clear your browser data regularly to wipe out any outdated cookies or cache causing conflicts.
  • If you encounter sco126 during site maintenance or downtime, just wait awhile before trying again.
  • Double check security settings to ensure you have no restrictions enabled that could limit account access.
  • Consider using a wired Ethernet connection for the most consistent connectivity if you typically play on a desktop PC.

Key Takeaways on Resolving Draftkings Error Code sco126:

  • Error code sco126 is commonly caused by temporary server outages and disruptions on Draftkings’ end. Checking server status and waiting for fixes resolves many instances.
  • Weak internet connections can also lead to connectivity issues producing sco126. Switching to stable/strong WiFi or wired internet prevents problems.
  • Updating apps, clearing browser data, using incognito windows are helpful troubleshooting steps.
  • Account access restrictions and outdated app versions may also block access resulting in sco126. Checking security settings and app updates fixes these.
  • For persistent sco126 errors, contact Draftkings Customer Support to investigate and provide specialized resolution.


Dealing with error code sco126 can certainly be annoying and prevent you from seamlessly accessing your Draftkings account when you want to place bets. However, as you’ve seen, this error can be quickly troubleshot and resolved in most cases by taking the appropriate corrective steps outlined in this guide.

Following our tips to verify server status, update apps, switch internet connections, clear browser data and check account settings should help you circumvent and fix Draftkings sco126 errors for good. Don’t hesitate to involve customer support for personalized assistance if the problem is recurrent.

With the right troubleshooting approach, you can swiftly overcome sco126 errors and get back to enjoying uninterrupted access to all the action on Draft kings.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Why does the sco126 error occur on Draft kings?
The sco126 error commonly occurs due to temporary server outages or maintenance on Draft kings’ end. It can also be caused by weak internet connectivity, outdated apps, browser data conflicts or account security settings.

2. How can I check if Draft kings servers are down?
Visit the Draft kings Server Status page to see if any ongoing issues or disruptions have been reported that could be causing sco126 errors.

3. Does sco126 error mean my Draft kings account is suspended?
No, the sco126 error generally does not imply your account is suspended. It is typically a temporary connectivity issue that prevents accessing your account.

4. How long does it take for Draft kings to fix sco126 errors?
There is no definitive timeframe as it depends on the cause, but server outages are usually fixed within hours. Individual account issues may take longer to investigate and resolve.

5. Will reinstalling the Draft kings app fix error sco126?
Reinstalling the latest version of the app can help eliminate any bugs causing sco126 errors specifically within the app itself.

6. Can weak internet cause Draft kings error code sco126?
Yes, unstable internet connectivity with lag, drops or congestion can disrupt communication between your device and Draft kings, leading to sco126 errors.

7. Is there a way to prevent getting Draft kings error sco126?
You can minimize chances of sco126 errors by maintaining a strong internet connection, clearing browser data regularly, keeping apps updated and avoiding account restrictions.

8. Why does Draft kings error sco126 happen on my iPhone but not Android?
The app version on your iPhone may be outdated while your Android app is more recent. Updating the iOS app usually resolves any device-specific sco126 issues.

9. Does using a VPN help fix Draft kings error code sco126?
Using a VPN can potentially improve connectivity by routing your traffic through more stable channels which may avoid sco126 errors.

10. How can I contact Draft kings if error code sco126 persists?
If you cannot resolve the issue on your own, reach out to Draft kings customer support via live chat on their site or by submitting a support ticket for personalized help.

11. What details should I provide when contacting Draft kings support about error sco126?
Mention your account username, details of when/where the error occurs, troubleshooting steps tried, your device and app version to help them diagnose the issue.

12. Is there anything else I can try if restarting my device did not fix Draft kings error sco126?
You can also try clearing your browser data/cookies, switching to desktop/mobile site, using incognito browsing mode or changing your internet connection.

13. Why do I only get Draft kings error sco126 on mobile and not on desktop?
This indicates an issue with the mobile app rather than account or connectivity itself. Updating the app or reinstalling should resolve app-specific sco126 bugs.

14. Are Draft kings server outages the only reason behind sco126 errors?
No, weak internet, outdated apps, browser conflicts, account restrictions can also cause connectivity issues leading to Draft kings sco126 error.

15. Can I access my Draft kings account if I am getting error code sco126?
No, the sco126 error implies you are unable to properly connect to your Draft kings account, so you cannot access the account until the issue is fixed.

16. Is Draft kings error sco126 different from SCO-109 error?
Yes, both sco126 and SCO-109 point to connectivity issues on Draft kings but involve different specific root causes. Their troubleshooting and solutions will differ.

17. I keep getting sco126 error on Draft kings over the last few days, what should I do?
For a recurring sco126 error, contact Draft kings support to investigate at their end, as it likely requires fixing something with your individual account configuration.

18. How do I clear my browser cookies and cache to fix error code sco126?
The steps vary by browser, but look under Settings, Privacy or History to find the options to clear cookies, cache, site data for the Draft kings website.

19. Can using Draft kings on multiple devices cause sco126 errors?
Possibly yes, using Draft kings across various unmatched devices can sometimes create conflicts and confusion resulting in connectivity issues like sco126.

20. Is Draft kings error sco126 always fixable or could my account be permanently affected?
In most cases, sco126 is a temporary issue and your account is fine. But in rare cases of suspicious activity, your account could be restricted until security checks are done.

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