How To Fix DJI Error Code 180?

Getting an error code on your DJI drone can be frustrating, but Error 180 is relatively easy to resolve if you follow the right troubleshooting steps. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk through what Error 180 means, why you may be getting it, and the various ways to fix it so you can get back to flying your DJI drone.

How To Fix DJI Error Code 180?

What is DJI Error Code 180?

DJI Error 180 indicates the IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) initialization has failed on your drone. The IMU is a critical component composed of gyros and accelerometers that helps stabilize and maneuver your drone.

When Error 180 appears, it typically means the IMU hardware itself is having an issue or the calibration of the IMU has been disrupted. This failure in the IMU initialization prevents the drone from being able to takeoff safely.

Main Causes of Error Code 180

There are a few key reasons why you may be seeing the DJI Error 180 on your drone:

  • IMU Hardware Issue: If the physical gyros or accelerometers inside the IMU are damaged or defective it can lead to error 180. Crashes or excessive vibrations can sometimes damage these delicate components.
  • Bad IMU Calibration: The IMU needs to be properly calibrated before each flight for peak performance. If the calibration gets corrupted the 180 error can appear.
  • Faulty Wiring Connections: Faulty connections between the IMU board and the drone’s main controller board can disrupt the data transfer and trigger error 180.
  • Software Bug: In some cases a software glitch may be the root cause of error 180 if a firmware update introduced a bug.

5 Ways To Fix DJI Error Code 180

Most cases of error 180 can be fixed using one or more of these troubleshooting steps:

1. Re-calibrate the IMU

The easiest first step is to perform a re-calibration of the IMU in the DJI Go app. This can reset the gyro and accelerometer calibration data which may have become corrupted.

To recalibrate go into your app settings, select Advanced Settings and then Initiate the IMU Calibration. Hold the drone steady during initialization.

2. Firmware Update

Updating to the latest DJI firmware can potentially fix software bugs that may be triggering the error 180. Just be sure to carefully read the release notes for the new firmware first.

Go into the app settings and click on “Check for Updates” to get the latest firmware. Allow sufficient time for the full update to complete before testing if the issue is resolved.

3. Replace the IMU

If a hardware issue is suspected inside the IMU itself, replacing the IMU module may be required. This will involve opening up the drone body to access the main circuit board.

Refer to your specific DJI drone model’s teardown guide for step-by-step instructions on properly replacing the IMU. Only attempt this if you have experience with electronics repair.

4. Check Wiring Connections

Carefully inspect the connection between the IMU board and the main controller board inside your drone. Reflow any solder joints and make sure connectors are properly seated. Faulty wiring can impact data transfer to the IMU.

5. Contact DJI Support

If all other troubleshooting has been unsuccessful, get in touch with the DJI support team for further assistance. Provide your specific error log details and symptoms to aid in resolving the issue.

They can help determine if a hardware replacement is required and arrange any needed repairs.

Preventing Future Error 180 Issues

To help avoid seeing DJI Error Code 180 again, follow these tips:

  • Always turn on your drone in a stable, level surface to allow proper IMU calibration before flying.
  • Do not attempt to fly your drone if you see error 180 appear – safely land immediately.
  • Regularly check wiring connections to make sure they are secured properly.
  • Update DJI firmware whenever new releases are available.
  • Avoid excessive vibrations during flight that may damage the IMU hardware.
  • Never fly near strong electromagnetic signals which can interfere with the IMU sensors.
  • Consider adding vibration dampening pads if flying frequently in windy conditions.
  • Only perform IMU repairs and replacements if you have experience with electronics.

DJI Error 180: FAQ

  1. Why does my DJI drone give an error 180 on startup?
    If error 180 appears immediately when powering on your drone, it likely indicates an issue with the IMU hardware itself or the wiring connections to the IMU. Attempting re-calibration would not help in this case since initialization cannot complete.
  2. My drone was flying fine before error 180 – what happened?
    A sudden error 180 while in flight or between flights can point to a newly developed hardware problem or corrupted calibration. A crash landing or excessive vibrations may have impacted the IMU, or a faulty firmware update could have overwritten proper calibration settings.
  3. Can I unlock my drone after error 180?
    No – Error 180 prevents any unlocking for safety reasons. You must fully resolve the underlying IMU issue first before being able to unlock and fly the drone again.
  4. How do I know if my IMU needs to be replaced?
    If error 180 persists after re-calibration, firmware updates, and wiring checks, a defective IMU is likely the root cause. Contacting DJI support can help diagnose a damaged IMU requiring replacement.
  5. Will initializing the IMU fix error 180?
    Yes, re-initializing the IMU calibration can potentially resolve error 180 if the issue was due to corrupted gyro and accelerometer calibration data. Always re-calibrate the IMU as a first troubleshooting step.
  6. Should I fly my drone after getting error 180?
    Do not attempt to fly after getting error 180, as this indicates the core stabilization components are not properly functioning. Safely landing and troubleshooting the issue is required before flying again.
  7. Does cold weather cause DJI IMU error 180?
    Yes, cold temperatures can potentially affect the IMU leading to error 180. Ensure your battery and drone are warm enough before a flight in cold weather. Keep your drone inside prior to takeoff to avoid IMU issues.
  8. Why did DJI error 180 appear mid-flight?
    Sudden failure of the IMU or its wiring during a flight can abruptly trigger error 180. This points to a hardware defect or damage sustained during the flight. Immediately land safely to avoid a crash if error 180 appears mid-flight.
  9. How can I recalibrate the IMU on my DJI drone?
    The IMU calibration can be reset in the DJI Go app under Advanced Settings -> Initiate IMU Calibration. Keep the drone completely stationary when initializing the new calibration.
  10. Should I send my drone back to DJI for error 180?
    If you are unable to resolve error 180 through firmware updates, calibration resets, and wiring checks, contacting DJI support is recommended . They can determine if a repair or replacement through DJI is required.
  11. Is error 180 a critical error?
    Yes, error 180 is considered critical since it relates to the core stabilization components. You should never unlock or attempt to fly a drone with error 180 appearing, and it must be fixed before your next flight.
  12. Can dirt cause DJI IMU error 180?
    Yes, dirt or dust contamination on the IMU board or its sensors can interfere with proper initialization leading to error 180. Use compressed air to gently clean around the IMU if error 180 appears after flying in dirty conditions.


Getting DJI error code 180 can certainly be an annoyance that prevents you from enjoying your drone. However, in most cases it can be resolved through simple troubleshooting techniques. Re-calibrating the IMU, updating firmware, and checking wiring should isolate the issue. Contact DJI support if the problem persists after trying these steps.
Remember to always fly safely by landing immediately if error 180 ever appears unexpectedly mid-flight. Following the preventative measures suggested will also help avoid potential IMU failures down the road. With the right solution, error 180 can be fixed fairly quickly so you can get back up in the air again.


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