How to Connect an Epson L355 Printer to Wi-Fi?

Connecting your Epson L355 printer to your Wi-Fi network allows you to print wirelessly from anywhere in your home. With Wi-Fi enabled, you can print from your computer, phone, or tablet as long as you are connected to the same network as your printer. Setting up Wi-Fi on your Epson L355 only takes a few minutes.

How to Connect an Epson L355 Printer to Wi-Fi?

Preparing to Connect

Before connecting your Epson L355 to Wi-Fi, make sure that:

  • Your wireless router is powered on and working properly.
  • You know the password for your Wi-Fi network.
  • Your printer is powered on and has paper loaded.

It’s also a good idea to locate your printer reasonably close to your router during initial setup to ensure the best connection.

Once you’ve checked those items, you are ready to connect to Wi-Fi!

Connecting Your Printer

Follow these steps to connect your Epson L355 to your Wi-Fi network:

  1. Press the Menu button on your printer’s control panel.
  2. Select Wi-Fi Setup.
  3. Select Router.
  4. Your printer will now start searching for Wi-Fi networks in range. This may take a minute. Available networks will be displayed on the LCD screen.
  5. Use the arrow buttons to select your desired Wi-Fi network name when it appears. Press the OK button.
  6. You will be prompted for your Wi-Fi password. Carefully enter your password using the keypad. Press OK when finished.
  7. Your L355 will now attempt to connect to the Wi-Fi router. If successful, the Wi-Fi icon on your printer display should be lit up and your network name will be shown.

In just a few quick steps your Epson L355 is now connected to your Wi-Fi! You can print from anywhere within range of your Wi-Fi router.

Printing a Test Page

To confirm your printer is connected properly and ready to print wirelessly, printing a test page is recommended:

On your printer control panel:

  1. Press the Menu button.
  2. Select Print Status Sheet.
  3. Press Print.

A status sheet full of information about your printer will be printed if your Wi-Fi setup was successful.

On your computer (Windows):

  1. Open the Printers & scanners settings.
  2. Right click your Epson printer.
  3. Select Print Test Page.

A simple test page will confirm your L355 is available and properly connected for wireless printing from your Windows device.

On your computer (macOS):

  1. Open System Preferences > Printers & Scanners.
  2. Select your Epson printer.
  3. Click the gear icon below the list of printers and choose Print Test Page.

Troubleshooting Tips

If your test page fails to print or your printer has trouble maintaining a Wi-Fi connection, try these troubleshooting suggestions:

  • Restart your printer and router – Simply power cycling both devices can help establish connectivity.
  • Temporarily move your printer closer to your router – Set up the printer within about 10 feet of the router during initial setup. Once successfully connected you can move it anywhere within your Wi-Fi range.
  • Check if other devices can connect to your router – Ensure your Wi-Fi network is working correctly by connecting a phone, tablet, laptop or other device. Connecting the L355 is easiest when your router has strong Wi-Fi signal reaching all areas you wish to place the printer.
  • Re-enter your Wi-Fi password – Double check that the Wi-Fi password was entered properly on the printer. Passwords are case-sensitive.
  • Print a network status report – This will display helpful information about your current network connection which can be used for troubleshooting. Access this option through the printer menu.
  • Consult your router documentation – Some Wi-Fi routers may have special instructions for printer setup. Check your router manufacturer’s website for additional guidance if needed.

Following these tips you should be able to successfully establish and maintain a Wi-Fi connection with your Epson L355 printer for wireless printing convenience. But if you continue experiencing issues, contact Epson support for assistance. Wi-Fi connectivity issues can often be quickly resolved with help from the printer manufacturer.

Key Takeaways

  • Make sure your wireless router and printer are powered on before starting setup.
  • Know your Wi-Fi network name and password.
  • Access your printer’s Wi-Fi options through the control panel menu.
  • Select and connect to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Enter password when prompted.
  • Print a test page to confirm setup was successful.
  • If issues occur, try common troubleshooting tips like restarting devices, temporarily moving printer closer to router, re-entering password correctly, or consulting documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What should I do if my L355 printer won’t connect to Wi-Fi at all?
    First, restart your printer and router. Check if other wireless devices can connect to your network. Move the printer closer to the router and try reconnecting. If problems persist, accessing your router and printer connection reports can help troubleshoot further.

  2. Why does my L355 printer lose connection randomly?
    Most random disconnections are caused by obstacles between the printer and router weakening the Wi-Fi signal. Try relocating the printer closer to your router so the signal stays strong. Upgrading your router can also provide better range and reliability if needed.

  3. Do I need an internet connection to connect my L355 printer to Wi-Fi?
    No internet connection is required – only a working local Wi-Fi network between your router and printer. So you can connect your L355 to Wi-Fi even in locations without internet access.

