How To Fix ATO (MyGovid) Error Code STA000001?

The ATO (Australian Taxation Office) online services portal myGovID can display the error code STA000001 when users attempt to login or access certain services. This error indicates there is an issue verifying the user’s identity that is preventing access to the requested service.

How To Fix ATO (MyGovid) Error Code STA000001?

Resolving the STA000001 error involves troubleshooting your myGovID account and identity credentials. This article will provide step-by-step instructions on how to diagnose and fix the STA000001 error code when accessing ATO online services.

What Does the STA000001 Error Code Mean?

When attempting to login or access ATO online services through myGovID, the STA000001 error code indicates there is a problem verifying your identity.

Some common reasons for getting the STA000001 error include:

  • Your personal details on your myGovID account do not match ATO records
  • Your linked ATO online services account has been locked due to failed login attempts
  • Your myGovID identity credentials are invalid or expired
  • There are issues connecting to the Document Verification Service (DVS)

Essentially, STA000001 means your identity cannot be verified to the standard required for access to ATO online services. Without passing identity verification checks, access will be denied and this error displayed.

Step 1 – Check Personal and Account Details

The first step in fixing the STA000001 error is to check your personal details match ATO records, and your ATO online services account is active.

Log in to your myGovID account and check your linked ATO online services account status. Your account may be locked if there were several failed login attempts.

Also verify your personal details – like your name, date of birth, address – match exactly what the ATO has on file for you. Minor differences like spelling mistakes can prevent identity verification.

Update your details through your myGovID account if needed. Make sure you enter details exactly as they appear on your identity documents that the ATO has on file.

Step 2 – Verify Your Identity Documents

If your personal and account details check out, the next step is to verify your linked identity credentials.

The STA000001 error can occur if your identity documents are expired or no longer valid. Log in to your myGovID account and check the status of your linked driver’s license, passport or other identity documents.

Expired documents need to be re-verified through myGovID. You may need to unlink old documents and undergo identity verification again with new valid documents.

Make sure you have valid documents that match ATO records ready. Make any updates needed so your identity can be verified correctly.

Step 3 – Contact myGovID Support

If your personal, account and identity document details are up to date and valid, yet you still get the STA000001 error, you will need to contact myGovID support for further assistance.

There may be an issue with the Document Verification Service (DVS) used to verify your documents that requires investigation. myGovID support can look into any errors connecting to this service and attempt to resolve document verification issues.

You can contact myGovID support through their website contact form, or by phoning 1300 700 127. Explain you are receiving the STA000001 error code and they can troubleshoot your specific issue.

Support can confirm whether your documents have passed DVS checking, and advise on any other steps needed to successfully verify your identity. This should help diagnose where the STA000001 error is originating.

Step 4 – Unlock Your ATO Online Services Account

In some cases, your ATO online services account itself may be the reason for the STA000001 error appearing.

Too many failed login attempts can see your ATO account locked as a security precaution. Or there may be a temporary block while suspicious activity on your account is investigated.

If you believe your ATO account itself is locked, you will need to go through their unlock process:

  1. Phone the ATO on 13 28 61 and explain your account is locked.
  2. Verify your identity by answering security questions.
  3. Request for your account to be unlocked.
  4. ATO staff should action the unlock request after completing identity verification checks.

Once unlocked, you should be able to access ATO online services successfully through myGovID again, fixing the STA000001 error.

Step 5 – Lodge an ATO Complaint

If you are still receiving the STA000001 error after exhausting all troubleshooting steps, you can lodge a complaint with the ATO directly.

Lodging a complaint requires gathering information needed for the ATO to investigate your issue. Have the following details ready:

  • Your personal information – full name, date of birth, contact details.
  • Description of the error – explain receiving STA000001 and steps taken.
  • Impact on you – how the error is affecting your access to ATO services.
  • Supporting documents – account details, communication with myGovID/ATO support.
  • Desired resolution – e.g. requested account unlock or identity verification.

You can then lodge your complaint through one of the following channels:

  • Online complaint form on the ATO website.
  • Calling 13 28 61 to lodge a verbal complaint.
  • Writing a letter detailing your complaint to ATO Complaints, GPO Box 551, Sydney NSW 2001.

The ATO should investigate your complaint and work to resolve the identity issues preventing you from accessing online services.

