How To Fix ATO (MyGovid) Error Code cr1011?

The ATO (Australian Taxation Office) online services platform, MyGovID, allows users to access various government services online using a single login. However, users may sometimes encounter error codes like “cr1011” which prevent access to these services.

How To Fix ATO (MyGovid) Error Code cr1011?

This comprehensive guide will explain what the cr1011 error code means, why you may be getting it, and most importantly provide step-by-step solutions to resolve the issue so you can access MyGovID seamlessly.

What Does Error Code cr1011 Mean?

The cr1011 error typically appears when accessing ATO online services through MyGovID. It indicates that your account has been locked due to too many failed login attempts.

This security measure is in place to prevent unauthorized access and fraudulent activity. It is usually triggered when an incorrect password or other login credentials are entered multiple times.

Common Causes of Error Code cr1011

There are a few common reasons why you may encounter the cr1011 lockout error:

  • Incorrect password – Entering an incorrect password too many times for your MyGovID account will lead to cr1011 error and lockout.
  • Compromised account credentials – If your account credentials have been compromised, hackers/attackers continually trying to access your account will eventually trigger cr1011.
  • Multiple incorrect login attempts – Even trying valid but wrong usernames/passwords combinations on your account can make the system believe it is a hacking attempt. Too many failures can cause a cr1011 lockout.
  • Using public/unsecured internet connections – Accessing MyGovID from public networks makes the account more prone to attacks and failed logins, increasing chances of cr1011 errors.

Fixing ATO MyGovID Error Code cr1011

If you have encountered cr1011 error on MyGovID account, here are step-by-step solutions to easily fix it and recover access:

Method 1: Using Account Recovery and Verification Measures

The easiest way to unlock a locked MyGovID account is to use the inbuilt account recovery options:

Step 1: Try to login at as usual

Step 2: Enter Login details and when cr1011 appears, click “Unlock Your Account”

Step 3: Select option to verify account via SMS or email verification code

Step 4: Enter verification code sent and set a new password when prompted

Step 5: Login with new password successfully!

This instant account unlock option quickly verifies user identity and resets password to revoke cr1011 lockout in minutes.

Method 2: Contacting MyGovID Support

If the automated unlock option fails or you need urgent access, contact MyGovID support directly to unlock:

Step 1: Note Error Code cr1011 for reference

Step 2: Call MyGovID helpdesk at 132 307

Step 3: Provide your account username, full name, email, DOB to the agent

Step 4: Agent will assist to verify identity, unlock account, and troubleshoot issue

Step 5: Temp password will be sent to access account and reset new password

MyGovID Helpdesk agents can manually release account locks after identity verification. This resolves cr1011 errors within an hour in most cases.

Method 3: Logging Complaint and Waiting for Unlock

If previous methods fail or urgent access is not needed, you can also log an official complaint regarding cr1011 lockout:

Step 1: Visit and try logging in to trigger cr1011 error

Step 2: Click on “Complaints and Feedback” link visible on page

Step 3: On next page select Complaints > Locked Account as options

Step 4: Fill Details page with Name, DOB, Username, Registered email/phone and complaint description

Step 5: Click “Submit Complaint” and wait up to 3 days for account unlock

This will trigger an internal process to verify user identity and revoke cr1011 based account lockouts due to system flaws. Slower but useful when rapid fixes fail.

Preventing MyGovID cr1011 Lockouts

Once your access has been restored, follow these tips to avoid cr1011 lockouts again in future:

  • Use a strong, unique password only you know and enable 2-factor authentication
  • Ensure your device has updated antivirus software enabled
  • Avoid accessing ATO services from public networks
  • Setup account lockout alerts to monitor unauthorized login attempts
  • Never store MyGovID login details in the browser or other apps
  • Periodically change passwords every 90 days

Following cybersecurity best practices for all online accounts prevents the likelihood of attacks, unauthorized access attempts and resultant cr1011 lockout errors.

Key Takeaways on Resolving Error Code cr1011

  • cr1011 error indicates too many failed login attempts leading to MyGovID account lockout
  • Common cr1011 causes include incorrect passwords, compromised credentials, multiple wrong entries, public network access etc
  • It can be fixed by using automated account unlock, contacting MyGovID support or logging complaint
  • Prevention tips like strong passwords, 2FA, no public network access are key to avoid repeat cr1011 lockouts

Understanding reasons and applying suitable solutions quickly resolves ATO MyGovID cr1011 errors allowing smooth access.

So those facing cr1011 lockouts on trying to access online services can now easily troubleshoot the problem by following fixes suggested in this guide.


