How To Fix CBS Error Code 3002?

The CBS error code 3002 is a common error that users may encounter when trying to watch CBS All Access or Paramount+ on various devices. This error prevents users from being able to stream content and can be frustrating to deal with. Fortunately, there are several troubleshooting steps users can take to resolve this error code and get back to enjoying their favorite CBS shows.How To Fix CBS Error Code 3002?In this comprehensive guide, we will cover what the CBS 3002 error code means, outline the most common causes and troubleshooting solutions, and provide step-by-step instructions to help users fix the problem across various devices like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, mobile apps, and web browser. With the right information and a few simple fixes, this error can typically be resolved quickly.

What Does CBS Error Code 3002 Mean?

The 3002 error code signifies that the CBS All Access/Paramount+ app is having an issue validating the user’s subscription status. Essentially, it is not able to verify that you have an active subscription to the service.

Some common causes behind this error include:

  • Subscription renewal failure – If your monthly subscription renewal payment fails for any reason, it can trigger the 3002 error.
  • Subscription expired – If your subscription term expires and automatic renewal is disabled, you will get the error.
  • Login issues – Problems with your CBS All Access/Paramount+ login credentials can also lead to the 3002 error appearing.
  • App issues – Glitches with the CBS/Paramount+ app itself, such as needing an update, can sometimes cause the 3002 error.
  • Internet connection problems – For streaming devices, a weak WiFi signal or other connectivity issues can interfere with the service validating your subscription status.

Without being able to verify an active subscription tied to your account, the app restricts access to content and shows the 3002 error. The good news is this issue can typically be fixed quickly as long as you follow the correct troubleshooting steps.

How to Fix CBS Error Code 3002

There are a few simple checks and troubleshooting steps you can take to fix the CBS All Access/Paramount+ error 3002. We will provide troubleshooting tips for the most common platforms and devices below:


Roku devices are a popular way to stream CBS All Access/Paramount+. If you encounter error 3002 on your Roku, try the following:

Check subscription status – First, log into your CBS All Access/Paramount+ account on a web browser and confirm your subscription status under account settings. If your subscription lapsed, renew it to resolve the 3002 error.

Update Roku app – Make sure you have the latest CBS/Paramount+ Roku app. Navigate to the channel store and select “Check for Updates” on the CBS channel. Install any available updates.

Restart Roku device – From the Roku home screen, navigate to Settings > System > Restart to perform a device restart. This can help clear any glitches causing the error.

Remove and reinstall app – Try removing the CBS app from your Roku and reinstalling it fresh from the Roku Channel Store. This can clear cached data causing issues.

Check internet connection – If you rely on WiFi, make sure your Roku device has a strong, stable connection to your wireless network. Slow speeds and interruptions can interfere with validating subscriptions.

Following these tips should get the CBS All Access channel working again on your Roku device. Be sure to also double check your CBS account and password just to make sure your login information is correct.

Amazon Fire TV

Like Roku, Amazon’s Fire TV products such as the Fire Stick and Fire TV Cube are commonly used to stream CBS All Access/Paramount+. If you are seeing error 3002 show up on a Fire TV device, try these troubleshooting steps:

Update the app – From your Fire TV home screen, navigate to the CBS/Paramount+ app icon. Press down on the remote to bring up the app options. Select “Update” to install any available updates.

Force stop the app – You can also try force stopping the CBS app on Fire TV by going into Settings > Applications > Manage All Applications. Then select the CBS app and choose “Force Stop.”

Uninstall and reinstall – Removing and reinstalling the app on your Fire TV device can help clear up any corrupt data causing issues. Just be sure to login again with your CBS account info after the reinstall.

Check internet settings – Go into Settings > Network on your Fire TV and confirm you have a solid WiFi signal strength. Also try restarting your wireless router if connectivity seems unreliable.

Restart your device – From the Fire TV Settings menu, navigate to Device > Restart to reboot your device. This can help clear any glitches.

With a combination of app maintenance, device restarts, and confirming your WiFi signal, you should be able to resolve the CBS 3002 error on Fire TV.

Apple TV

Apple TV users may also encounter the frustrating CBS 3002 error. Use these tips specific to Apple’s set-top box:

Check for app updates – Go into the App Store on your Apple TV and manually check under CBS All Access/Paramount+ for available updates. Install any updates that are available.

