How To Fix ATO Error Code cmn.ato.gen.em0001?

The ATO Error Code cmn.ato.gen.em0001 indicates an issue with an ATO gateway connection. This error typically occurs when communicating with ATO online services. The good news is that this error can often be resolved by users fairly easily without contacting the ATO directly. This article provides step-by-step instructions on troubleshooting and fixing the cmn.ato.gen.em0001 error code.

How To Fix ATO Error Code cmn.ato.gen.em0001?

What Causes the cmn.ato.gen.em0001 Error?

There are a few potential causes of the cmn.ato.gen.em0001 error:

  • Temporary ATO system issues – Sometimes this error occurs due to temporary problems with ATO servers or networks. Trying again later often resolves the problem.
  • Software issues – Problems with tax or accounting software settings can prevent successful connections to ATO gateways.
  • Firewall or security software blocking access – Overly restrictive firewalls or security software may block connections to ATO online services.
  • Authentication problems – Invalid credentials or authentication token issues can lead to gateway connection failures.
  • Network connectivity problems – Any issues reaching the internet can cause this error when trying to connect to ATO systems.

Steps to Fix cmn.ato.gen.em0001 Error

Follow these troubleshooting steps to resolve the cmn.ato.gen.em0001 error:

1. Check for Temporary ATO Outages

First, check the ATO System Maintenance page to see if there are any reported issues with ATO online services or gateways. If so, wait until systems are restored and then try again.

2. Retry the Connection

Sometimes transient network issues or server blips cause temporary connection failures. Wait a few minutes and retry the connection that triggered the cmn.ato.gen.em0001 error. The issue may have resolved itself.

3. Confirm Software Settings

Ensure your tax/accounting software is configured properly to communicate with ATO systems:

  • Tax agent portal and software service settings are correct.
  • You are using the latest software version.
  • Software subscription service is active and valid.
  • Software gateway/ATO connection settings are configured correctly.

Update software or settings if needed and test the connection again.

4. Check Security and Firewall Settings

Overly restrictive firewalls or security suites can block connections to ATO gateways:

  • Temporarily disable any internet security or firewall software and try the connection again.
  • If successful, adjust software settings to allow connections to ATO sites and re-enable security.
  • Work with your IT team if you do not have access to change security settings.

5. Verify Authentication Details

Using incorrect credentials or expired authentication tokens will lead to failed gateway connections:

  • Double check your username, password, client ID, and other credentials needed to connect to ATO systems.
  • Generate a new authentication token if needed.
  • Verify details by logging into the Tax Agent Portal directly.
  • Contact the security team if authentication problems persist.

6. Confirm Network Connectivity

Any general internet connection problems will prevent successful ATO gateway connections:

  • Try visiting non-ATO websites to confirm your internet access is working properly.
  • If other sites fail, contact your ISP or IT team to troubleshoot network issues.
  • Switch networks or use a mobile hotspot to test if the problem is isolated to a specific network.
  • Reset networking equipment like modems and routers.

7. Contact ATO Support

If the error persists after trying all troubleshooting steps, contact the ATO support team for additional help:

  • Call the ATO on 13 28 61.
  • Speak to a tax agent on 13 72 86.
  • Contact via the ATO website contact form.

Be ready to provide any details on the specific error occurrence, including date, time, software, and steps attempted.

Preventing Future cmn.ato.gen.em0001 Errors

After resolving the immediate gateway connection issue, consider these tips to avoid recurring cmn.ato.gen.em0001 errors:

  • Maintain your software – Install regular tax software updates to avoid compatibility issues.
  • Monitor ATO system status – Bookmark the ATO maintenance page to check before connections.
  • Keep authentication details current – Update passwords periodically and generate fresh tokens as needed.
  • Allowlist ATO sites – Configure firewalls and security to allowlist ATO domains.
  • Use wired internet connections – Wired networks are more reliable than wireless when connecting to ATO systems.
  • Test connections routinely – Try connections in advance rather than waiting until the tax deadline.

Key Takeaway

The cmn.ato.gen.em0001 error indicates an issue connecting to ATO gateways, often due to temporary outages, software problems, security blocks, authentication failures, or network problems. Users can typically resolve the issue themselves by following troubleshooting steps such as retrying connections, checking ATO status, verifying settings, adjusting firewalls, confirming credentials, and testing network connections. Contacting ATO support is recommended if the error persists after troubleshooting.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Why do I keep getting the cmn.ato.gen.em0001 error?
Frequent occurrences of the cmn.ato.gen.em0001 error generally indicate an underlying problem like incorrect software settings, outdated software, authentication issues, or network connectivity problems. Trace and resolve the root cause instead of just retrying the connection.

2. Does cmn.ato.gen.em0001 error mean my software is not working?
Not necessarily. The cmn.ato.gen.em0001 error specifically indicates a gateway connectivity issue. The problem may be due to network problems or incorrect configuration rather than a non-functional software program. Verify software is still able to access other sites not related to ATO.

3. Is there a way to prevent cmn.ato.gen.em0001 errors?
Yes, steps like maintaining your software, monitoring ATO status pages, keeping authentication credentials up to date, allowing ATO domains through firewalls, using wired internet connections, and testing connections regularly can help minimize future cmn.ato.gen.em0001 errors.