  1. Why does MyGovID show error code cr1011?
    cr1011 error occurs when your MyGovID account gets locked after multiple failed login attempts to prevent unauthorized access.
  2. How long does cr1011 account lockout last?
    By default cr1011 lockouts remain for 48 hours before automatically revoking. But using the unlock options can restore access within minutes.
  3. I’m overseas and can’t call MyGovID support line. How can I fix error cr1011 instantly?
    Overseas users can login at and use SMS/Email based automated account unlock option to verify identity and resolve cr1011 remotely.
  4. Are MyGovID cr1011 lockouts due to hacking attempts?
    While hacking attempts can trigger cr1011 lockouts, most common reasons are forgetting passwords or trying multiple wrong password combinations even by valid users.
  5. Should I be worried about data breach when I see cr1011 error?
    Not necessarily. cr1011 lockouts are a security system response to multiple failed logins rather than actual unauthorized access or breaches by themselves, so user data still remains protected.
  6. I input the correct password but still got the cr1011 error. What now?
    Even using right passwords after few initial failures can lead to cr1011 lockout. Use automated unlock options or contact support in such unexpected error case for immediate resolution.
  7. Can I access linked services like ATO during cr1011 lockout?
    No, cr1011 error displays due to MyGovID platform issues so until resolved you cannot access any government services logged in using the locked account.
  8. Is there any way to remove cr1011 lockout risks permanently?
    Enabling two-factor authentication adds extra identity verification layer so only valid users can login preventing likelihood of wrong password based cr1011 lockouts.
  9. How can I unlock MyGovID instantly without contacting support?
    Automated account unlock using SMS/Email verification codes is fastest way to self-service unlock and reset passwords to regain access for cr1011 locked accounts.
  10. Will cr1011 lockouts impact other government service access also?
    Yes, when MyGovID gets cr1011 error all linked ATO, Medicare, Centrelink and other online government account access will also be blocked until error resolution.
  11. Is receiving an email the fastest way to unlock cr1011 lockouts?
    SMS based automated account unlock is often faster than email as codes are directly delivered to registered mobile numbers so best chance for instant cr1011 resolution.
  12. I changed devices and now see cr1011 error. Why?
    MyGovID performs device-based security checks, so switching devices can trigger cr1011 thinking past device still has active logged sessions. Unlocking as per procedure will clear error.
  13. Where can I find help to troubleshoot MyGovID cr1011 errors?
    You can call MyGovID helpline, submit complaints or contact ATO support for assistance on debugging and resolving persistent cr1011 lockout errors & related login issues.
  14. How to avoid MyGovID cr1011 lockouts when overseas?
    Setup roaming SMS on registered phone number to receive verification codes abroad or have app based authenticator setup for receiving overseas 2FA login approvals preventing cr1011 triggers.
  15. I faced cr1011 due to virus on my PC. How to prevent such infections triggering lockouts again?
    Scan and clean all devices with updated antivirus software regularly. Never save MyGovID passwords in browser/file to avoid credentials stealing malware or keyloggers resulting in cr1011 lockouts.
  16. Are MyGovID cr1011 lockouts manual or automatic?
    cr1011 lockouts including limits before triggering are automatic security responses by the MyGovID system to prevent assumed unauthorized login attempts based on thresholds.
  17. I never faced cr1011 errors before. Why getting it suddenly now?
    Policy or system changes may periodically lower the number of failed attempts before cr1011 making them more common even for valid users entering multiple recent wrong password combinations.
  18. How can I view MyGovID login history and source of cr1011 lockouts?
    Under Account Settings>Login History you can see IP addresses, locations and browsers used in past MyGovID sessions indicating any abnormal unauthorized access attempts responsible for cr1011 issue.
  19. I have two MyGovID accounts. Will cr1011 lockouts impact both profiles or just one?
    MyGovID cr1011 lockouts are applied on per account basis only for the specific username facing multiple failed login attempts so your other accounts will stay accessible.
  20. Is there any MyGovID login best practices guide available to stop cr1011 lockouts?
    Yes, MyGovID website outlines comprehensive login hygiene guidelines like ideal password strategies, using 2FA, latest browsers etc which when followed helps minimize failed access attempts and resultant cr1011 errors.


Getting locked out of a crucial service like MyGovID preventing important tasks like filing taxes can be worrying experience.

But as seen in the fixes outlined in this guide, the cr1011 error due to account lockouts can be easily resolved in most cases instantly or within few hours by using the appropriate automated unlock methods. Or otherwise, by seeking assistance from customer support teams.

Following the simple security best practices, being careful when entering account credentials and enabling two factor authentication where possible goes a long way to prevent repeat cr1011 lockout scenarios in future as well.

So with proper understanding of nature of cr1011 errors, causes and applying suitable troubleshooting techniques, one can swiftly regain access to ATO and other services after MyGovID lockouts for completing urgent tasks without major disruptions.

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