How To Fix Amazon Prime Video Error Code 9354?

Amazon Prime Video is a popular streaming service included with an Amazon Prime membership. It offers thousands of movies and TV shows to watch instantly on multiple devices. However, users sometimes encounter error codes like 9354 when trying to play videos. This article will provide fixes and troubleshooting tips to help resolve the Prime Video error code 9354.

How To Fix Amazon Prime Video Error Code 9354?

What Causes the Prime Video Error Code 9354?

The Prime Video error code 9354 typically indicates an issue connecting to or communicating with the Amazon streaming servers. Some common causes include:

  • Slow internet connection or low bandwidth
  • Using a VPN or proxy service that is blocking connectivity
  • Outdated app or device software/firmware
  • Temporary issue or maintenance on Amazon’s servers
  • Cookies or cache needing to be cleared in the Prime Video app
  • Account authorization or authentication problem

The error itself may display in different ways, such as “Error Code 9354”, “Invalid URI – Code 9354”, or “Problem Playing Title – Code 9354”. Regardless of the exact wording, it points to a networking or communications issue preventing playback.

Steps to Fix the Prime Video Error Code 9354

If you encounter the Prime Video error code 9354, try the following troubleshooting steps:

Check Your Internet Connection

The first step is verifying you have a stable, high-speed internet connection. For smooth Prime Video streaming, you need a minimum of 3 Mbps bandwidth, but speeds of at least 5 Mbps are recommended. Use a speed test site to check your current upload/download speeds.

If speeds are consistently low or your connection is spotty, try switching WiFi networks, restarting your router/modem, or connecting your device directly to the router via ethernet cable. Contact your ISP if speeds are still below 3 Mbps.

Restart Your Device

Simply restarting the device you’re trying to watch Prime Video on can clear up temporary glitches and reconnect with updated settings. Completely power down the device and router if possible before restarting.

Update Your App, OS, and Browser

Make sure you have the latest version of the Prime Video app, operating system, and internet browser installed. Older versions may not communicate properly with Amazon’s servers. Go to the app store or settings menu to check and install available updates.

Clear Cache and Cookies

Over time, corrupted data in the cache and cookies can interfere with connecting to Prime Video. Close the app and browser, then reopen and try clearing the cache and browser cookies/site data related to Amazon Prime Video.

On mobile, you can also delete and reinstall the Prime Video app to do a clean refresh. Log back into your account after reinstalling.

Disable VPNs and Proxy Connections

VPN services and proxy servers often cause connectivity issues with streaming apps like Prime Video. Temporarily disconnect or turn off your VPN completely, then try loading Prime Video again normally through your regular network.

Check Amazon Account and Prime Status

Ensure your Amazon account credentials are correct and that your Prime membership is current and active. You may need to reenter password or login info if they changed recently.

Also verify your billing details and payment method for Prime are up to date. If your membership lapsed, you’ll have to renew before accessing Prime Video.

Contact Amazon Customer Support

If you still see the Prime Video error code 9354 after trying the above steps, reach out to Amazon’s customer support. They can further troubleshoot your account and connection issues to identify any problems on Amazon’s end.

Some users have also had success getting customer support to reset authorization of their devices, clearing up account conflicts preventing video playback.

Additional Fixes to Try for Prime Video Error Code 9354

Here are some other methods that have resolved the Prime Video error code for some users, if the basic troubleshooting does not help:

  • Switch browsers or watch in the Prime Video app instead of via browser.
  • Allow cookies from Amazon in your browser settings.
  • Temporarily disable firewall, antivirus, or security software.
  • Use a different network connection, like mobile data instead of WiFi.
  • Factory reset your streaming device to clear any software bugs.
  • Move your router to a central location away from potential interference.
  • Test video playback from another device like mobile, game console, or smart TV.
  • Adjust settings like disabling 5G or activating Airplane mode on mobile devices.

Combining several of these steps may help isolate where the actual issue is occurring. Persistent connection problems point to network or router settings to adjust. Playback trouble on one device but not others indicates an issue with that specific app install or hardware.

Why Does the Prime Video Error Code 9354 Happen?

Understanding the reasons behind error codes can help identify fixes. Here are the main causes for the Prime Video error 9354:

  • Network Connectivity Issues – For streaming to work properly, your device needs steady access to your WiFi or mobile data network. Any drops in connectivity interrupt the video playback.
  • Server Problems – Though rare, heavy traffic or an outage on Amazon’s servers can prevent your device from retrieving video data.
  • Authorization Problems – If your login credentials or account permissions change, the app may no longer have access to play your videos.
  • App Conflicts – Software bugs, incompatible apps, or security settings may interfere with the Prime Video app’s ability to function or communicate with the OS.
  • Expired Subscription – Your access to Prime Video ends if your annual Prime membership expires. Attempting to watch without renewing will trigger error messages.
  • Unsupported Devices – Very old or non-compatible hardware may not work properly with the current Prime Video app.

So in most cases, the error code 9354 arises from the device losing connectivity with Amazon’s servers mid-stream. Addressing any disruptions in internet access, updating software, and verifying your account status will typically resolve it.


The Prime Video error code 9354 indicates the device is unable to maintain a connection to stream content from Amazon’s servers. Following the troubleshooting tips in this article can often fix the problem. The main steps include:

  • Checking your internet speeds and connection strength.
  • Restarting your device and router.
  • Updating the Prime Video app, OS, and browser.
  • Clearing app cache/cookies and reinstalling if needed.
  • Temporarily disabling VPNs or proxy servers.
  • Verifying your Amazon account credentials.
  • Contacting Amazon customer support for further help.

