How to Connect Your Phone to a Printer?

Connecting your phone to a printer allows you to print photos, documents, and more directly from your phone. Whether you have an Android or iPhone, most printers today offer wireless connectivity options to link with your device. Follow this guide to learn the different ways to connect, prepare files for printing, adjust settings, and troubleshoot issues.

How to Connect Your Phone to a Printer?

Methods to Connect a Phone to a Printer

There are a few main methods to connect your smartphone to a printer. The options vary slightly between iPhone and Android but generally involve:

Wi-Fi Connection

Most wireless printers today enable direct Wi-Fi connectivity with phones. Simply connect your phone and printer to the same Wi-Fi network to link them. This offers a quick, wireless way to print from anywhere in Wi-Fi range.

NFC Connection

Android phones with NFC capabilities can tap to instantly connect with NFC printers. This creates a direct peer-to-peer connection between devices via close-range communication.

Cloud Printing Services

Cloud printing services like Google Cloud Print, Mopria, or Apple AirPrint allow phones and printers on the same network to communicate through the cloud. This option works for both wireless and wired printers.

USB Cable Connection

Wired USB connectivity is an option if your printer supports it. This physically tethers the phone but offers a reliable, direct printing connection.

Preparing Files on Your Phone for Printing

Before printing from your phone, some file adjustments can optimize quality:

  • Photos: Adjust resolutions to 200+ DPI. Higher resolutions produce better quality prints.
  • Documents: Convert documents like PDFs, Word files, or text files to image formats like JPEG for best formatting.
  • Webpages: Use browser print function or save pages as PDFs for printing.
  • Books: Use eBook reader apps to print all or specific pages you need.

Additionally, check the page size, orientation, layout, and color mode for proper printing executions.

Connecting an Android Phone to a Printer

To connect your Android phone to a printer:

  1. Enable Wi-Fi on both devices – Turn on and connect your Android phone and printer to the same wireless network.
  2. Add printer within settings – Go into your Android device’s Wi-Fi settings. Select the printer and add it as a networked device.
  3. Confirm connecting and print – Open your device’s print menu, select a file, choose your printer, adjust any options, and print directly from your phone.

If your device doesn’t connect, ensure your phone and printer connect to the same network or try connecting manually through IP addresses.

Connecting with NFC

If your Android device and printer both have NFC capabilities:

  1. Turn on NFC – Enable NFC in your Android phone’s connection settings.
  2. Tap devices together – Physically tap the NFC spot on both devices to instantly connect them.
  3. Print – Open and print your files directly from the newly connected smartphone.

Connecting an iPhone to a Printer

To hook up an iPhone to a compatible printer:

  1. Link devices to Wi-Fi – Access your Wi-Fi settings on both the iPhone and wireless printer. Join them to the same network.
  2. Add printer – Go into your iPhone’s settings and select printers. Tap add and select your networked printer.
  3. Print – Open the file you want in any app and select print. Pick your connected printer and adjust options as needed before printing directly from the iPhone.

Using Apple AirPrint instead of Wi-Fi allows printing without needing to join a network. Enable both devices for AirPrint, connect them to any network, and they will communicate through the cloud.

Adjusting Printer Options and Settings

Once connected wirelessly, review printer options within your phone’s settings:

  • Ink levels – View ink cartridge levels to know when replacement is needed.
  • Media types – Choose appropriate paper types like photo paper or documents.
  • Print range – Select specific pages or page ranges to print only what you need.
  • Multiple copies – Designate how many print copies you want per file.
  • Color modes – Opt for color, black & white, or grayscale printing choices.
  • Two-sided printing – Enable automatic duplexing if your printer supports double-sided pages.
  • Orientation – Flip to portrait or landscape layouts.
  • Print resolution – Adjust from lower resolutions for drafts up to higher resolution for crisper quality prints.

Refine options as desired before hitting print for customized smartphone prints.

Troubleshooting Phone and Printer Connections

If your phone fails to connect or print from your printer, try these troubleshooting tips:

  • Restart both devices
  • Reconnect Wi-Fi networks
  • Disable phone battery optimizations
  • Update printer firmware
  • Reset network settings
  • Clear print queue or spools
  • Remove and re-add printer connections
  • Toggle Airplane mode on and off

If connection issues persist, check compatibility across your smartphone, app, and printer models for optimal performance. Contact device or printer manufacturers for further support issues.

