How To Fix Crunchyroll Error Code l-ads?

Crunchyroll is a popular anime streaming service that allows users to watch anime episodes shortly after they air in Japan. However, users may sometimes encounter error messages like “Error Code l-ads” that prevent them from watching their favorite shows. This comprehensive guide will explain what the Crunchyroll error code l-ads means and provide fix solutions to resolve the issue.

How To Fix Crunchyroll Error Code l-ads?

What Does the Crunchyroll Error Code l-ads Mean?

The “Error Code l-ads” on Crunchyroll indicates that there was an issue loading advertisement content on the streaming page. Crunchyroll is a free service that relies on ads to generate revenue. When you try to watch an episode, ads will load before and during the video. The error code l-ads signifies that these ads failed to load correctly, disrupting video playback.

Some common reasons for the l-ads error include:

  • Ad blocker usage – Ad blockers prevent ads from loading on pages, which can trigger the error code.
  • Internet connectivity issues – Slow, unstable connections disrupt ad content from loading smoothly.
  • Outdated app or site – An outdated Crunchyroll app or site version may be incompatible with newer ad content.
  • Region restrictions – Certain advertising content may be restricted in your geographic region.

While frustrating, this ad loading error is generally temporary and there are methods for successfully fixing the problem.

5 Ways to Fix Crunchyroll Error Code l-ads

Here are 5 of the most effective solutions for resolving the Crunchyroll error code l-ads issue:

1. Check Your Internet Connection

First, check that you have a stable internet connection. Playback errors can occur if your WiFi or mobile data connection drops while the video attempts to load.

Restart your router and modem and test your internet speeds. Video streaming requires speeds of at least 3-5Mbps for smooth playback. Contact your internet service provider if speeds are consistently slow.

Switching from WiFi to mobile data or vice versa may also help isolate the cause of connection issues.

2. Update the Crunchyroll App and Site

If Crunchyroll is outdated, it may not load newer advertising content properly. Update to the latest version of the Crunchyroll app in your mobile device’s app store or the Crunchyroll site for desktop browsers.

Updating provides compatibility with newer ads and content assets. This resolves many playback and loading issues caused by outdated platform versions.

3. Whitelist Crunchyroll from Ad Blockers

If you use an ad blocker, whitelist Crunchyroll to allow ads to load properly. Ads are required for the free streaming service to function correctly.

On extensions like AdBlock Plus, uncheck the “Block ads on” option in settings. On uBlock Origin, uncheck “Crunchyroll” under the “My Filters” tab.

4. Try Clearing Cookies and Cache

Browsing data like cookies and cached files can also disrupt ad loading. Open Crunchyroll and clear your cookies and site cache in your browser settings menu.

On Chrome, go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Clear browsing data. On Firefox, go to Options > Privacy & Security > Cookies and Site Data > Clear Data.

Refresh Crunchyroll after clearing the browsing data to load fresh ad content.

5. Use an Alternate Browser or Device

If fixes aren’t working, try loading Crunchyroll in an alternate web browser or device. For example, use Chrome instead of Firefox on desktop or switch from your phone to a laptop.

Certain browsers or devices may have compatibility issues with Crunchyroll’s ad content system. Changing browsers resets your configuration to give ads a fresh loading environment.

Contacting Crunchyroll Support

If you’re still seeing the error code l-ads message after trying these troubleshooting tips, reach out to Crunchyroll’s customer support. They can further investigate server-side issues and provide specialized troubleshooting advice.

Visit the Crunchyroll Help Center and submit a support ticket describing your error code issue. Include details like your device, browser, and any fixes you attempted.

You can also try contacting their support team via email at [email protected] or by phone at +1-424-772-3260. Support agents are available daily from 9am – 9pm Pacific Time.

Preventing Crunchyroll Error Code l-ads in the Future

To avoid dealing with this pesky ad error again in the future, keep these tips in mind:

  • Maintain a fast, stable internet connection for smooth video streaming.
  • Routinely update your Crunchyroll platforms and browser software.
  • Avoid excessive ad blocking and whitelist trusted sites like Crunchyroll.
  • Clear your browser cache and cookies periodically to refresh your browsing environment.
  • Restart your router and connected devices occasionally to clear any accumulated issues.

Following these best practices will create optimal conditions for ad content to load correctly during your Crunchyroll viewing sessions.

Key Takeaways on Fixing Crunchyroll Error Code l-ads

  • The Crunchyroll error code l-ads indicates a failure to load ad content needed to play videos for free users.
  • Solutions include checking your internet connection, updating software, whitelisting the site in ad blockers, clearing browsing data, and contacting support.
  • Maintaining optimal connectivity, routinely updating apps/browsers, and restarting devices can help prevent this error.
  • If fixes aren’t working, try an alternate browser or device – certain configurations may conflict with Crunchyroll’s ad delivery system.
  • Crunchyroll’s customer support team can provide specialized troubleshooting help and look into server-side issues causing the error.


