How To Fix Arlo Camera Error Code 4209?

Arlo security cameras are a popular choice for home monitoring and security. However, sometimes users may encounter error codes that prevent the camera from functioning properly. Error code 4209 is one such code that may pop up from time to time. Don’t worry – this error is usually easy to resolve with a few simple troubleshooting steps.How To Fix Arlo Camera Error Code 4209?What Does Arlo Error Code 4209 Mean?

Arlo error code 4209 indicates that the camera is having an issue connecting to the base station. This could occur for several reasons:

  • The camera is too far away from the base station resulting in a weak WiFi signal. Arlo cameras need to be within 300 feet of the base for optimal connectivity.
  • There is some kind of interference between the camera and base station. Appliances, metal objects, or thick walls can potentially block the wireless signal.
  • The WiFi password or camera settings were changed without also updating the settings on the base station. The camera is unable to sync with the base station.
  • Firmware on the devices is out of date and needs to be updated.
  • The base station is malfunctioning or defective.

So in summary, error 4209 means there is a connectivity issue between the Arlo camera and the base station. The camera is alerting you that it can’t communicate properly with the base.

Steps to Fix Arlo Error Code 4209

Fixing error code 4209 will require checking a few things on both the camera and base station. Here are the steps:

1. Restart the Camera and Base Station

The first troubleshooting step is to power cycle both devices. Unplug the camera and base station, wait 30 seconds, and plug them back in. Allow several minutes for the camera to sync back up with the base after restarting.

Restarting will clear any temporary glitches and allow the devices to re-establish communication. If the error persists, move on to the next steps.

2. Check the Distance Between the Camera and Base

Verify the camera is within 300 feet of the base station. While the maximum range is 300 feet, the closer the better for maintaining a strong stable signal.

If the distance is greater than 300 feet, try moving the camera or base closer together to improve the connection. For longest range, ensure the camera has a direct line of sight to the base.

3. Check for Interference and Obstructions

Look for objects or building materials that could be blocking the signal between the Arlo devices. Metal, concrete, brick walls, appliances and large furniture are common culprits.

If possible, remove any large obstructions between the camera and base. Change the angle or position of the devices so the signal can pass unimpeded. Adding an Arlo range extender may help circumvent any obstructions.

4. Update the Firmware

Outdated firmware is a common source of connectivity problems between Arlo devices. Firmware updates resolve bugs and optimize wireless communication.

In the Arlo app, go to Device Settings and check each device for firmware updates. Install any available updates. Allow the updates time to complete before checking if the error code has cleared.

5. Reset and Repair the Camera

If distance, interference, and firmware updates don’t fix the issue, try resetting and repairing the camera connection.

  • In the Arlo app, go to Device Settings > Camera Settings > Remove Device to factory reset the camera.
  • After resetting, return to Device Settings and select Set Up New Device to reconnect and repair the camera.
  • Enter the camera serial number when prompted and follow the setup instructions.

Resetting removes any corrupted data and forces the camera to re-establish the link to the base station.

6. Sync the Camera Feed

Double check that the camera feed is properly synced and streaming to the base station live. Play back the camera’s feed directly from the base station to confirm the connectivity is restored.

If the feed fails to sync to the base, the connection issues are still ongoing. Move the camera closer and repair the connection again if needed.

7. Contact Arlo Support

If all else fails, including resetting and directly repairing the camera, contact Arlo support. Provide the details of the issue and troubleshooting steps attempted so far.

Arlo support can further diagnose the base station and camera to identify any underlying hardware defects. They may be able to suggest additional steps not covered above to get the devices communicatin properly again.

Preventing Arlo Error Code 4209

While occasional errors are to be expected with any wireless technology, you can take steps to minimize Arlo error code 4209 in the future:

  • Position cameras close to the base station with minimal obstructions in between.
  • Keep Arlo device firmware updated regularly.
  • Set up email alerts for Arlo error notifications.
  • Periodically power cycle the devices to clear technical issues.
  • Replace aging Arlo hardware if connectivity becomes an ongoing problem.

Proper placement and maintenance goes a long way towards avoiding wireless disruption and communication errors!

