How to Connect an HP Printer 2600 to Wi-Fi?

Connecting your HP printer 2600 to Wi-Fi allows you to print wirelessly from anywhere in your home. Setting up Wi-Fi on your HP 2600 printer is quick and easy when you follow some simple steps.

How to Connect an HP Printer 2600 to Wi-Fi?

Benefits of Connecting an HP 2600 Printer to Wi-Fi

Connecting your HP 2600 to your wireless network provides a number of helpful benefits:

  • Print Wirelessly from Anywhere – Once Wi-Fi is set up, you can send print jobs without connecting a cable between your computer and printer. This allows you to print from anywhere in your home.
  • Print from Multiple Devices – You can connect multiple laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones to one printer over Wi-Fi and allow printing from all connected devices.
  • Easy Sharing – A Wi-Fi connected printer can easily be shared among family members in the household for quicker sharing and printing access.
  • Flexible Placement – With no cables to connect, you can place your wireless printer anywhere that’s convenient in your home.

What You Need to Connect Your HP 2600 Printer to Wi-Fi

Before setting up your HP 2600 printer on your wireless network, make sure you have the following:

  • HP 2600 Printer – You’ll need an HP 2600 printer to connect to Wi-Fi. Ensure your printer model supports Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Wireless Network – Your HP 2600 printer will connect to your existing Wi-Fi router and network at home. Have your Wi-Fi SSID (network name) and wireless password nearby.
  • Computer – Use a computer that’s connected to the same wireless network to configure the Wi-Fi settings on your HP 2600 printer.

Step 1: Access the Wi-Fi Settings Menu

Start by accessing the Wi-Fi menu on your HP 2600 printer:

  1. On your printer, navigate to the Setup menu. Press the Right Arrow button to enter the menu.
  2. Scroll through the menu and select the Network Setup option. Press OK to enter this menu.
  3. Next, select the Wireless Menu option, then press OK. This opens the Wi-Fi settings.

You will now see the options to configure and set up Wi-Fi on your HP printer. Follow the upcoming steps to connect to your network.

Step 2: Select Wireless Setup Wizard

HP printers have an easy Wireless Setup Wizard that guides you through connecting to a wireless network:

  1. In the Wi-Fi settings menu on the HP 2600 printer, select Wireless Setup Wizard and press OK.

  2. You will now be prompted to choose a connection method:

    • If you know your Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and password, select Enter a Wireless Network Name Manually.
    • Or, if your wireless router has push button WPS functionality, select Connect Using WPS. This connects using just the WPS button with no SSID or password entry.

For networks that require manual entry of the SSID and password, use the following steps:

Step 3: Enter the Network Name (SSID) Manually

  1. When prompted by the Wireless Setup Wizard, select Enter a Wireless Network Name.
  2. Using the printer control panel, type in the exact SSID of your Wi-Fi network you want to connect to.
  3. Press OK once entered correctly.

Take care to enter your Wi-Fi network name accurately, including uppercase letters. The SSID is case-sensitive when connecting your printer.

Step 4: Select Security Protocol Type

After entering the SSID, the setup wizard will prompt you to select the security protocol your Wi-Fi uses. Common protocols include:

  • WEP 64 or WEP 128 bit encryption
  • WPA PSK or WPA2 PSK protocols

Navigate to the correct security protocol and select OK. Contact your Wi-Fi router admin or internet service provider if unsure of the security protocol type.

Step 5: Enter the Wireless Password

Next, you will be prompted to enter the case-sensitive WPA or WEP security password:

  1. Carefully enter the exact Wi-Fi password, taking care to match uppercase and lowercase letters exactly.
  2. Once finished, select OK.

Entering the wireless password connects the HP 2600 printer to your chosen Wi-Fi network.

Step 6: Confirm Connection and Print

With the SSID, password, and other settings applied:

  1. Your HP printer will now try to connect to the Wi-Fi router and network. Wait 2-3 minutes for this process.
  2. On connecting successfully, the Wi-Fi symbol will display solid on the printer display if connected properly.
  3. Try printing over the Wi-Fi connection to confirm it is working. Print from a connected laptop, smartphone or other device wirelessly.
  4. If the Wi-Fi symbol does not stop blinking or you cannot print, you may need to recheck SSID and password entries for accuracy.

When you see the Wi-Fi symbol solid and can print over the air to your HP 2600, your wireless setup is complete! You can now print anywhere in your home wirelessly.

Changing a Printer’s Wi-Fi Connection

Once you have Wi-Fi working on your HP 2600 printer, you can always go back and modify settings or connect to a new wireless network:

  • To change Wi-Fi networks your printer connects to, access the printer’s Wi-Fi settings again from the control panel. Re-enter details for the new Wi-Fi SSID and password you want to now connect to.
  • If your router or password changes for the existing Wi-Fi, also update details in the printer’s Wi-Fi settings so it stays connected.
  • You can turn off Wi-Fi connectivity on your HP printer if you no longer want it connecting over wireless. Simply access the menus to disable or turn off the Wi-Fi settings.

Keeping Wi-Fi details like SSID and password current ensures your wireless printing stays working properly.

