How to Connect a WiFi Direct Printer?

Connecting a WiFi Direct printer allows you to print wirelessly without connecting the printer directly to your wifi network. WiFi Direct printers create their own network that allows your devices to connect directly to the printer.

How to Connect a WiFi Direct Printer?

What is WiFi Direct?

WiFi Direct is a WiFi standard that allows devices to connect directly to each other without an internet connection or routers. Once you connect your phone, tablet, or computer directly to the printer, you can print wirelessly from anywhere in your home.

Benefits of Connecting a WiFi Direct Printer

There are several benefits to using a WiFi Direct printer connection:

  • Easily print from anywhere in your home without being connected to the internet
  • Avoid wireless interruption issues that exist with traditional wifi networks
  • Connect more devices directly to the printer than typical wifi networks allow
  • Set up the printer without having to connect it directly to your wifi router

Steps to Connect WiFi Direct Printer

Follow these steps to connect your phone, tablet, computer, or other device to a WiFi Direct printer:

  1. Check printer compatibility – Printer must support WiFi Direct connections. Check manual or indicator lights.
  2. Activate WiFi Direct – On your printer display or menu, activate WiFi Direct mode. This enables its hotspot.
  3. Connect device to printer – Go to WiFi settings on your phone, tablet, or computer. Select the printer hotspot to connect directly.
  4. Install printer software – Download or install any required printer software to enable printing capabilities.
  5. Print as desired– Once connected, you can print directly from any compatible apps or software on your device.

Most WiFi Direct printers allow one-touch connections after the initial set up. Consult your printer manufacturer’s instructions on enabling WiFi Direct mode if needed.

Tips for Connecting WiFi Direct Printers

Follow these useful tips for a smooth WiFi Direct printing experience:

  • Update printer firmware to latest for potential WiFi Direct improvements.
  • Only connect devices that actively need to print to avoid overcrowding the Direct WiFi network.
  • Reset WiFi Direct connection if experiencing troubleshooting issues with printing.
  • If range is limited, consider moving WiFi Direct printer closer to frequently used devices.

By taking advantage of WiFi Direct printer connectivity you can enjoy wireless printing flexibility without sacrificing print speed or quality.

Key Takeaways:

  • WiFi Direct allows direct wireless connections between devices without a wifi router.
  • Connecting WiFi Direct printers enables flexible wireless printing from anywhere.
  • Simply activate WiFi Direct mode on printer, connect device to printer hotspot network, install software and start printing.
  • Benefits include avoiding wifi deadspots, connecting more devices directly and easing wireless printing.


  1. What devices support WiFi Direct printer connections?
    Most modern smartphones, tablets, laptops and computers should support connecting to a WiFi Direct printer, provided they meet operating system requirements.

  2. Do I need an internet connection to use a WiFi Direct printer?
    No internet connection is required. The WiFi Direct printer creates its own closed wireless network to connect your devices directly.

  3. Is WiFi Direct printing secure?
    Yes, WiFi Direct only allows connections from authorized devices that you have manually connected. It does not broadcast an open public network.

  4. How many devices can connect simultaneously to WiFi Direct?
    Typically around 8 devices but some high end WiFi Direct Printers may allow up to 20 connected devices. However connections may get slower as more devices are connected simultaneously.

  5. Can I connect my WiFi Direct printer to a regular wireless network?
    Some WiFi Direct printers include dual band support for connecting to WiFi and WiFi Direct networks at the same time. You would need to disconnect WiFi Direct connections to connect it to a regular WiFi router.

  6. How do I disconnect my mobile device from a WiFi Direct printer?
    On your smartphone, tablet, or computer simply go into the WiFi settings and select “Forget Network” for the WiFi Direct printer connection. This will disconnect the device.

  7. Can I print photos directly from my phone to WiFi Direct printer?
    Yes, once connected you can print photos directly from your mobile device using the print options in the device photo gallery or apps. No computer required.

  8. Is WiFi Direct printing slower than regular wireless printing
    WiFi Direct printing speed is generally comparable to standard wireless printing. However extremely large print jobs may complete faster over regular router connected wifi if the printer supports it.

  9. Can I connect my WiFi Direct printer to a 5Ghz WiFi network or 2.4Ghz?
    It depends on the WiFi bands supported by your WiFi Direct printer. Some models allow connecting WiFi Direct connectivity alongside dual band 2.4Ghz/5Ghz WiFi routers simultaneously.

  10. Does WiFi Direct printing work the same with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices?
    Yes. WiFi Direct connectivity works similarly across platforms. However you may need to install different printer software depending on your operating system to handle the actual printing tasks.


Connecting a WiFi Direct printer eliminates the frustrations of traditional wireless printing while enabling flexibility. Follow the simple steps to activate WiFi Direct mode on your printer, connect devices directly, install software, and start printing wirelessly in no time. Just make sure your printer specifically supports WiFi Direct. Then browse tips above to keep your printer connections fast and reliable for wireless printing freedom.

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