  4. How do I find my Wi-Fi password to connect my Epson L355?
    If you can’t remember your exact Wi-Fi password, try looking on a wireless device already connected to the network like a phone, laptop or tablet. Some routers also have a button or setting to display the password. If none of those options help you’ll need to reset your router’s password.

  5. Why does my L355 printer connect to Wi-Fi but not print?
    If your printer connects to the network but jobs do not print, try updating your printer driver software, disabling your firewall temporarily to test, or connecting your computer directly to the printer with USB to confirm cloud printing capability.

  6. Can I connect my Epson L355 to a guest network?
    Yes, the L355 can connect to guest networks the same way as your main Wi-Fi using the network name and password specific to your guest network. The procedure to select the guest network and enter credentials is the same.

  7. Does my L355 printer need an IP address to connect to Wi-Fi?
    Yes, your printer will automatically receive an IP address from your router once connected to the Wi-Fi network successfully. This allows communication and wireless printing functionality across the network.

  8. How far can my wireless Epson L355 printer be from the router?
    The maximum range for a reliable Wi-Fi connection is typically 100 to 150 feet indoors. Your environment, network signal strength, wireless interference and obstacles between printer and router can affect connectivity distances for wireless printing.

  9. Why does my Epson L355 printer keep connecting and disconnecting from Wi-Fi?
    Frequent automatic reconnections to Wi-Fi usually point to a poor signal from being too far from the wireless router. Placing your L355 printer closer to the router should provide a stronger, uninterrupted signal. Upgrading routers can also improve poor range issues.

  10. Can I connect my Epson L355 to a 5GHz Wi-Fi network?
    The L355 printer is compatible with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi networks. If you have a dual-band router that offers both 2.4GHz and 5GHz connections, the L355 can utilize 5GHz bands once successfully connected to your Wi-Fi.

  11. What is the maximum number of devices I can connect to my Wi-Fi network?
    Most modern routers have a limit of around 250 connected wireless devices. For optimal Wi-Fi performance most networks can comfortably handle 25-50 concurrently connected devices depending on internet speeds and types of usage.

  12. Why does my Epson L355 printer connect to 2.4GHz instead of 5GHz?
    By default wireless printers look for 2.4GHz networks first during setup for wider compatibility. Check your L355 Wi-Fi settings for options to select or add a preferred 5GHz network instead. The printer remembers previously connected networks and will connect to those available.

  13. How can I improve my L355 printer’s Wi-Fi speed?
    Upgrading to a faster internet plan from your ISP is the best option for faster wireless printing speeds. Or if using an older 802.11n router, upgrading to a modern 802.11ac router transmitting simultaneous dual-bands can provide performance improvements on local networks.

  14. Can I connect my L355 to a hidden Wi-Fi network?
    Yes, your printer can connect to hidden networks. Instead of selecting your network name from the list when prompted during setup, choose the option to enter the network name manually to add a hidden SSID. Then enter the exact hidden network name and password to connect.

  15. Why does my L355 printer Wi-Fi keep dropping?
    If your printer connected successfully but the Wi-Fi signal keeps intermittently dropping, first try relocating the printer closer to your wireless router. Interference from appliances, thick walls, or large distances can degrade signals resulting in dropped connections. Switching radio frequency bands or upgrading routers can also help.

  16. How do I disconnect my L355 from Wi-Fi?
    To remove your wireless connection, access your printer control panel menu, open Wi-Fi settings, select your currently connected network, then choose the option to delete or forget that network. This will erase the credentials and disconnect your printer from Wi-Fi access.

  17. Can I use Wi-Fi Direct to connect my L355 to a device?
    Yes! Your printer supports Wi-Fi Direct connections which allow connecting your phone, tablet, laptop or computer directly to the printer without a wireless router. Enable Wi-Fi Direct on your L355 via the control panel, then connect to it from your device network settings like any other Wi-Fi network.

  18. Why does my Epson L355 printer Wi-Fi connection say disabled?
    If your Wi-Fi shows disabled on your L355 LCD panel, open your control panel network settings and make sure Wi-Fi connectivity is enabled. An accidental setting change could have disabled the wireless adapter. Enabling it again and reconnecting to your Wi-Fi should restore connectivity.

  19. How do I change my Epson L355 Wi-Fi password?
    Once your printer connects to your Wi-Fi, the password is securely saved in its memory. To change the Wi-Fi password stored on your L355, delete the existing network connection from your printer’s Wi-Fi settings first. Then re-add and reconnect to your network by entering the new updated password during setup.

    Successfully connecting Epson L355 printers to Wi-Fi provides the tremendous flexibility of wireless printing from anywhere within your home network signal range. Following the step-by-step connection instructions using your unique network name and password credentials will allow most users to complete setup in just a few quick minutes. If running into any configuration troubles, applying some common troubleshooting techniques such as restarting devices, relocating the printer, or consulting router documentation can typically get Epson L355 printers hooked up and printing wirelessly. So get your passwords handy and unlock the possibilities of mobile printing using your own secure home Wi-Fi connection.

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