How to Connect a Brother Printer to Wi-Fi ?

Connecting your Brother printer to Wi-Fi allows you to print wirelessly from anywhere in your home network. A wireless connection provides more flexibility in printer placement while reducing cable clutter. Follow this straightforward guide to get your Brother printer hooked up to Wi-Fi.

How to Connect a Brother Printer to Wi-Fi ?

Steps to Connect Brother Printer to Wi-Fi

Connecting a Brother printer to your Wi-Fi network is a quick process that can be done in just a few steps:

  1. First, make sure your Brother printer is compatible with Wi-Fi connections. Most recently manufactured models can connect wirelessly but check your user manual to confirm.
  2. Before connecting, have the SSID (network name) and wireless password of your Wi-Fi network available. Connect the Brother printer hardware and install printer drivers if you haven’t already.
  3. Access your printer’s control panel menu, typically by pressing the “Settings” or “Menu” button on the machine. Navigate to “Network” or “Wi-Fi Setup” options.
  4. Select “Wireless Network Connection” or a similar Wi-Fi setup option. Choose the option to scan for available wireless networks in your vicinity.
  5. Locate and select your home Wi-Fi SSID from the list of scanned networks on the printer display.
  6. Enter your correct Wi-Fi password when prompted. Carefully type in the password as it is case sensitive.
  7. Allow 1-2 minutes for the Brother printer to connect to the wireless network. Refer to your user guide for specific timing and confirmation messages.

And that’s it! The Brother printer should now be connected to your Wi-Fi network. Next, install the printer software onto all computers that require wireless access and enjoy printing from anywhere within the home network.

Installing Printer Software for Wireless Printing

After connecting the Brother machine to Wi-Fi, any computer on the wireless network will have access for printing. However, to enable the full range of features, you should install the official Brother printer software on each computer.

Here is the general process to install the software:

  1. Download the latest printer drivers and software package from Brother’s website specific to your printer model. Select the right OS version for each computer (Windows, Mac etc).
  2. Run the Brother installer application once downloaded. Click through prompts allowing it to make changes to the computer.
  3. Select the option to connect to a network connected Brother printer (as opposed to USB). The installer should auto detect the Wi-Fi enabled printer on the current network.
  4. Follow additional instructions in the installer windows to complete software setup and configure printing preferences.

After completing above steps, you can now print wirelessly to the Brother printer from applications and use other wireless functions.

Connecting a Mobile Device to Brother Printer Wi-Fi

Along with computers, you can also connect mobile devices directly to a Brother Wi-Fi printer to print photos, documents and more straight from your phone or tablet.

Here is how to complete mobile device setup:

  • iPhone / iPad – Open Safari browser and enter the IP address of your wireless Brother printer. This launches configuration website hosted on the printer. Select mobile printing options to download and install Airprint services on the iOS device. Follow prompts to connect mobile OS to printer.
  • Android Phone / Tablet – From Google Play Store, download official Brother iPrint&Scan app and install it on the mobile device. Open app and tap on printer option. It will auto detect all Brother printers on network, including Wi-Fi connected devices. Select your model printer and follow instructions to enable printing from mobile app.

The above mobile apps by Brother allow you to print photos, scan documents, as well as fax using the wireless capabilities of your Brother device. Useful for printing tickets, forms, and more on the go using your mobile phone and wireless printer combo.

Troubleshooting Tips

While connecting Brother printer to Wi-Fi is fairly straightforward for a device supporting wireless, sometimes connections issues may come up requiring troubleshooting steps like:

  • Double check password entered while configuring wireless settings on the Brother printer. Reset Wi-Fi password if incorrect character is delaying connections.
  • Try moving the wireless printer physically closer to avoid obstructions and range issues, especially for initial configuration.
  • Ensure the machine is updated to latest firmware. Refer device user guide for steps to check firmware version and initiate updates.
  • Reset network settings on the printer control panel if incorrect parameters were stored from previous Wi-Fi setup attempts.
  • Turn off firewall, security software, MAC filters temporarily on the router if they are preventing devices connections.
  • If display panel freezes during configuration, reboot the wireless printer completely before trying reconnection.
  • Factory reset the Brother printer to wipe all data including passwords. Then connect it again from scratch following manual guide. This can resolve persistent issues.
  • Try connecting wireless printer from a mobile hotspot network instead of primary router if still facing problems. Helps determine issues with specific network device versus overall Wi-Fi.

For additional wireless troubleshooting beyond above steps, contact Brother printer support team or router/Wi-Fi vendor for further analysis based on any specific error codes, device logs etc. Provide as much detail about your network environment and steps performed while relaying the issue.

Key Takeaways

  • Ensure Brother printer hardware and firmware supports Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Gather wireless network SSID and password before printer configuration.
  • Access control panel menu to locate wireless settings and scanning for available networks.
  • Select appropriate home Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and input password carefully.
  • Complete installation of official Brother printer software package on all device requiring wireless access.
  • Download mobile printing app on smartphone or tablets for printing photos and documents.


