How to Connect a Bluetooth Printer?

Connecting a Bluetooth printer to your device provides a convenient wireless printing solution. Bluetooth printers allow you to print from laptops, tablets, smartphones and more, without dealing with cables.

How to Connect a Bluetooth Printer?

Steps to Connect a Bluetooth Printer

Follow these key steps to successfully connect your Bluetooth capable printer:

1. Check Bluetooth Compatibility

Confirm both your device and printer are Bluetooth enabled. Most laptops, smartphones and tablets support Bluetooth. Check your printer’s manual to ensure it has built-in Bluetooth or supports a Bluetooth adapter.

2. Power On and Discover Printer

Turn on the printer and ensure it is discoverable by activating Bluetooth discoverable mode. Refer to your printer instructions for details.

3. Search and Pair from Your Device

Go to your device’s Bluetooth settings. Select the option to add/search for devices. Your printer should display in the list of available devices. Select it to pair.

4. Install Printer Software and Drivers

If prompted, install any required printer software or drivers on your connected device. Follow the on-screen setup instructions.

5. Test Print a Page

Print a test page from your device to confirm the connection was successful. Check for issues with alignment or quality. Troubleshoot if errors occur.

Follow these key steps and you will be wirelessly printing in no time. Continue below for more details on the Bluetooth pairing and printing process.

Overview of Bluetooth Printing

  • Bluetooth printers offer convenient wireless printing from Bluetooth-enabled laptops, tablets, smartphones and more
  • No router or wifi network required – connects directly device-to-printer
  • Avoid cables, clutter
  • Often lightweight and portable

Now that you understand the benefits, let’s cover what’s happening behind the scenes when you go to set up and configure Bluetooth printing.

Bluetooth Pairing Process Explained

In order to communicate over Bluetooth, your device and printer need to establish a secure, trusted connection. This is known as pairing.

Here is an overview of what occurs during pairing:

  • Step 1) Discoverability – The printer enters discoverable mode so devices can detect its Bluetooth signal during scanning
  • Step 2) Device Scanning – Your laptop, phone or tablet scans for nearby Bluetooth devices, detecting the printer
  • Step 3) Pairing Request – Select the printer from the list of scanned devices to send a pairing connection request
  • Step 4) PIN exchange – For security purposes, a PIN may need to be either displayed or confirmed on both devices to complete pairing
  • Step 5) Paired – With PIN verification successful, the printer and device establish a trusted Bluetooth connection

Once paired, your devices will now automatically recognize each other when in Bluetooth range in the future without needing to re-enter a PIN.

Bluetooth Pairing Tips

  • If pairing issues occur, ensure your device’s Bluetooth radio is turned on
  • Some devices may have limited discovery time – act fast or restart scanning
  • Reset the printer if struggling to complete pairing

Now let’s walk through the step-by-step process to successfully connect to your printer.

Step-by-Step Guide to Connect Bluetooth Printer

Follow this 6 step guide to ensure you pair and setup your Bluetooth printer correctly:

Step 1 – Printer Bluetooth Visibility

  • Turn on your printer
  • Activate Bluetooth discoverable mode by pressing the Bluetooth button or menu option on your printer. Consult printer documentation for exact steps.
  • Your printer may display a Bluetooth PIN during this process or show a flashing light to indicate discoverable status. Take note of any pairing PIN shown.
  • Your printer will now be visible to Bluetooth scans for a short timeframe, usually 5-60 minutes.


Step 2 – Scan Devices from Computer, Phone or Tablet

  • Go to Settings > Bluetooth on your device
  • Select option to view available Bluetooth devices, Search for Devices or Add New Device
  • Start a scan. Nearby Bluetooth printers and accessories will display after 10-60 seconds of scanning
  • Common scanning issues
    • Ensure your device’s Bluetooth radio is enabled
    • Restart scan if your specific printer model does not appear
    • Bluetooth scans have limited range (~30 feet). Get closer to your printer.


Step 3 – Select Printer to Pair

  • From the list of discovered printers, choose the model name matching your Bluetooth printer
  • You may be prompted to compare a PIN between devices at this point to confirm pairing
  • If the printer has an interface, you may alternatively confirm pairing from printer display during this step


Step 4 – Install Drivers and Software

  • For some printers, your device will automatically install recommended print drivers and software
  • If prompted, accept downloads and installation
  • Alternatively, follow printer manufacturer software installation instructions
  • Note: Driver install sometimes fails over Bluetooth and may advise switching to a USB connection for this step


Step 5 – Print Test Page

  • Try printing a test page or demo document once installation completes
  • For Windows, go to Devices and Printers and select Print Test Page
  • For iPhone & iPad, use the Print Center app
  • For Android devices, print from within a document or app
  • Troubleshoot if alignment, quality or printing issues occur


Step 6 – Save Printer Connection

  • Bluetooth connected printers may automatically save in your device or printer list
  • Name the printer for easy recognition
  • Check for confirmation it saved correctly for future use
  • Troubleshoot if not displaying as expected after pairing

And that’s it! With those 6 key steps complete, your Bluetooth printer is ready to print without wires.

Tips for Bluetooth Printing

Follow these additional pointers for the best Bluetooth printing experience:

  • Stay within reasonable range – Most Bluetooth printers maintain stable connections for printing within 30 feet. Walls and obstacles can impact this.
  • Conserve battery – Consider plugging in Bluetooth printers whenever possible instead of running on battery power alone. Print jobs can drain batteries much faster.
  • Enable automatic re-pairing – Turn on any auto-reconnection options within printer menus to allow seamless re-pairing when back in Bluetooth range.
  • Clear older pairings – Some printers store connection profiles for a set number of devices. Remove unused pairings if hitting storage limits.
  • Update firmware – Install the latest firmware updates for your printer to ensure best reliability and connectivity.