4. What is an ATO authentication token?
The ATO uses temporary authentication tokens to validate access to various services and systems, including their software/gateway connections. Tokens eventually expire and need to be regenerated to avoid authorization issues.

5. Can I ignore the cmn.ato.gen.em0001 error?
No, the cmn.ato.gen.em0001 error should be addressed since it indicates you cannot successfully connect to ATO systems. Ignoring the problem could prevent you from being able to lodge forms and complete other ATO transactions.

6. How can I contact the ATO for help with cmn.ato.gen.em0001?
If you cannot resolve the cmn.ato.gen.em0001 error yourself, contact the ATO by phone on 13 28 61 or 13 72 86, or use the ATO website contact form. Have details of the issue handy like dates, error occurrences, and troubleshooting steps attempted.

7. Where can I find details on current ATO system outages?
Check the ATO System Maintenance page for real-time status of ATO systems, outages, and scheduled maintenance. The page can indicate if an error like cmn.ato.gen.em0001 relates to larger system problems.

8. Does cmn.ato.gen.em0001 error affect all ATO services?
No, the cmn.ato.gen.em0001 error only affects certain ATO gateways and services that integrate with accounting/tax software. Other services like MyGov and the Tax Agent Portal may still be accessible even when this error occurs.

9. Can my accounting software vendor help fix cmn.ato.gen.em0001?
Possibly, if the cause of the cmn.ato.gen.em0001 error traces back to a software bug or misconfiguration. Otherwise, your software vendor likely cannot resolve general network or authentication issues causing the error.

10. How long does it usually take to fix the cmn.ato.gen.em0001 error?
It depends on the cause, but typically the error can be fixed in under an hour if it relates to retriable network blips, temporary ATO issues, software reconfigurations, allowing connections through firewall, or renewing expired credentials. More complex problems could take longer.

11. Will I get penalized by the ATO if the cmn.ato.gen.em0001 error occurs?
You should not face any penalties or compliance issues solely due to experiencing the cmn.ato.gen.em0001 error while attempting to connect to ATO systems in good faith. Just be ready to provide context on the error if requested by the ATO.

12. Is there an alternate way to lodge forms and access ATO systems when getting cmn.ato.gen.em0001 errors?
If the error persists, you may be able to use alternatives like the Tax Agent Portal website, Electronic Commerce Interface (ECI) with SBR-enabled software, or the Business Portal for AUSkey authentication, at least temporarily until the gateway issue is resolved.

13. Where can I learn more about ATO gateway connection errors?
See the ATO website section on Resolving Gateway Connection Problems for more details on cmn.ato.gen.em0001 and other errors. It provides an overview of common gateway issues and troubleshooting steps.

14. What details should I gather before contacting ATO support about cmn.ato.gen.em0001?
Note the specific times, dates, and frequency of error occurrences, details on your software version, authentication method used, troubleshooting steps attempted, and any other contextual information that could aid the ATO support team in resolving your issue.

15. Is cmn.ato.gen.em0001 related to my software registration with the Tax Practitioners Board?
No, the cmn.ato.gen.em0001 error is unrelated to your tax practitioner registration status. It indicates a technical issue connecting to ATO gateways specifically. Your registration only needs to be renewed periodically and does not affect gateway connectivity itself.

16. Can I still lodge forms by paper while troubleshooting cmn.ato.gen.em0001 errors?
Yes, you can choose to lodge paper forms and statements while unable to resolve the cmn.ato.gen.em0001 electronic gateway issue. Just be aware of lodgement deadlines and allow sufficient delivery time for any paper forms sent via post.

17. Does using a VPN or proxy connection cause the cmn.ato.gen.em0001 error?
Possibly, connecting to ATO systems via VPN or proxy can in some cases lead to gateway connectivity issues like cmn.ato.gen.em0001. Try disabling the VPN or proxy temporarily to see if it allows ATO connections to succeed.

18. How long do ATO gateway authentication tokens last before expiring?
The exact token expiry time can vary, but ATO gateway authentication tokens typically last around 10-20 minutes from the time of generation before needing renewal.

19. Is cmn.ato.gen.em0001 the only ATO gateway error code?
No, there are various other ATO gateway error codes like cmn.ato.gen.rt.auth and cmn.ato.gen.rt.cert that can indicate issues connecting to ATO systems. But cmn.ato.gen.em0001 specifically relates to general failures establishing gateway sessions.

20. Does reinstalling my tax software help resolve cmn.ato.gen.em0001 errors?
A full software reinstallation may help if the cause of the cmn.ato.gen.em0001 error is due to software corruption or configuration issues. But for network, firewall, or authentication causes a reinstall is unlikely to help. Try less disruptive troubleshooting first.


Connecting to ATO systems is crucial for lodging returns, reporting data, and managing obligations. The cmn.ato.gen.em0001 error can disrupt this access and prevent tax professionals from completing important work.

While this gateway connection error can certainly cause frustration, it is usually possible to identify the source of the problem and get it resolved promptly using systematic troubleshooting techniques. Persisting and carefully trying steps like checking ATO status, verifying configurations, adjusting firewalls, renewing credentials, and testing connectivity will typically uncover the reason.

If issues continue even after exhaustive troubleshooting, do not hesitate to call in help from the ATO support teams or your software vendor. With the right knowledge of how to investigate and fix the cmn.ato.gen.em0001 error, you can get back to seamless access with ATO systems quickly.

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