Connecting Brother printers to your home or office wireless network requires following simple configuration steps. Once completed seamlessly without problems, the printer can accessed for printing and scanning functions from any devices via Wi-Fi connectivity. Implement the stated tips and troubleshooting guides if running into any problems. Reach out for additional assistance as needed from Brother or network vendors directly. Equipping your Brother printer with versatile and reliable Wi-Fi opens up many useful functions Craving wireless printing on the go from mobile devices along with eliminating cable clutter by going cordless are key reasons to enable Wi-Fi on Brother printers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the benefits of a wireless Brother printer?
    Connecting Brother printer to Wi-Fi provides versatility for placing it anywhere within home and business networks coverage while reducing cords clutter. Allows printing from any smartphone, tablet or computer via wireless connectivity.
  2. Is my Brother printer model compatible with Wi-Fi?
    Most newly manufactured Brother printer models support standard 802.11 wireless protocols. Refer technical and product specification details in the device manual guide to confirm Wi-Fi capability.
  3. How do I check wireless network name and password?
    Log into your wireless router admin dashboard typically by visiting gateway IP address like Locate settings to see the SSID network name, current Wi-Fi password, and other parameters.
  4. What options should I locate to setup Wi-Fi on Brother machine?
    Access printer control panel, generally by pressing Menu or Settings physical button on device. Navigate to Network, Wireless or Wi-Fi specific options for scanning and connecting to nearby signals.
  5. Can I setup wireless connectivity without the official product software?
    Yes, Wi-Fi configuration can be independently completed from device control panel. But Brother’s software suite provides drivers plus other tools to access complete functionality.
  6. How to troubleshoot if wireless signal bars don’t appear during scan?
    Check if printer hardware switch is enabled for wireless connectivity. Try moving machine closer to router temporarily. Reset network settings and reboot printer fully before trying again.
  7. What does Wi-Fi Direct in Brother printers signify?
    This allows direct peer-to-peer connection between Wi-Fi enabled Brother printer and device like smartphone without joining a wireless network or router. Useful for printing while traveling.
  8. Why does my Brother printer connect successfully but not print over Wi-Fi?
    If connected to Wi-Fi but unable to print, try updating printer drivers on access devices, change printer default settings, check connectivity bars strength or reboot router if required.
  9. How can I enable highest wireless security on Brother printer?
    Update firmware to utilize latest wireless encryption protocols support on Brother printer. Additionally, enable WPA2 security with randomized password on router settings as well for enhanced over-the-air protection.
  10. What should I do if my Brother printer drops wireless connection randomly?
    Frequent disconnections could arise from obstacles blocking signals, weak router signal coverage at printer location, faulty wireless card or overloaded network bandwidth usage causing timeouts. Try suggested troubleshooting steps.
  11. Can I assign static IP address to Brother wireless printer?
    Yes, by enabling DHCP IP reservations feature on the router to assign same wireless IP to Brother printer consistently and also logging into device control panel to change default dynamic IP allocation.
  12. How do I reset wireless settings configured on my Brother printer?
    Access the printer control menu, navigate to factory reset, chose option clear network settings data including Wi-Fi SSID and password. You can now freshly reconnect the wireless printer from scratch.
  13. What are the terms WPS and one-push configuration means in wireless context?
    WPS stands for Wi-Fi protected setup. One push indicated automated connectivity method by just pressing WPS dedicated button on both router and Brother printer without manually entering credentials.
  14. Can I setup Wi-Fi on Brother printer model lacking display control panel?
    For certain cost-effective basic Brother models without an LCD display, Wi-Fi configuration requires accessing printer embedded web server pages from a connected computer instead of mobile app approach.
  15. How can I check connected wireless devices to Brother printer?
    Login into router admin page and check DHCP client list records to identify devices assigned internal IPs. additionally check connected device logs under printer control panel menus for direct wireless access details.
  16. What are some general guidelines for placing wireless Brother printer?
    Ideally place the Brother printer in line of sight central area within premises for best signals not blocked by structures. Avoid extremes close or far proximity from wireless router coverage area.
  17. Can Brother Wi-Fi printer connect to guest networks?
    Yes. Brother wireless printer can separately connect to primary and guest SSIDs broadcasting from same router hardware allowing segmented access as needed while using a common Internet connection.
  18. How can I configure brother printer Wi-Fi without accessing the display panel?
    Some Brother printer models allow wireless configuration via direct USB cable connected computer by accessing embedded web server pages served by device containing networking options without using tiny display screens physically.
  19. What frequency bands are utilized for wireless communications by Brother printers?
    Brother printers support the universally implemented 2.4 GHz and fast emerging 5 GHz bands that complies with latest dual-band router standards using suitable antennas. Check device specification before purchasing as some very basic models still come equipped with only legacy 2.4 GHz support.
  20. How can I boost Brother printer Wi-Fi signals strength if facing inconsistent connectivity problems?
    Try a wired USB network print server box that plugs into the Brother printer one side while providing robust Wi-Fi antenna on other side for maximum coverage area throughout premises leading to stable connectivity.

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