Avoiding STA000001 Errors

Once you have resolved a STA000001 error, there are steps you can take to avoid the issue recurring in future:

  • Keep your myGovID details up to date, especially linked identity documents.
  • Don’t let identity documents expire before re-verifying them through myGovID.
  • Take care entering personal details accurately into myGovID and ATO systems.
  • If your account is locked, act quickly to have it unlocked again.
  • Contact support as soon as an issue arises to prevent escalation.
  • Verify your identity well ahead of needing to use ATO online services.
  • Follow guidance if contacted by the ATO about suspicious account activity.

Keeping on top of your account details and identity credentials will help minimize frustration from STA000001 errors when using ATO online services.

Key Takeaways on Resolving STA000001 Errors

Fixing the STA000001 error ultimately comes down to successfully verifying your identity with valid credentials. Key steps include:

  • Confirm your personal details match ATO records exactly.
  • Make sure linked identity documents are current and pass DVS checks.
  • Contact myGovID support for troubleshooting assistance.
  • Request ATO account unlocks if your access is blocked.
  • Lodge an ATO complaint if issues remain unresolved.

With the right troubleshooting, most STA000001 errors can be fixed by working through identity verification issues. Keeping details up to date is key to avoiding repeat issues accessing ATO online services.


The STA000001 error when trying to access ATO online services can be frustrating. But following the step-by-step troubleshooting guide in this article should help you isolate and resolve the root causes. In most cases, it comes down to mismatching personal or account details, expired identity documents, or issues contacting identity verification services. Persistence and working methodically through each step should see your STA000001 error rectified, restoring access to ATO online services. Don’t hesitate to contact support services if you need assistance – resolving these identity issues is their job. With the right help, you should be back up and running in no time.


  1. What is the STA000001 error code when accessing ATO online services?
    The STA000001 error indicates there is a problem verifying your identity that is preventing access to ATO online services through myGovID. Usually this is due to personal details mismatching ATO records, invalid identity documents, or your account being locked.

  2. Why can’t the ATO verify my identity?
    Common reasons the ATO can’t verify your identity include incorrect personal details, expired identity documents, issues connecting to verification services, or your account being locked due to suspicious activity.

  3. How do I update personal details on myGovID?
    Log in to your myGovID account online or through the app. Go to your Profile and select Update Personal Details. Enter your details exactly as they appear on official identity documents. Save and submit changes.

  4. What happens if I change my name with the ATO?
    If you change your name, you need to update it with both the ATO and on your myGovID account. Failing to update your name with both services can lead to identity verification failures.

  5. Why is my ATO account locked?
    Too many failed login attempts can see your ATO account temporarily locked for security. Suspected fraudulent activity may also result in the ATO locking access while investigating. Call them to unlock your account.

  6. What documents can I use to verify ID with the ATO?
    You can verify your identity with the ATO using your driver’s license, passport, Medicare card, ImmiCard, birth certificate, citizenship certificate or marriage certificate. Make sure documents are current and not expired.

  7. How do I update identity documents in myGovID?
    In your myGovID account go to Linked services > Taxation Office > Manage documents. Follow prompts to remove expired documents and link new valid identity documents.

  8. Why is my driver’s license insufficient for identity verification?
    If your license is expired, damaged, cancelled or reported lost or stolen, it will fail identity checks. Ensure you have a valid, current driver’s license or use other identity documents.

  9. I lost my identity documents, what now?
    Report lost documents immediately. To access ATO services you’ll need to apply for replacement documents or new valid identity credentials recognised by myGovID.

  10. How long does myGovID support take to respond?
    myGovID aims to respond to all queries within 72 hours. More complex identity issues requiring investigation may take up to 5 business days to resolve. Lodge enquiries early.

  11. What details do I need to lodge an ATO complaint?
    When lodging a complaint regarding STA000001 errors have ready your personal details, full description of the issue and steps taken, how it impacts you, supporting documents, and your desired resolution.

  12. Can I access ATO services while my identity is being verified?
    Unfortunately you cannot access ATO services protected by myGovID identity verification until your identity is successfully confirmed. Follow troubleshooting steps to fix issues quickly.

  13. How do I avoid STA000001 errors in future?
    Keep your details up to date, renew documents before expiry, take care entering information accurately, request account unlocks quickly if locked out, and contact support at the first sign of issues.

  14. I keep getting locked out of ATO online services, what should I do?
    Frequent lockouts indicate an ongoing issue verifying your identity. Follow troubleshooting steps to diagnose and resolve the problem. Update records, renew documents, verify information entered correctly.

  15. Who can I contact for help with STA000001 errors?
    Contact myGovID support to troubleshoot identity verification issues. For problems with your ATO account itself, contact the ATO directly for assistance unlocking your account.

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