Key Takeaways for Fixing Arlo Error Code 4209

  • Error code 4209 means the Arlo camera can’t communicate with the base station
  • Restart the devices, check distance, remove interference, and update firmware
  • Reset the camera to factory settings and repair the connection
  • Sync the live camera feed to confirm connectivity
  • Contact Arlo support if you can’t resolve the issue
  • Prevent issues by proper placement, updating firmware, and replacing aging hardware

Now that you know what error 4209 means and the steps to get your Arlo camera and base station communicating again, you can quickly troubleshoot and restore your Arlo security system to full functionality.


Arlo error code 4209 is a common connectivity issue that pops up from time to time. The error indicates the camera is unable to sync with the base station typically due to distance, interference, firmware problems or device defects. Fortunately, this error can usually be resolved with some simple troubleshooting techniques. By following the steps outlined above, you can get the camera reconnected and streaming properly again. Positioning Arlo devices optimally and keeping firmware updated will go a long way towards preventing the 4209 error in the future. With robust wireless networks, occasional hiccups are to be expected, but a bit of maintenance and troubleshooting know-how will keep your Arlo security system running smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does my Arlo camera show error code 4209?
The most common reason is the camera is too far from the base station or there is interference blocking the wireless signal. Error 4209 means the camera can’t communicate with the base.

2. How far should my Arlo camera be from the base?
Ideally within 300 feet or less. Keep the camera as close as possible to the base station for the most reliable connection.

3. Does metal cause Arlo error code 4209?
Yes, metal obstructions can interfere with the wireless signal between the camera and base. Remove or reposition metal objects blocking the line of sight.

4. Can thick walls cause Arlo error code 4209?
Absolutely. Concrete and brick walls can severely degrade the wireless signal. Use an Arlo range extender or move devices to improve the connection.

5. Will rebooting my Arlo devices fix error code 4209?
Restarting the camera and base station is the first step in troubleshooting error 4209. Rebooting often resolves temporary connectivity glitches.

6. Should I update my Arlo firmware to fix error 4209?
Yes, always keep your Arlo device firmware up to date. Firmware updates often address wireless communication issues.

7. How do I factory reset my Arlo camera?
In the Arlo app, go to Device Settings > Camera Settings > Remove Device. This will reset the camera to default settings.

8. Why does my Arlo camera show offline when connected?
If the camera feed won’t sync to the base station, it will remain offline. Repair and sync the camera connection to re-establish communication.

9. Can bad hardware cause Arlo error code 4209?
Damaged or defective devices can certainly cause persistent connectivity problems. Contact Arlo support if you can’t resolve the issue through troubleshooting.

10. How can I prevent Arlo error code 4209 in the future?
Position cameras optimally, update firmware regularly, replace aging hardware, and power cycle devices periodically to minimize connectivity problems.

11. Does Arlo error code 4209 mean my camera is hacked?
No, error 4209 does not indicate hacking or a security breach. It is simply a wireless communication issue between Arlo devices.

12. Will a range extender help fix Arlo error code 4209?
Yes, Arlo range extenders can help strengthen the signal between the camera and base by circumventing obstructions.

13. Can I still view recorded video if my Arlo camera shows error 4209?
You will likely be unable to view live or recorded video if error 4209 appears. Fixing the connectivity issue is required to restore video streaming.

14. Why can’t I view my Arlo camera video anymore?
If live streaming stops suddenly, error 4209 is likely preventing connectivity to the base station. Check the troubleshooting tips above to resolve it.

15. Should I move my Arlo base station closer to my camera?
Yes, moving the base closer is recommended if the camera is at the edge of the 300 foot range. Proximity improves wireless reliability.

16. How long does it take to reset an Arlo camera?
After initiating the factory reset, it typically takes 5-10 minutes for the camera to reset fully and sync back with the base.

17. Is my Arlo camera broken if it shows error 4209?
Not necessarily. First run through all the troubleshooting steps above. If that fails, contact Arlo to determine if defective hardware is causing the issue.

18. Can I still use my Arlo camera offline if error code 4209 appears?
Unfortunately no, the camera will be rendered unusable until connectivity to the base station is restored. The wireless connection is required for operation.

19. Should I replace my Arlo camera if I keep seeing error 4209?
If you consistently experience the error even after troubleshooting, it may be time to replace aging Arlo hardware with a newer model.

20. Is there a way to boost my Arlo camera’s wireless signal?
Adding an Arlo range extender is the best way to boost and expand the wireless coverage area for cameras.

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