How to Find Your HP Wireless Printer’s IP Address?

Connecting to your HP wireless printer’s IP address allows you to configure and manage your printer settings. Finding your printer’s IP address is easy on Windows, Mac, iPhone/iPad, and Android devices. This guide covers the various methods to locate your wireless HP printer’s IP address across platforms.

How to Find Your HP Wireless Printer's IP Address?

Check HP Printer Settings Menu

The quickest method is to check the IP address listed in your HP printer’s settings menu:

  1. Press the Wireless or Wireless Setup button on your printer. This opens the wireless settings menu.
  2. Look for the IP Address section. This displays your printer’s current IP address.
  3. Note down this IP address to use when connecting to your printer.

If you don’t see the IP address listed, refer to the steps below for your operating system or device to locate the address another way.

Find IP Address in Windows

Windows makes it simple to find your connected HP printer and view its IP address:

  1. Open Settings > Bluetooth & Devices > Printers & Scanners. This shows connected printers.
  2. Right click on your HP printer and select ‘Printer properties’.
  3. Click the Ports tab. The IP address is shown next to ‘Port’ in the ‘Hosting Device’ section.
  4. Note this IP address to use when accessing your printer’s web settings.

Alternatively, you can find your network printer IP address using the command prompt:

  1. Open the Windows start menu and search for ‘Command Prompt’. Right click and select ‘Run as administrator’.
  2. Type ping your_printer_name and press Enter.
  3. The returned IP address next to ‘Replying from’ is your printer’s address.

Find IP Address on Mac

Here’s how to find your HP printer’s IP address on a Mac:

  1. Open System Preferences > Printers & Scanners. Your printer(s) will be listed.
  2. Select your HP printer and click Options & Supplies.
  3. Now select the Utility tab.
  4. The IP address for your printer is shown in this screen.
  5. Note this down for remote HP printer configuration.

You can also find connected printers and IP addresses from Terminal using the command:

dns-sd -E

Your HP printer and IP address will be shown in the results.

Find IP Address on iPhone/iPad

To find your HP printer’s IP address from an iPhone or iPad:

  1. Open the Apple App Store and install/open the HP Smart app.
  2. Tap the icon showing your printer model name.
  3. Tap ‘Advanced Settings’.
  4. Scroll down and you will see the IP Address section showing your printer’s current IP address.

Make a note of this address to connect directly from a browser for wireless settings.

Find IP Address on Android

On Android phones/tablets, you can find your HP printer IP using the HP Smart app:

  1. Install the HP Smart app from Google Play Store.
  2. Open the app and select your HP printer.
  3. Tap the Settings icon in the top-right corner.
  4. Scroll down – the IP address will be listed in the ‘Network Summary’ section.
  5. Note this IP address which can be entered into a browser on your local network to access admin settings.

Connect Using IP Address

Once you have the IP address, you can connect directly through any web browser for wireless configuration:

  1. Open Chrome/Safari/Edge on a connected computer or mobile device.
  2. Enter the IP address in the address bar.
  3. Press enter – the admin webpage specific to your printer model will load.
  4. You can now change wireless settings, update firmware, check ink levels, print network reports, enable/disable cloud printing etc based on available options.

Knowing how to quickly find your wireless HP printer IP address enables direct browser-based configuration for home or office setup and troubleshooting.

Key Takeaways:

  • Check the wireless settings menu on your HP printer’s display for the fastest IP lookup.
  • Use in-built tools like Printers & Scanners or dns-sd command on Mac and Windows.
  • The HP Smart app provides easy lookup for mobile devices.
  • Note the IP address once found for wireless admin access from any browser.

With these steps, you’ll be able to easily manage printing tasks, settings and connectivity.


Locating your HP wireless printer IP address enables quick access to admin settings for networking, updates, troubleshooting and print jobs management. This guide outlined the most convenient ways to identify the current IP address assigned to your printer across desktop platforms like Windows and MacOS, along with mobile methods using the HP Smart app on iPhone/iPad and Android devices. Armed with the correct IP address, you can configure wireless connectivity, customize printer behaviors, apply firmware updates and maintenance to keep your home or office HP printer running smoothly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do I need to find my wireless HP printer’s IP address?
A: The IP address allows you to connect directly through a browser for admin access instead of using the printer’s display and buttons. This makes it easier to change settings and view status reports.

Q: How often does my HP printer’s IP address change?
A: Most home routers will assign a ‘static’ IP that does not change over time. Business networks may use ‘dynamic’ addressing that varies the IP more frequently.

Q: My HP printer shows an IP address starting with 169. What does this mean?
A: An IP address starting with 169.254 indicates your HP printer failed to get an assigned IP from your router and is using a self-assigned fallback address. Troubleshoot your wireless network connection to resolve.

Q: I connected via IP address but cannot access my HP printer’s admin panel?
A: Check your browser has a secure HTTPS connection – look for a padlock icon. Some printers may require you accept an unsigned certificate to access settings over HTTPS the first time you connect.

Q: Instead of an IP address, my Windows shows a printed URL for the printer?
A: This is your printer’s hostname URL, not the IP address. To find the IP address on Windows, follow the steps outlined earlier in this guide.

Q: How do I reset my HP printer’s admin password if I forget it?
A: You will need to restore the printer to factory settings. Turn off the printer, press and hold the Resume button while turning it back on until menu options appear to reset completely.

Q: My HP Smart app cannot find my printer when searching?
A: Check your phone/tablet is on the same WiFi network as your printer first. Also try rebooting your wireless router and printer.

Q: I have an older HP printer model from 5+ years ago. Can I still find its IP address?
A: Yes, all HP network printers support IP address identification from printer menus, Windows, MacOS or HP software. Actual menu navigation will depend on your specific printer’s age and display capability.

Q: How do I make my IP address networking changes permanent in my HP printer?
A: Once you apply any wireless or IP settings changes in the admin dashboard, make sure to click the ‘Apply’ or ‘Set as Default’ button for your HP printer model to save the new configurations.

Q: Is it safe to access my printer over IP address instead of USB or WiFi?
A: Connecting directly via IP address on your local private home/office network to make configuration changes is secure. Do not enable remote public internet access without properly understanding the security implications.

Q: Can I find the IP address logs to see past assigned IPs on my HP printer?
A: Unfortunately HP printers do not store historical IP address records. You can only view the current active IP address at any time.

Q: Does finding the IP address drain the printer’s battery or ink/toner levels?
A: Simply accessing your printer’s admin menus or IP address information to view the current status will not consume meaningful battery or ink/toner reserves. Excessive printing status reports may have a very minor usage impact over the longer term.

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