Delete and reinstall the app – Sometimes removing and freshly installing the CBS app can resolve underlying issues that cause error 3002. Just re-login after reinstalling.

Restart your Apple TV – From the Settings app choose General > Restart to reboot your Apple TV set-top box.

Check network settings – Confirm your Apple TV has a solid WiFi or wired internet connection. You can check current network status under Settings > Network.

Log out and back in – From the CBS All Access app, select your account icon in the top right corner and choose Log Out. Then log back in with your credentials.

Following these tips should get CBS All Access or Paramount+ working again on Apple TV. As with any platform, also confirm your subscription is current and double check your CBS account login credentials.

Mobile Apps

You may encounter CBS error 3002 when using the mobile apps for iOS or Android. Here are some ways to troubleshoot the issue on mobile:

Update the app – On iOS, check the App Store for any available updates to the CBS or Paramount+ mobile app. On Android, check the Play Store for updates. Install the latest version.

Force stop / uninstall the app – On Android you can go into Settings > Apps and select the CBS app. Choose Force Stop or Uninstall. Reinstall a fresh copy if uninstalled.

Restart your mobile device – Power down and restart your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone or tablet. This can clear any glitches.

Make sure mobile data is enabled – If using mobile data, check that cellular data is enabled for the CBS app and that data coverage is strong in your area. Connect to WiFi if available.

Remove account and re-login – In the CBS or Paramount+ app, go into account settings and choose Log Out or Remove Account. Then input your credentials again to re-link your account.

With a quick app refresh, device restart, and confirming mobile data works, you should be able to get the CBS services working properly again on mobile apps.

Web Browser

Some users experience the CBS 3002 error when trying to stream video in a desktop web browser. Here is how to troubleshoot when using the website:

Refresh browser cache – Clear your web browser cache and cookies to remove any outdated CBS site data. In Chrome, visit Settings > Privacy and Security > Clear Browser Data.

Try incognito/private mode – Launch an incognito or private browsing window and navigate to or This ensures no extensions interfere with video playback.

Update browser – Make sure you have the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge installed. Old browsers can sometimes cause streaming errors.

Allow third-party cookies – Ensure cookies are enabled for CBS web domains. This allows proper user validation. Never enable cookies for untrusted sites.

Try alternate browser – If one browser gives the 3002 error, see if another browser works properly. Install and test Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari.

With the CBS All Access web player, cleaning browsers, testing incognito windows, and ensuring cookies are allowed for CBS will typically resolve the 3002 error when streaming from a computer.

Contact CBS Support

If you have tried the platform-specific troubleshooting tips listed above and continue to get CBS error 3002, it is recommended to contact CBS customer support. They can further investigate issues with your account and provide specialized troubleshooting advice.

To get in touch with support, you can:

  • Use the in-app support form – In the CBS or Paramount+ app, navigate to Help and select Contact Support.
  • Live chat – Visit and choose Contact Us to start a live chat session.
  • Call – The CBS support phone number is 1-888-274-5343. Call during normal support hours for assistance.

When contacting CBS support, be sure to provide:

  • The 3002 error code you are receiving
  • Device and platform the issue is happening on
  • CBS/Paramount+ username
  • List of troubleshooting steps attempted

With these details, their technical team can better diagnose the problem and provide fixes tailored to your situation.

Key Takeaways and Conclusion

  • The CBS 3002 error code indicates the app cannot validate an active CBS All Access/Paramount+ subscription, preventing access to video content.
  • Common causes include subscription renewal failure, expired subscription, login issues, app glitches, and internet connectivity problems.
  • Troubleshooting steps like app updates, reinstalls, restarts, re-logging in, and switching browsers will fix the issue for most users.
  • If problems persist, contacting CBS customer support provides specialized troubleshooting help based on your specific situation.
  • With the right troubleshooting, the frustrating 3002 error can typically be resolved quickly, allowing you to get back to enjoying CBS All Access and Paramount+ content.

