How To Fix Among Us Error Code 1004?

Play Among Us, the popular online multiplayer game, keeps crashing or showing Error Code 1004? Don’t panic. This error typically appears when there is a connection issue between your device and Among Us game servers. But you can easily troubleshoot and fix it with some simple steps.

How To Fix Among Us Error Code 1004?

What Causes Error Code 1004 in Among Us

Error 1004 in Among Us indicates that the game is unable to connect with the game servers or authenticate your account. Some common reasons are:

Internet Connectivity Issues

Poor internet connection or unstable Wi-Fi networks are the primary culprits behind Error Code 1004. The game requires an uninterrupted internet access to keep you connected with other players and game servers. Any disruption can lead to authentication errors.

Outdated Game Version

An outdated game app failing to sync with latest game servers can also trigger this error. Ensure you are running the latest Among Us version on your device to avoid mismatch issues.

Account Authentication Failure

Sometimes, even with good connectivity, the game may fail to authenticate or validate your account credentials on the server. This again surfaces Error Code 1004.

Server Outages

At times, the issue lies on the server-end itself. Any outages or downtimes in Among Us game servers can prevent your device from connecting with them. These temporary issues often bring up error 1004.

5 Easy Fixes for Among Us Error Code 1004

Fixing Error 1004 is easy. Just follow these troubleshooting steps to resolve it quickly:

1. Check Your Internet Connection

Firstly, check if you have an active and steady internet connection. Disconnect and reconnect to confirm if your Wi-Fi network or mobile data is working fine.

Poor signals from shaky internet connections impede smooth communication between your device and Among Us servers. Fix these first before troubleshooting further.

2. Restart Your Device

Simply restarting your smartphone, tablet, or PC can resolve many temporary glitches, including Error Code 1004.

Close Among Us and other running apps first. Then power cycle your device. Wait for 1-2 minutes after reboot for everything to load properly before launching Among Us again.

3. Update Among Us to Latest Version

An outdated Among Us app often clashes with updated servers resulting in Error 1004.

Check for any pending updates for Among Us on Google Play or App Store and install them. This will sync your app with the latest server parameters and onboard you back smoothly.

4. Clear Cache and Data

Corrupt residual files stored in cache and app data can also hinder proper functioning.

Go to Among Us app settings and clear all cache and app data. Now launch the game afresh for seamless connectivity. Reconfigure your settings.

5. Uninstall and Reinstall Among Us

If nothing else works, uninstall Among Us from your smartphone or PC and install it afresh.

Download the latest game client from official sources and set it up again. Configure your account settings accurately during onboarding to avoid authentication issues.

This will fix underlying file corruptions if any and bring you a clean latest build. Follow the account creation steps correctly right at the beginning.

Key Takeaways on Fixing Among Us Error 1004

  • Error Code 1004 indicates connectivity issues between your device and Among Us servers
  • Check internet connection first and reconnect for steady signals
  • Restart your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Install any pending updates for the Among Us app
  • Clear in-app cache and data before reopening Among Us
  • Finally uninstall and reinstall Among Us app from official sources

These simple troubleshooting guidelines will help you fix Error Code 1004 promptly and resume uninterrupted gameplay. Reach out for more tech assistance if needed.


Error Code 1004 in Among Us is mostly caused by connectivity problems from your device’s end. Unstable internet signals, outdated app versions that do not sync with servers properly, corrupted data files etc lead to authentication failures with game servers.

Luckily, the fixes are easy too. Just ensure a steady internet access, restart your device, update Among Us to latest version, clear in-app cache/data and reinstall the app properly. Following these simple troubleshooting steps will quickly resolve Error Code 1004 for smooth and uninterrupted gameplay ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Does Error Code 1004 ban my Among Us account?
No, Error Code 1004 does not ban your Among Us account. It is mostly a connectivity issue that can be fixed easily without hampering your account access.

