How To Fix 9now Error Code p2?

The 9now streaming service allows users to watch live and on-demand content from Channel 9 and their partners. However, users may encounter the error code p2 when trying to access 9now on their device. This error prevents streaming and indicates an issue with authentication, device compatibility or your network connection. Fortunately, p2 errors can often be easily fixed with some simple troubleshooting steps. This guide will cover common causes for the 9now p2 error code and walk you through solutions to get 9now working again on your device.

How To Fix 9now Error Code p2?

What Causes the 9now Error Code p2?

There are several potential triggers for the p2 error code on 9now:

Outdated App Version

Using an outdated version of the 9now app can result in authentication errors and the p2 code. Ensure you have updated to the latest version of the 9now app on your device.

Device Incompatibility

Sometimes the p2 error occurs if you are trying to stream 9now on an older or incompatible device model. Check that your device meets 9now’s minimum requirements.

Invalid Login Credentials

If you are using an incorrect username or password, 9now will fail to authenticate you and show the p2 error. Double check your 9now login details are correct.

Network Connectivity Issues

Problems with your internet connection can interfere with accessing 9now. Issues like low bandwidth, unstable WiFi signal or using a VPN/proxy can all trigger the p2 error.

Geo-blocking Restrictions

As 9now’s content is only available in Australia, any attempts to access it overseas will be blocked and lead to a p2 error appearing.

Device Storage Problems

If your device has insufficient storage space available, it may prevent 9now from functioning or updating properly resulting in errors.

Outdated Browser Version

When trying to use 9now in an outdated internet browser, you may encounter p2 errors. Make sure your browser is updated to the latest version.

Now that we’ve covered the main causes of 9now’s p2 error code, here are the step-by-step solutions to get 9now working again on your device:

Solutions for Fixing the 9now Error Code p2

1. Update the 9now App

If you are using an outdated version of the 9now app, updating it can resolve many p2 error issues:

  • On your mobile device, open the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).
  • Search for the 9now app.
  • Download the latest available version of the 9now app.
  • Try launching 9now again – the p2 error should be fixed.

2. Check Device Compatibility

Ensure your device is supported by 9now and meets the minimum requirements:

  • Mobile: iOS 11 and higher or Android 5.0 and higher
  • TV: Apple TV 4th Gen and higher, Chromecast, Telstra TV, Samsung and LG smart TVs
  • Web: Windows 10 and higher or MacOS 10.10 and higher

If your device is too old or does not match those requirements, you will need to upgrade to a compatible model to resolve the p2 error.

3. Log Out and Re-enter 9now Credentials

Sometimes incorrect credentials can cause the p2 error. Log out and sign in again to resolve this:

  • On the 9now app, visit your account profile.
  • Select log out to sign out of your 9now account.
  • Close the 9now app fully.
  • Relaunch the 9now app.
  • Enter your correct 9now login email and password.
  • Attempting to stream content again should now work without the p2 error.

4. Troubleshoot Your Network Connection

Network issues are a common trigger for the p2 error code. Try the following fixes:

  • Restart your router and device to refresh the internet connection.
  • If on WiFi, move closer to the router for a stronger signal. Or connect via ethernet cable for a more reliable connection.
  • Disable any VPN or proxy services temporarily which could interfere with 9now.
  • Run an internet speed test – minimum 3-5Mbps is required for smooth 9now streaming. Contact your ISP if below this threshold.
  • Test loading other internet content to confirm if it’s an isolated 9now issue or wider network outage.

5. Use a Australian IP Address

As 9now is only accessible within Australia, any overseas IP addresses will be geo-blocked. To resolve this:

  • If traveling abroad, you will need to use a Australian VPN service to mask your IP and bypass the geo-block. Set this up before attempting to load 9now again.
  • If already in Australia, try disconnecting and reconnecting to refresh your IP. Or contact your ISP for assistance assigning a valid Australian IP.

6. Clear Device Storage Space

Lack of storage space can disrupt the 9now app. To free up storage:

  • Uninstall any unused apps on your device.
  • Move photos, videos and other files to cloud storage or external drive.
  • Turn off auto backup for photos & videos temporarily.
  • Clear cached data for apps and browser history/cookies.
  • Shut down and restart your device after clearing space.