Troubleshooting HP 2600 Wi-Fi Connection Problems

If your HP 2600 has problems connecting to Wi-Fi or drops the wireless connection, here is some troubleshooting to check:

  • Double check SSID and password – Incorrect Wi-Fi details entered in the printer is the most common connectivity issue. Confirm entries match your router exactly.
  • Reboot devices – Turn both the printer and router off, leave 1 minute, then power them back on. Try Wi-Fi again after rebooting.
  • Check Wi-Fi signal – Poor router range or obstructions blocking signal to printer can cause wireless issues. Move router closer or remove objects interfering.
  • Factory reset printer – For persistent wireless connection problems, reset your HP 2600 printer back to default factory settings to fully clear any incorrect configurations.

With some troubleshooting checks on configurations and signal issues, you will have reliable wireless printing on HP 2600 printers when set up properly.

Key Takeaways for Connecting an HP 2600 Printer to Wi-Fi

  • Connecting over Wi-Fi allows flexible, wireless printing from anywhere in your home
  • You will need your wireless network SSID and password handy to setup Wi-Fi on HP printers
  • HP’s Wireless Setup Wizard guides you simply through entering Wi-Fi details
  • Double check wireless settings entries to match your router if facing wireless printing issues
  • Keep Wi-Fi router and password details current on printer for reliable wireless performance

Connecting your HP 2600 printer using the Wireless Setup Wizard enables fast wireless printing access from all household devices. Follow the guide above when you need to get your HP 2600 up and running on your Wi-Fi home network.

Now enjoy printing from anywhere in your home!

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What wireless standards do HP 2600 printers support?
    The HP 2600 printer supports the latest Wi-Fi standards including 802.11b/g/n for 2.4GHz wireless networks.

  2. Do I need additional hardware to add Wi-Fi?
    No additional adapters or hardware needed. Wi-Fi/wireless networking is built into HP 2600 printer models.

  3. Can I connect my HP 2600 printer to 5GHz Wi-Fi?
    No, HP 2600 printers can only connect to 2.4GHz wireless networks.

  4. How far can my wireless printer be from my router?
    Ideally within 100 feet distance without thick walls or obstructions blocking the signal between router and printer for reliable connectivity.

  5. Can I connect a single printer to multiple devices?
    Yes, connecting your HP 2600 printer to Wi-Fi allows many different laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets to print to the same printer.

  6. Does the printer connect directly to devices or to my router?
    The HP 2600 printer should connect directly to your Wi-Fi router. Devices then connect wirelessly through your router to access the printer.

  7. What is needed to setup Wi-Fi during first-time setup?
    Have your wireless router SSID (network name) and Wi-Fi password ready to input onto the printer during wireless setup.

  8. Why can’t my printer find any wireless networks to connect to?
    If no networks appear when trying to connect, check if the Wi-Fi or wireless feature on both printer & router are definitely enabled, or try moving the printer closer to the wireless router.

  9. Does Wi-Fi affect printer speed?
    Print speed remains the same. However, total print times may increase slightly over Wi-Fi versus when directly connected via USB cable.

  10. How do I view my wireless network security protocol?
    Check wireless router admin interface to confirm encryption method used such as WEP, WPA, WPA2. Or check with your internet provider if unsure.

  11. Why is my Wi-Fi printer disconnecting?
    Frequent drops in wireless signal means placement is too far from router, there are thick obstructions or interference on the wireless frequency. Try relocating closer.

  12. Why does my HP 2600 lose wireless connection when other devices stay connected?
    Outdated network settings or incorrect wireless password stored on printer can lead to only that device dropping while others stay connected. Update stored settings.

  13. Can I connect my HP 2600 to public Wi-Fi or hotspots?
    It is possible but not recommended to connect an HP 2600 to any shared/guest networks with no password due to security issues and no ability to update restricted hotspot settings on the printer side.

  14. How can I change the connected Wi-Fi network?
    You can change to a new wireless network at any time through the Network > Wireless menu on your printer by manually entering details for the new Wi-Fi SSID and password you want to now connect to instead.

  15. Is WPS supported for easy push button connections?
    Yes, HP 2600 printers support WPS for automatic Wi-Fi connectivity simply using the push button, without needing to input the full SSID & password manually.

  16. Why does my printer go offline after connecting to Wi-Fi?
    Firewall, security or port blocking settings can sometimes stop the wireless printer staying visible online to devices after connecting via Wi-Fi. Adjust router settings if this occurs.

  17. How can I restore default Wi-Fi settings if incorrectly configured?
    Performing a factory reset on the HP 2600 printer will reset all configurations like wireless back to default factory conditions to start setup from scratch again.

  18. How do I disable Wi-Fi on my printer?
    Through the Network > Wireless menu, you can turn off or disable wireless connectivity. The printer will then remain on a wired Ethernet connection only.

  19. Can an HP 2600 printer connect via Wi-Fi direct or hotspot?
    No. The printer only connects as a client to an existing Wi-Fi router network. It cannot operate as an actual wireless access point or hotspot.

  20. Why does my Wi-Fi printer keep going to sleep?
    Enable Always On setting under Power Management options if printer keeps sleeping to remain active. Can prevent wireless dropping when idle for longer periods.


Connecting your HP 2600 printer to your Wi-Fi router enables convenient wireless printing from any part of your home. With HP’s Wireless Setup Wizard, getting your printer on your wireless network is quick and straightforward by carefully entering details of your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi SSID and password when prompted to setup Wi-Fi. Position your printer appropriately within Wi-Fi range and make note of wireless settings should you ever need to reconnect or switch networks. Reliable wireless performance allows flexible printing from all household devices.

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