Key Takeaways

  • Wireless and wired options exist to link smartphones with compatible printers
  • Prepare files appropriately before attempting to print from your mobile device
  • Follow device-specific guides to connect your phone and printer models
  • Adjust abundant printer settings through your phone before finalizing prints
  • Troubleshoot intermittent connectivity or printing issues through resets, updates, and removals

Equipping both your mobile phone and printer with direct wireless connectivity unleashes flexibility and convenience for printing from anywhere. Follow connection instructions carefully while also refining printer preferences for quality prints output straight from your smartphone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How do I connect my Android phone to my wireless printer?
    Enable Wi-Fi on both devices and connect them to the same network. Add printer in your phone’s settings, then print directly from any app.
  2. Can I connect my phone to a printer with a USB cable?
    Yes, if your printer has a USB port. This allows wired printing connections by physically tethering the phone.
  3. Do I need an app to print from my phone?
    Usually not, as top mobile operating systems have built-in printing options. But some manufacturers offer proprietary mobile apps for expanded functions.
  4. Why can’t my iPhone find my printer?
    Check Wi-Fi access on both devices. Restart networking and add printer again if needed. Or connect through AirPrint.
  5. How do I print photos from my Android phone?
    Open your Photos app, select a picture, choose print, pick your linked printer, adjust options as needed, then print.
  6. Why won’t my phone print?
    Start troubleshooting by checking connections, updating firmware, resetting printer queue, and removing/re-adding printer link.
  7. How do I scan from my phone to my printer?
    Ensure your printer model offers onboard scanning. Then link via Wi-Fi and use manufacturer’s app to activate mobile scanning.
  8. What does NFC mean on a printer?
    NFC allows Android phones to instantly connect by physically tapping devices together instead of manually joining networks.
  9. What is AirPrint?
    Apple’s proprietary print system that allows iOS devices and Macs to print wirelessly to AirPrint-enabled printers through cloud channels.
  10. Can I print Word documents from my iPhone?
    Yes, first convert the DOC file to JPEG or other image format. Then open it in Photos app and select print for printer connectivity.
  11. How do I stop my Android phone from printing?
    Open your device’s settings, application manager, and select your print app. Choose force stop to disable it or uninstall app entirely.
  12. Why does my phone say printer disconnected?
    Check Wi-Fi connectivity in settings of both devices. Or reboot router, printer, and phone to re-establish wireless network links.
  13. Can I print an eBook from my smartphone?
    Yes, open your eReader app and use its print function to send whole books or specific pages to a connected printer.
  14. How do I check my printer ink levels on my iPhone?
    Open settings, select your linked printer, and device details to view approximate ink levels for cartridge replacement alerts.
  15. How do I change my printer settings from my Android phone?
    Within your device’s print menu, select the active printer name. Adjust options for paper size, print range, color mode, orientation, and other preferences.
  16. Why is my phone printing blank pages?
    Ensure proper file formats that translator fully via the print function. Or check cartridge levels if faint printing and refill low ink amounts.
  17. Can I print photos from Instagram on my phone?
    Yes, open the Instagram app and select a photo. Choose options like share, print or save image to camera roll. Then open image file and connect to printer.
  18. How can I crop a photo on my iPhone before printing?
    Use a photo editing app to adjust cropping and other effects. Then open the edited file and select print for optimized smartphone photo prints.
  19. Why does my phone only print the first page?
    Look for print range or page selector settings to update from default first page batches to whole documents.
  20. How do I make copies from my camera phone?
    Take a picture of document using your smartphone camera. Open image, select print, choose number of copies in options to duplicate straight from phone.


Tapping into direct printing functionality from your smartphone unlocks speed and efficiency. Next time you need hard copies from your mobile device, connect your phone and compatible printer in just a few steps. Configuring output preferences also helps tailor professional quality results. Maintain persistent wireless connectivity and overcome potential troubleshooting hurdles for seamless mobile printing capabilities.

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