Bluetooth Printing Troubleshooting

Here are some top issues and fixes to try if running into problems getting a Bluetooth printer to connect or print properly:

Printer Not Found During Scanning

  • Ensure Bluetooth is enabled on both the printer (discoverable mode) and device performing the scan
  • Scanner may have limited detection range (~30 feet). Get closer to printer.
  • Try rebooting both devices if scanner still doesn’t detect the printer

Failed Pairing Attempt

  • Compare PIN shown on both devices – case sensitive
  • Time out may have occurred during pairing process – restart from step 1
  • Some devices have scan time limits – retry scan quicker

Unable to Install Drivers

  • Switch connection method to USB to install printer drivers, then return to Bluetooth
  • Update computer OS or firmware on printer
  • Manually download drivers from printer manufacturer

Test Print Failed

  • Check ink cartridge levels – replace if empty
  • Ensure using proper paper size
  • Reboot devices and try printing again
  • Repeat Bluetooth pairing process

If problems persist or connection drops repeatedly, switching to a wired USB printer connection may be required for more reliable functionality.

FAQs on Bluetooth Printer Setups

Here are answers to 20 of the most frequently asked questions about getting started with a Bluetooth printer:

  1. What devices support Bluetooth printing?
    Laptops, tablets, smartphones, and desktop computers with integrated Bluetooth capability or a plug-in Bluetooth adapter can connect to compatible Bluetooth printers.
  2. Do you need wifi for a Bluetooth printer?
    No wifi required! The device connects directly to the printer over Bluetooth without an internet connection or wireless network.
  3. How far away can a Bluetooth printer be?
    Most Bluetooth printers maintain stable connections within a 30 foot (10 meter) range. Walls and obstacles can impact effective range.
  4. Why won’t my computer find the Bluetooth printer?
    If your device can’t find a Bluetooth printer, ensure the printer is powered on and in discoverable mode. Also confirm Bluetooth is enabled on your device scanning for printers and that they are within 30 ft.
  5. Do Bluetooth printers work with iPhone? Yes, you can print from an iPhone to compatible Bluetooth printers. Turn on Bluetooth in Settings to discover and pair available printers.
  6. Can you connect Bluetooth printer to Android?
    Yes, Android phones and tablets with Bluetooth can detect printers in discoverable mode and pair with them for wireless printing.
  7. How do I reset a Bluetooth printer? To reset a Bluetooth printer, locate the reset button on your printer (check manual for guidance). Press and hold for 5-10 seconds until printer restarts to factory conditions.
  8. Why does my Bluetooth printer keep losing connection?
    Frequent Bluetooth disconnections can result from obstacles blocking signals, incompatible firmware or drivers, low printer batteries, or distance exceeding the printer’s range.
  9. Can I connect Bluetooth headset to printer? No, Bluetooth headsets connect with other audio devices like smartphones and computers. To enable a printer with sound, you would need a Wi-Fi printer with built-in speaker connectivity.
  10. Do Bluetooth printers work with Fire Tablets? Yes, Amazon Fire tablets have integrated Bluetooth and can print to compatible Bluetooth connected printers after pairing.
  11. How do I check printer ink levels for Bluetooth printer? To verify ink or toner levels, check your printer’s display panel or LED indicator lights if equipped. Some offer companion mobile apps showing printer status. Or print a test page.
  12. Why does my printer go offline when connected to Bluetooth?
    A Bluetooth printer showing offline may indicate the device it was paired with has moved out of range. Bring devices closer and try rebooting both printer and connected device.
  13. Can I connect my printer to Bluetooth speakers? No, Bluetooth speakers are receive-only audio output devices. A printer can’t stream print job data as sound. Look for Wi-Fi enabled printers offering audio connectivity instead.
  14. Do I still need to install printer software if connecting via Bluetooth?
    Even with Bluetooth printer connections, compatible printer software and drivers often still need to be set up on paired computers, phones or tablets before full functionality.
  15. How do I disconnect my printer from a Bluetooth device? On printers with interfaces, access connectivity settings and select the paired device to remove. From the paired device, go to Bluetooth settings and unpair or forget the printer.
  16. Why does my Bluetooth printer disconnect after 5 minutes?
    Auto-power down after periods of inactivity can shut off a printer causing a disconnected state. Adjust power saving modes or switch off auto-power down features if supported by your printer.
  17. Can I print invoices from my Bluetooth printer? Yes, with proper printer software and drivers installed, you can typically print invoices, receipts, documents and more from a paired Windows/Mac computer or mobile device.
  18. Is Bluetooth or wireless better for a printer?
    Both Bluetooth and wireless networks offer benefits for printing without cables. Bluetooth offers direct device-to-printer connections without an internet network. Wi-Fi provides greater range and shared use but depends on your wireless network setup at home or the office.
  19. Can I print photos from Instagram to a Bluetooth printer? Yes – when posting photos from Instagram to a paired Bluetooth printer, a share dialog usually allows you to choose the printer connection already established by Bluetooth.
  20. How can I print documents or photos without Wi-Fi?
    Bluetooth printers let you print files, photos and documents directly from devices like laptops, tablets and mobile phones without needing a Wi-Fi network or internet connection.


Connecting your smartphone, computer or tablet wirelessly to a Bluetooth enabled printer provides freedom from cables while maintaining printing capability. Following proper pairing techniques, installing supporting software, and addressing connectivity issues will have you printing over Bluetooth with ease. Consider range needs, battery usage, compatibility and security when investing in a Bluetooth capable printer.


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