Persistence issues may require adjusting your WiFi settings, router placement, or testing video playback across different devices. Understanding the common causes for error 9354 allows you to target your troubleshooting efforts effectively. With the right fixes, you can resume streaming your Amazon Prime videos again.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Why do I keep getting Prime Video error code 9354?
    The most common reasons for the persistent 9354 error are problems with your internet connection, the need to update your app/OS software, geographic restrictions by your IP address, or an issue with your Amazon account authorization.
  2. How can I fix Prime Video error 9354 on my iPhone?
    On iPhones, restart your device, ensure you are updated to the latest iOS version, delete and reinstall the Prime Video app, switch from WiFi to mobile data, or disable VPN connections. Also check your Amazon account credentials.
  3. What does Amazon Prime Video error code 9354 mean on Samsung Smart TV?
    Error 9354 on a Samsung TV is often caused by internet connection issues, or needing to update your TV and Prime Video app software. Try restarting modems/routers and TV, run network diagnostics, or factory reset if updating does not resolve.
  4. Why does Prime Video keep showing error 9354 on my Firestick?
    For error 9354 on Firestick, unplug it and your router for 30 seconds to reboot, ensure latest app versions, clear app cache and data, or deregister the device in your Amazon account and re-register if fixes don’t work.
  5. How can I get rid of the invalid URI Prime Video error code 9354?
    To fix the invalid URI variant of error 9354, verify your network connection is stable and fast enough for streaming (5+ Mbps), restart your device, update Prime Video app, clear cookies/data, or try using a different network like mobile hotspot.
  6. What causes the Prime Video problem playing title error code 9354?
    The problem playing title 9354 error usually indicates connectivity issues between your device and Amazon’s streaming servers. Check your internet speeds, reboot modem and router, remove VPN if enabled, or try watching on different device or network.
  7. Why does Prime Video say content unavailable error code 9354?
    The content unavailable 9354 error occurs when your device loses connection to the server mid-stream, often due to VPN use, low bandwidth, WiFi drops, or brief Amazon server outage. Improve network connection and restart device or app to resolve.
  8. How do I fix Prime Video error 9354 due to proxy?
    To fix error 9354 caused by a proxy server, disable or temporarily turn off the proxy before launching Prime Video. Proxies often disrupt streaming, so access Prime Video using your normal direct internet connection instead.
  9. Can using a VPN cause the Prime Video error 9354?
    Yes, VPN usage is a common cause of error code 9354. VPNs funnel your traffic through remote servers which can interrupt connectivity. Disable your VPN and access Prime Video directly through your home network.
  10. Does Prime Video error code 9354 mean my account is blocked?
    No, the 9354 error generally does not indicate your Prime Video account is banned or blocked. It is typically caused by temporary connectivity disruptions. You may need to reauthorize your Amazon account if you changed login info which can appear blocked.
  11. Why does Prime Video error 9354 happen over and over?
    Frequent reoccurring 9354 errors often stem from consistent network connection problems like low broadband speeds or WiFi signal issues. Switch connections, move router closer to streaming devices, or contact your ISP to boost speeds.
  12. Will completely signing out and back into Prime Video fix error code 9354?
    Signing out and back into Prime Video is worth trying as it can reset account authorizations that may be causing 9354 errors. Be sure to also restart devices and router before relaunching app.
  13. Does error 9354 mean my Prime membership expired?
    Yes, if your Amazon Prime membership has lapsed or expired, attempting to watch Prime Video content can trigger error 9354 indicating your account no longer has access. Check status and renew Prime to resolve.
  14. Why is Prime Video error code 9354 happening on my Roku?
    On Roku devices, 9354 errors are typically caused by unstable internet connections, outdated Roku OS, incompatible channels interfering, or authorization issues if you changed your Amazon password.
  15. I keep getting Prime Video error 9354 on my PS4. How can I fix it?
    For error code 9354 on a PS4, sign out and back into both PSN and Amazon accounts, ensure PS4 and app are updated, restart console and router, or try adjusting DNS settings if internet connection is normal.
  16. Does Prime Video error code 9354 mean my device is unsupported?
    The 9354 error by itself does not indicate your device is unsupported. But very outdated, old hardware/OS versions may have compatibility issues. Try watching on another current device to see if error persists.
  17. Why does Prime Video error 9354 happen on my smart TV?
    Smart TV 9354 errors can be caused by slow WiFi signal to the TV, the need to update your smart TV software and the Prime Video app, or reauthorizing the app if you changed networks or Amazon password recently.
  18. Can a weak internet signal cause Prime Video error code 9354?
    Yes, weak WiFi signal strength is a common source of frequent 9354 errors. Move router closer to streaming device, remove obstructions, switch bands if dual-band router, or connect via ethernet instead of WiFi.
  19. Will completely uninstalling and reinstalling the app fix error code 9354?
    Fully removing and reinstalling the Prime Video app can potentially fix error code 9354 by clearing up any corrupt data or glitches in the current install causing connectivity issues.
  20. Does using a web browser instead of the Prime Video app help fix error code 9354?
    Watching Prime Video through a desktop web browser instead of the native app is worth testing as a workaround for error 9354. Apps may have deeper issues, so web playback tests help isolate the problem source.

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