7. Update Your Browser

If trying to use 9now in an outdated browser, update it to the latest available version:

  • Chrome – Visit Settings > Help > Update Google Chrome.
  • Safari – On your Mac go to App Store > Updates and install any Safari updates.
  • Firefox – Click the Menu > Help > Check for Updates to update.
  • Edge – Go to Settings and Privacy > Check for updates to update.

Once updated, restart your browser and try loading 9now again.

Key Takeaways: Fixing 9now Error Code p2

  • Keep the 9now app updated or use a compatible device model to avoid issues.
  • Double check your 9now login credentials are correct.
  • Resolve any network problems like low bandwidth which could cause errors.
  • Use a VPN if you are outside of Australia to bypass geo-blocks.
  • Clear device storage space and browser caches/cookies to fix disruptions.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Why does 9now show error code p2?
    The p2 error usually indicates an issue with authentication, geo-blocking, device compatibility, or your network connection preventing accessing 9now.

  2. How can I fix the 9now app not working?
    Updating the 9now app, checking device compatibility, re-entering credentials, improving your network connection and clearing device storage can help fix 9now issues.

  3. Why is 9now not working on my Android/iPhone?
    Older Android and iPhone models may be incompatible. Upgrade to at least iOS 11 or Android 5.0 and check app is updated.

  4. What does 9now error p2 mean?
    The p2 error code signifies 9now is unable to authenticate your account or verify your device for streaming access.

  5. Why does 9now say content unavailable?
    Geo-blocking if you are outside Australia, a VPN blocking access, or device incompatibility can lead to unavailable content.

  6. How can I watch 9now from overseas?
    You will need to setup and connect to a VPN service with Australian servers to bypass the geo-blocking.

  7. My 9now live stream keeps buffering – why?
    Buffering is usually caused by a poor network connection. Move closer to your router, connect via ethernet or contact your ISP.

  8. How can I watch 9now on my smart TV?
    9now is available on Telstra TV, Apple TV 4th gen+, Samsung Smart TVs 2015 onwards, LG Smart TVs 2016 onwards.

  9. Why does 9now say I need to update when my app is updated?
    Try fully closing and relaunching the app. Also clear app cache/data and device storage as full space can cause issues.

  10. Does 9now work on Chromecast or Airplay?
    Yes, 9now has Chromecast and Airplay support so you can cast streams from mobile apps or browser to your TV.

  11. How do I restart 9now on my Samsung Smart TV?
    Open 9now app > Settings > Reset App to restart and refresh. Or try rebooting your Samsung TV.

  12. Can’t sign in to 9now – incorrect password?
    Ensure you are using the right 9now account. Log out then sign in again carefully with correct details.

  13. Why is 9now not working on my laptop?
    Check your laptop meets minimum requirements and update your browser. Also try clearing browser cache/cookies.

  14. 9now not working with my VPN – how to fix?
    Some VPNs block streaming sites. Try disconnecting VPN and use a Australian server location compatible with 9now.

  15. How do I troubleshoot 9now error code p1003?
    The p1003 error normally means an issue connecting to 9now’s server. Check your network connection stability.

  16. Why does 9now say content not available in my location?
    9now is only accessible in Australia. You will need a VPN with Australian server locations to bypass geo-restrictions.

  17. Can I watch 9now on multiple devices?
    Yes, you can register up to 5 compatible devices and stream 9now concurrently by logging into each device.

  18. How do I activate my 9now app?
    If prompted to activate when launching 9now, ensure you are logged into the correct 9now account and there are no authentication issues.

  19. 9now videos not loading – how to troubleshoot?
    Slow loading is normally caused by a poor network connection. Try switching between wifi and cellular data to test speeds.

  20. How do I fix 9now error code p2101?
    The p2101 error is a device verification failure. Ensure your device model and OS version meet 9now’s requirements.


Experiencing 9now error p2 can be annoying but is usually easily fixable. Start by double checking your login details are correct and that you have the latest version of the 9now app installed. If you have access problems from outside Australia, set up a compatible VPN. For streaming issues on an older or incompatible device, it may be necessary to upgrade your device hardware or OS. Testing your network connectivity and speed can also help identify and resolve any problems impacting 9now streaming. Troubleshooting your devices storage space, browser software and clearing app caches is also recommended. Following these tips should help you resolve the 9now error code p2 or other playback issues so you can get back to enjoying Channel 9 shows.

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