How To Fix Death Stranding Error Code 50000?

Death Stranding error code 50000 indicates that the game cannot connect to the network or Death Stranding servers. This connectivity issue prevents accessing online features and often occurs after launching the game or when trying to connect.

How To Fix Death Stranding Error Code 50000?

Potential Causes

Here are some potential reasons for the Death Stranding 50000 error:

  • Internet connectivity problems on your end. This includes issues with your router, ISP, or network configuration.
  • Server outages or maintenance on the Death Stranding side. This can cause global connectivity problems.
  • Software bugs or conflicts. Some combinations of software, drivers, and components can trigger connectivity issues.

Fixes and Solutions

Try these troubleshooting steps to resolve the Death Stranding error code 50000:

Restart Devices and Game

As a first step, fully restart your console/PC and router/modem. Also close the game application and relaunch Death Stranding. This refreshes connections and often fixes transient network issues.

Check Connection Status

Make sure you have an active internet connection on the device. Connect to Google or other websites to test. Also try accessing other online games and services.

If sites and services connect fine, it indicates an isolated Death Stranding problem instead of general connectivity issues.

Reset Router and Renew IP Address

On your home router or gateway:

  1. Reset the device to factory settings
  2. Renew DHCP lease and get a fresh IP address

This eliminates any router-specific issues impacting Death Stranding connectivity.

Port Forwarding

If the above steps don’t resolve it, try forwarding these TCP/UDP ports on your router:

  • TCP Ports: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3659
  • UDP Ports: 3074, 3478, 3479

This allows inbound traffic on ports that Death Stranding requires. Refer to your router manual for exact steps.

Reinstall/Verify Game Files

Use Steam or console settings to verify file integrity or reinstall Death Stranding. This fixes any corrupted game files or registry entries responsible for the issue.

Note: This will not delete saves and settings.

Contact Death Stranding Support

If all else fails, contact Death Stranding customer support via email or phone. Provide detailed information about your troubleshooting steps and error logs. Support may be able to resolve or escalate unidentified problems.

Key Takeaway

Death Stranding 50000 errors almost always relate to connectivity issues that can be fixed with some targeted troubleshooting:

  • Restart devices and verify internet access
  • Forward specified ports on your home router
  • Reinstall or validate game files through Steam or console settings
  • Contact Death Stranding customer support if problems persist

Simply cycling connections and devices tends to fix transient networking problems automatically. For persistent 50000 errors, port forwarding allows the required Death Stranding traffic to flow properly.

As a last resort, the game developer support team has additional tools to identify elusive connectivity problems on their infrastructure side.

Hopefully with the above fixes, you can resolve the Death Stranding error 50000 and enjoy seamless online features!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What causes Death Stranding error code 50000?
A: This error indicates connectivity issues that prevent accessing Death Stranding online features and servers. Potential causes include network problems on your side, server outages, or software/hardware conflicts.

Q: How can I test if I have an internet connection problem?
A: Try connecting to or other websites. If sites load fine, it signals an isolated Death Stranding connectivity problem instead of general internet issues.

Q: Will restarting my router and PS5 fix Death Stranding error 50000?
A: Simply rebooting devices refreshes connections, which often resolves transient network glitches automatically. So it’s a good first step before investigating further.

Q: Does error 50000 affect Death Stranding game progress or saves?
A: No, this connectivity error only restricts access to online features. It does not impact local single-player progress or save files. Restoring connectivity allows accessing online features again.

Q: How do I forward ports for Death Stranding?
A: Log into your router admin console, navigate to port forwarding settings, and open the necessary TCP/UDP ports that the game requires. This allows the inbound traffic.

Q: Should I reinstall Death Stranding to fix error code 50000?
A: Reinstalling or verifying game files can help eliminate corrupted data or registry entries causing connectivity issues. It will not affect saves or progress.

Q: What information should I provide when contacting Death Stranding support?
A: Detailed troubleshooting history, error logs/screenshots, system specs, and network configuration details help the support team investigate and identify potential culprits.

Q: Does error 50000 prevent playing Death Stranding entirely?
A: No, 50000 errors only affect online connectivity. You can still launch and progress the core single-player game offline without internet access.

Q: My friend can connect Death Stranding fine while I get error code 50000. Why?
A: The issue likely relates to your local network setup and architecture if others can connect. Check router settings, WiFi interference levels, or try a wired connection.


In summary, Death Stranding error 50000 stems from connectivity issues that prevent accessing online features. Restarting devices and game clients will resolve transient problems automatically in many cases. For persistent errors, port forwarding, reinstalling game files, and contacting customer support provide ways to restore full functionality.

With some targeted troubleshooting and tweaking network settings, you can get past error code 50000 and enjoy seamless online Death Stranding action on PS5 and PC.

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