In summary, the CBS error 3002 is a common issue that has several potential causes, but it can be fixed in most cases with some simple app maintenance, account checks, and device restarts. Following the detailed troubleshooting advice above for your specific platform should help resolve the problem so you can stream content as expected. Persistent issues should be raised with CBS support for further investigation tailored to your unique situation.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Why do I keep getting the CBS 3002 error?
    This error typically occurs repeatedly because an underlying issue is not properly resolved, such as an expired subscription, connectivity problems, or a device-specific glitch. Run through detailed troubleshooting steps for your platform instead of quick fixes.
  1. Does error 3002 mean my CBS subscription is cancelled?
    Not necessarily, though it is one possible cause. The error means the app cannot validate your subscription status, so your subscription may have lapsed or been cancelled, but other issues can cause the same error.
  1. Can the CBS 3002 error be fixed without contacting support?
    Yes, most of the time users can resolve it themselves by troubleshooting based on their streaming platform and device. Support is recommended if you cannot get it fixed using the steps outlined above.
  1. Why does CBS 3002 error happen on some devices but not others?
    Differences in hardware, software, apps, and network connectivity across platforms and devices can lead to the error occurring on some gadgets but not others. The root cause will be specific to each device.
  1. Should I delete and reinstall the CBS app to fix error 3002?
    Yes, deleting and reinstalling the CBS or Paramount+ app is one of the common troubleshooting steps and can resolve the issue if it is being caused by a glitch or bug in the app itself.
  1. Can using a VPN to watch CBS cause the 3002 error?
    Yes, VPNs are known to sometimes trigger this error code. There may be incompatibility between CBS’ service and certain VPN providers. Try turning your VPN off as one troubleshooting step.
  1. How long does it take to fix CBS 3002 after contacting support?
    It depends on the cause, but relatively quickly if the underlying problem is identified. Support can diagnose any account, payment, or app issues and resolve them or advise on a solution within 24-48 hours typically.
  1. Is there a workaround to watch CBS with error 3002?
    Not directly within the app or service, since the error is preventing access. But trying alternate devices, web browsers, or networks may allow you to stream content normally while the main issue is diagnosed.
  1. Why does CBS 3002 error happen when I have good WiFi?
    Even with solid WiFi, brief drops in connectivity during key validation checks can lead to this error. Or device-specific problems could be the cause despite strong network signal. Troubleshoot the device and app directly.
  1. How can I prevent CBS error 3002 in the future?
    Making sure your CBS subscription remains active, auto-renews if subscribed monthly, and checking devices and apps are up to date with any patches helps avoid the most common triggers for this error code.
  1. Will uninstalling and reinstalling CBS app delete my watch history?
    Typically your watch history and account favorites will be preserved as that data is saved on CBS’ servers, but occasionally they may need to be resynced after reinstall, especially if you switch devices.
  1. Is the Paramount+ app the same as CBS All Access?
    Yes, Paramount+ was rebranded from CBS All Access with the same underlying service, so troubleshooting is identical. Both apps are gradually shifting to the new Paramount+ branding.
  1. Does CBS 3002 error affect live TV or just on-demand?
    The error primarily affects streaming on-demand video content from CBS and live TV access is sometimes still available. But live channels may also be inaccessible in some cases when 3002 occurs.
  1. Can using a restricted profile on Paramount+ cause error 3002?
    Yes, as restricted profiles have more limited access to content, this can confuse the subscription verification processes and lead to 3002 errors in some situations. Try using the primary account profile instead.
  1. Is CBS 3002 the same as error tvpi-402?
    No, tvpi-402 is related to geolocation and VPN blocking, whereas CBS 3002 deals with subscription verification issues. The two codes indicate separate underlying problems.
  1. Does clearing cache and data fix CBS 3002 on mobile?
    It can help in some cases by removing corrupt app files that may be contributing to the error. But typically other steps like reinstalling the app completely are needed to properly resolve the 3002 issue.
  1. Where can I find my CBS/Paramount+ subscription details?
    You can access your subscription details by logging into the CBS website and going to account settings or in the mobile app under your account icon and subscription management.
  1. Does using a shared Paramount+ account cause CBS 3002 error?
    Possibly, as validation can get confused by simultaneous streams or logins across devices on a shared account. Try logging out everywhere else and streaming on one device only with the primary credentials.
  1. Is CBS 3002 error unique to Paramount+ or common on other apps?
    Subscription and login validation issues like this do occur across many different streaming apps. But the exact 3002 code itself is unique to CBS All Access and Paramount+ platforms.
  1. Can I get a refund if CBS 3002 stops me watching Paramount+?
    You may be eligible for a partial service credit if the issue prevents you streaming for an extended period and cannot be resolved. Contact support and they will evaluate the circumstances if you request a refund.


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