Q2. How can I check my internet connection for Among Us errors?
Run a speed test online to check your internet speeds. Also connect other devices or games needing internet to confirm if there are any WiFi or data issues specifically impeding Among Us.

Q3. Should I uninstall and reinstall Among Us to fix error codes?
Yes, reinstalling Among Us properly from Play Store or App Store can effectively fix underlying corrupted files or mismatches that may be causing errors like 1004.

Q4. Does clearing cache resolve Among Us error 1004?
Yes, routinely clearing cache along with app data can fix many glitches and connectivity issues that trigger error 1004 in the game.

Q5. Can old Among Us versions on my device show Error 1004?
Yes, outdated Among Us versions often conflict with latest enhancements on game servers. This can surface connectivity issues showing Error Code 1004. Always update to latest available game version.

Q6. How can I prevent common errors and crashes in Among Us?
Update Among Us regularly, clear cache/data periodically, check internet connectivity, restart device before a playing session, close other running apps consuming bandwidth for preventing errors.

Q7. Why is my Among Us account unable to authenticate even after reinstalling game?
Sometimes improper uninstallation can leave behind unwanted files interfering with clean installs. Use reliable uninstallers before reinstalling Among Us to ensure complete app removal.

Q8. Are Among Us server outages creating Error 1004 for players?
Yes, server outages either for maintenance or unexpected downtime often lead to authentication failures ending in Error Code 1004. But these are mostly temporary.

Q9. Can I play Among Us without internet if I keep getting error codes?
No, Among Us requires a steady internet connectivity throughout for syncing across devices over local wifi or online servers. You cannot play the game offline without connectivity.

Q10. How can I contact Among Us developers if fixes don’t resolve persistent Error 1004?
Report persistent Error Code 1004 issues while launching Among Us to developers via email at [email protected] detailing your device OS, game version and troubleshooting steps attempted.

Q11. What details should I provide for quick resolution on Error Code 1004?
Provide your device details, Android/iOS version, Among Us app version, game settings, error screenshots, details on troubleshooting tried already for quick analysis and fix from Among Us developers on code 1004.

Q12. Will complaining to Google Play help fix Among Us errors faster?
No, Google Play or App Store can only assist with app downloading and billing issues. For functional errors like Code 1004 within Among Us, directly contact the game developers via support email for prompt fixes.

Q13. Can I downgrade to an earlier version of Among Us if latest has errors?
Downgrading Among Us version is not recommended and can worsen connectivity issues. Update to latest version only after allowing developers some time to fix highlighted bugs, if any.

Q14. Is there any workaround to play Among Us if Error 1004 persists?
No functional workaround exists currently for Error Code 1004. Follow the troubleshooting steps outlined already or wait for developers to resolve underlying bugs causing the connectivity failure.

Q15. How long does Among Us technical team take to resolve error code complaints?
Depending upon complexity, reported error codes get investigated and resolved within reasonable times. Follow up patiently via email if any persistence beyond 2-3 days for Code 1004.

Q16. Does deleting and recreating Among Us account resolve persistent errors?
No need to delete your account. Reinstalling the app cleanly often addresses underlying bugs. If not, report issue persistence to support team for investigation on priority.

Q17. Can I play Among Us on PC if the mobile app has errors?
Cross-platform syncing can spread certain bugs across devices. First isolate and fix Error 1004 on mobile itself before attempting PC. Troubleshoot wisely without spreading issues.

Q18. How do I email Among Us developers for quick error resolution?
Draft a well-detailed email clearly highlighting the error faced, device specifics, game version, troubleshooting done etc and send it across to the Among Us developer email [email protected] for assistance.

Q19. Is there any Among Us error code list documenting fixes?
No public document maintains latest fixes against specific codes yet. But you can search Among Us forums or discuss persistent errors on Reddit channels to find currently working fixes suggested by other users.

Q20. Can I call Among Us developer team to expedite error code resolution?
Currently, no direct phone line exists for player troubleshooting. But you can join the official Among Us Discord channel and post your issues for quicker responses or escalate unresolved coding errors.

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