How To Fix Apex Legends sh_items gnut #773?

Apex Legends is a popular free-to-play battle royale game that is loved by many for its unique gameplay and characters. However, like any online game, Apex Legends can sometimes run into errors and bugs. One such error is the “sh_items gnut #773” bug which can prevent players from accessing certain in-game items.How To Fix Apex Legends sh_items gnut #773?This article will provide an in-depth look at what causes this error, how to fix it, and other tips to avoid similar issues in Apex Legends. With the right troubleshooting, you can get back to enjoying the game’s fast-paced action.

What Causes the sh_items gnut #773 Error?

The “sh_items gnut #773” error typically occurs due to some kind of corruption in the game files. Some potential causes include:

  • Missing game files – If certain Apex Legends files have become corrupted or gone missing, it can trigger this error.
  • Outdated game version – Having an outdated version of the game can sometimes lead to file conflicts that cause this bug.
  • Mod conflicts – Using certain mods or cheats that modify the game files incorrectly can result in errors like this.
  • Hard drive issues – Problems with your hard drive or storage device can result in file corruption that manifests as sh_items errors.
  • Driver conflicts – Outdated or incompatible drivers, especially graphics drivers, may clash with Apex Legends and cause this issue.

So in summary, some kind of file corruption or conflict underlies the sh_items gnut #773 error. Identifying and resolving the specific cause is key to fixing it.

How to Fix sh_items gnut #773 in Apex Legends

Here are the main methods for troubleshooting and fixing the sh_items error in Apex Legends:

1. Update Your Graphics Drivers

Outdated or incompatible graphics drivers are a common source of conflicts and errors with games. Updating to the latest stable drivers from AMD or Nvidia for your specific graphics card can help resolve file issues.

  • For AMD cards, get drivers from AMD’s website.
  • For Nvidia cards, get drivers from Nvidia’s website.
  • Use a utility like Display Driver Uninstaller to completely remove old graphics drivers before installing new ones.

2. Verify Game Files in Steam

If you play Apex Legends through Steam, use the platform’s built-in game file verification to check for corruption.

  • In your Steam library, right-click Apex Legends and select Properties.
  • Go to the Local Files tab and click Verify Integrity of Game Files.
  • Steam will scan all game files and restore any missing or corrupted ones.

3. Repair or Reinstall Game

If the game files are still corrupted after verifying, a full repair or reinstall may be required.

  • Origin – Open Origin, go to My Game Library, right-click Apex Legends and select Repair.
  • Steam – Delete local game files from Steam library folder then reinstall Apex Legends.
  • EA Desktop app – Uninstall then reinstall Apex Legends via the EA Desktop app.

This will replace all game files, resolving any corruption issues.

4. Update Windows and Drivers

Check that Windows and all your system drivers are up to date. Update to the latest Windows version and install new drivers for chipset, BIOS, etc to eliminate any potential conflicts.

5. Close Background Apps and Processes

Close any unnecessary apps running in the background and end tasks that may interfere with the game. This prevents resource conflicts.

6. Adjust Graphics Settings In-Game

Try lowering graphics settings like textures and effects to reduce strain on your hardware. If certain settings are too demanding it can cause crashes and errors.

7. Disable Overlays and Integrations

Disable overlays, integrations and in-game trackers like Discord, Nvidia GeForce Experience etc. Too many overlapping apps can cause conflicts.

8. Scan and Repair Hard Drive Errors

Use Check Disk, SFC and DISM tools in Windows to scan for and repair file system and hard drive errors. This fixes corrupted game files.

Following these troubleshooting steps should resolve the Apex Legends sh_items gnut #773 error. The key is identifying what specific issue is causing game file corruption on your system and addressing it.

Tips to Avoid Similar Errors in Future

Here are some tips to help avoid similar errors going forward:

  • Keep graphics drivers updated
  • Don’t use outdated mods or cheats
  • Verify game files before playing
  • Defrag hard drives regularly for faster reads/writes
  • Close other resource-intensive programs while playing
  • Maintain sufficient storage space on drive where game is installed
  • Play on officially recommended hardware that meets game requirements
  • Disable or uninstall software that could conflict with anti-cheat
  • Use Windows tools like SFC and DISM to check system file integrity
  • Reinstall game fully if all else fails

Following this advice will help minimize file corruption and conflicts that often cause errors like sh_items gnut #773.