Crunchyroll’s error code l-ads can be annoying but fixing it is doable with the right troubleshooting steps. Start with the basics like ensuring a strong internet signal and updating your software. Whitelisting Crunchyroll in ad blockers, clearing cookies/cache, and switching browsers can also get ads loading smoothly again. Prevent issues in the future by optimizing your streaming setup and connectivity. Contact Crunchyroll support if you need additional assistance resolving persistent error code l-ads problems.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Why does Crunchyroll give an error code l-ads?
    The l-ads error code indicates Crunchyroll failed to load advertising content needed to support free video streaming. Issues like ad blockers, poor internet connectivity, outdated apps, and region restrictions can prevent ads from loading correctly.
  2. How can I fix Crunchyroll error code l-ads on my iPhone?
    On iPhone, first ensure you have a strong WiFi or cellular data connection. Close and restart the Crunchyroll app, then update to the latest iOS version from the App Store. Turn off any ad blockers or restrictions and clear cached app data. Trying on a different iOS device can also determine if there are device-specific issues.
  3. Does using a VPN help fix Crunchyroll error code l-ads?
    Using a VPN can potentially bypass regional ad restrictions that may cause the l-ads error. Connect to a server in a different country and refresh Crunchyroll to pull in alternative ad content. Make sure your VPN provides sufficient speed for HD streaming.
  4. What should I do if clearing cookies didn’t fix the Crunchyroll l-ads error?
    If clearing browsing data like cookies doesn’t work, try fully uninstalling and reinstalling your Crunchyroll app or browser. This wipes any corrupted residual data that may be disrupting ads. Check that your browser is updated to the latest version after reinstalling.
  5. Why does Crunchyroll error code l-ads happen on my Samsung Smart TV?
    On smart TVs, connectivity issues or outdated Crunchyroll app versions can trigger the l-ads error. For Samsung Smart TVs, check your internet connection to the TV, power cycle your TV box, and update your Crunchyroll app from the Samsung app store. Restricting ad tracking may also cause issues.
  6. How do I contact Crunchyroll support about error code l-ads?
    You can contact Crunchyroll support directly through their Help Center support ticket form or by emailing [email protected]. Phone support is also available at +1-424-772-3260 from 9am – 9pm Pacific Time daily. Provide details like your device, browser, and troubleshooting steps tried.

  7. What causes Crunchyroll error code l-ads on Roku?
    On Roku devices, the l-ads error can occur due to channel bugs, connectivity problems, ad tracker blocking, or using an outdated Roku Crunchyroll app. Try restarting your Roku, checking network issues, updating the channel, and allowing ad tracking in privacy settings.
  8. Does Crunchyroll error code l-ads get fixed by restarting my device?
    Simply restarting your streaming device or computer can clear up temporary glitches that prevent ad loads. Reboots refresh system processes, clear memory issues, and reconnect the internet which helps ads load smoothly. Make sure to also close and relaunch the Crunchyroll app after a restart.
  9. Why does Crunchyroll give error code l-ads on my Android phone?
    On Android phones, connectivity problems, outdated app versions, ad blockers, and restricted app permissions can all lead to the Crunchyroll l-ads error. Try force closing and reopening the app, updating Google Play apps, allowing app permissions, and disabling ad blockers.
  10. Does the Crunchyroll error code l-ads get fixed by deleting and reinstalling the app?
    Fully deleting and fresh installing the Crunchyroll app can effectively factory reset any corrupted files causing ad issues. Be sure to also update your reinstalled app and operating system to the newest versions available.
  11. Can outdated browser extensions cause the Crunchyroll error l-ads?
    Yes, outdated or corrupt browser extensions like ad blockers can trigger error code l-ads by blocking proper ad loads. Update your browser and extensions to their newest versions. Also whitelist trusted sites like Crunchyroll from ad blocking.
  12. How can I prevent getting the Crunchyroll error code l-ads?
    You can prevent l-ads errors by maintaining a fast, stable internet connection, routinely updating your streaming software, allowing ad tracking/permissions, whitelisting Crunchyroll from ad blockers, and clearing browsing data regularly to refresh your environment.
  13. Does Crunchyroll error code l-ads happen because of site maintenance?
    Crunchyroll may intentionally trigger error code l-ads during site maintenance and updates. This prevents ads from running during maintenance. Try again later once updates are complete. The @Crunchyroll Twitter account posts about ongoing maintenance.
  14. Why does Crunchyroll give error code l-ads on PlayStation?
    On PlayStation consoles, the l-ads ad loading error can stem from network issues, restrictive parental control settings, banned accounts, faulty disks, or outdated Crunchyroll apps. Ensure you have an active PSN account in good standing and update your app.
  15. Does the Crunchyroll website also show error code l-ads?
    Yes, the l-ads error can happen when using Crunchyroll directly in desktop and mobile browsers. Try updating your browser, clearing history/cache, allowing ads in browser privacy settings, allowing pop-ups, and using an alternate browser.
  16. Can I still watch Crunchyroll without ads with error code l-ads?
    No, the l-ads error prevents watching any content until it is fixed. The error signifies that required video ads failed to load properly. Subscribing to a Crunchyroll Premium paid account is needed to watch ad-free.
  17. Is Crunchyroll error code l-ads a device ban?
    No, the l-ads error is not related to an account ban. It is caused by a failure to load ad content, often due to internet, software, permissions, or geolocation issues. Crunchyroll bans are indicated by other error codes and messages directing you to account support.
  18. Does error code l-ads crash the Crunchyroll app?
    The l-ads error itself does not crash the Crunchyroll app or site. It only prevents video playback, while allowing you to browse normally. However, if the error causes freezing or crashing, fully force closing and restarting the app typically helps.
  19. Can I use a different DNS server to fix Crunchyroll error code l-ads?
    Changing your device’s DNS server settings can potentially get around regional ad delivery issues contributing to error l-ads. Try using Google’s public DNS servers at and or Cloud flare’s and
  20. Why does Crunchyroll give error code l-ads on Xbox?
    On Xbox consoles, l-ads errors generally stem from network problems, expired Gold memberships restricting apps, tampering, console bugs, and outdated apps/system software. Ensure you have an active Xbox Live Gold subscription and all your software is updated.

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