Key Takeaways on Fixing Apex Legends sh_items Error

  • The “sh_items gnut #773” error is usually caused by corrupted or missing game files.
  • Updating graphics drivers, verifying game files, reinstalling the game and updating system software can fix it.
  • Closing background apps, lowering graphics settings, disabling overlays are other fixes.
  • Regularly defragging hard drives, keeping drivers updated and maintaining enough storage space helps avoid such errors.
  • Using Steam’s verify game files or Origin’s repair function is an easy first step.
  • Completely redownloading and reinstalling the game may be required if other fixes don’t work.


In summary, the sh_items gnut #773 error in Apex Legends can be frustrating but is fixable. It is usually caused by some kind of game file corruption. Updating drivers and system software, verifying and reinstalling game files, adjusting in-game settings, disabling overlays and cleaning up hard drive issues can resolve it. Following the tips outlined and updating your system fully gives you the best chance of avoiding similar errors during gameplay.

With the right troubleshooting steps, you can get back into the Apex arena and enjoy everything this stellar battle royale game has to offer. So don’t let obscure errors stop you – get hands-on, identify the cause and get your game back up and running smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does Apex Legends show sh_items gnut #773 error?
This error is typically caused by some kind of corruption or conflict with Apex Legends’ game files. Issues like missing files, outdated game versions, driver conflicts etc lead to it.

2. How can I verify game files in Steam to fix this?
In Steam, right click Apex Legends, go to Properties > Local Files > Verify Integrity of Game Files. Steam will scan and restore any missing or corrupted game files.

3. Will reinstalling Apex Legends get rid of the sh_items error?
Yes, completely uninstalling and fresh installing the latest version of the game can resolve file corruption issues causing this error.

4. What PC specs are recommended to run Apex Legends smoothly?
The minimum requirements are a Core i5 CPU, 8GB RAM and a GTX 970/Radeon R9 290 graphics card. For best performance, a Core i7 CPU, 16GB RAM and an RTX 2060/Radeon RX 5700 XT or better is recommended.

5. Can outdated drivers cause the sh_items gnut 773 error?
Yes, outdated or incompatible graphics drivers can definitely cause conflicts leading to this error. Keeping your GPU drivers updated is important.

6. Will disabling Discord overlay help fix this Apex Legends error?
It might help. Discord and other overlays can sometimes conflict with games so disabling them may resolve sh_items issues.

7. What should I do if verifying game files doesn’t fix the issue?
A full reinstall may be required if verification doesn’t work. Backup saves, fully uninstall the game, delete local files and re-download a fresh copy.

8. Is sh_items gnut 773 related to Easy Anti-Cheat issues?
It’s not directly related but can be triggered if certain mods or cheats have tampered with game files affecting Easy Anti-Cheat.

9. Can cleaning my PC’s hard drives help avoid sh_items errors?
Yes, regularly defragging hard drives and checking for file system errors can help minimize file corruption that leads to these errors.

10. Is this error specific to Apex Legends or can it happen in other games?
File corruption and conflicts can cause similar sh_items errors in other games using the Source engine like Titanfall 2.

11. Will Origin’s Repair option fix the sh_items gnut 773 error?
The Repair function in Origin will check game files and restore any missing or corrupt ones, so it has a good chance of resolving the issue.

12. Is sh_items gnut 773 related to not having enough disk space?
Possibly. Having insufficient storage space can cause corruption issues when installing games, so having enough free space is recommended.

13. Can using launch options help avoid this error when starting Apex Legends?
Launch options won’t directly fix it if you’re already getting the error, but using commands to change GPU usage could help avoid it.

14. Will adjusting graphics settings to lower quality remove the #773 error?
It might help. Lowering quality reduces strain on your hardware which could resolve crashes related to incompatible settings.

15. Can third-party cheat tools be responsible for the sh_items error 773?
Yes, some cheat tools modify game files in unsupported ways which can definitely lead to corruption and this error.

16. Is it safe to delete local Apex Legends game files if I’m reinstalling it?
Yes, deleting local files through Steam or Origin is fine if you’re planning to re-download a fresh copy anyway. Just be sure to backup any saves.

17. What should I do if I keep seeing sh_items errors even after reinstalling Apex Legends?
Try updating Windows and all system drivers if you still get the error after a reinstall. Also scan for malware or viruses that could be corrupting files.

18. Will overclocking my GPU help avoid sh_items 773 errors in Apex Legends?
No, overclocking is unlikely to help with this particular issue and may even introduce stability problems that cause more errors.

19. Can internet connection issues be responsible for the sh_items gnut #773 error?
It’s unlikely your internet connection would directly cause this error, unless it’s disconnecting frequently during game updates or installs causing corruption.

20. Is sh_items error 773 something I can fix myself or do I need to contact Apex Legends support?
Most cases of sh_items 773 can be fixed using the solutions in this guide without needing to contact support. But you can open a support ticket if issues persist.

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