How to Change Paper Size on an HP Printer?

Changing the paper size on your HP printer allows you to print on different sized paper beyond the standard 8.5 x 11 inches. Many HP printer models support various paper sizes like letter, legal, A4, envelopes and more.

Why Change Paper Size?

There are a few key reasons you may want to change the paper size on your HP printer:

  • Print Projects Requiring Different Paper Sizes – For flyers, brochures, envelopes, etc. you’ll need to switch the paper size to match what you’re printing.
  • Fit More Content on Bigger Pages – Legal (8.5 x 14 in) or tabloid (11 x 17 in) size paper fits more content per page.
  • Avoid Cutting Pages Down to Size – If you often need to trim pages after printing, adjusting paper size avoids this extra step.

Changing paper size takes just a few simple menu selections on most HP printers. Follow the steps below for your printer type.

Instructions to Change Paper Size on HP Printers

Change Paper Size on HP Printer with Touchscreen Display

If your HP printer has a touchscreen display, changing paper size is very easy:

  1. From the home screen, touch the Settings icon.
  2. Select Paper from the menu.
  3. Choose the desired paper size. Common options are Letter, Legal, A4, and more.
  4. Confirm the selection by pressing OK.

The chosen paper size will now be set for future print jobs until changed.

Change Paper Size on HP Printer Without Touchscreen

For HP printers without a touchscreen, follow these steps from the control panel:

  1. Press the Setup button.
  2. Use the arrow keys to select System Setup, then press OK.
  3. Choose Paper Setup and press OK again.
  4. Select Default Paper Size and press OK.
  5. Use the arrow keys to choose the desired size like Letter, Legal or A4 then press OK to confirm.

The paper size is now updated for printing tasks going forward.

Key Things to Know About Paper Size

Here are some other key pointers about changing paper sizes on an HP printer:

  • Not all paper sizes are supported on every printer model. Refer to your HP printer specifications for details.
  • Setting a default paper size doesn’t prevent manually selecting other sizes for individual print jobs if needed.
  • Envelopes almost always need a custom paper size setup for proper formatting. Refer to HP guidelines for help.
  • Legal and tabloid extra-large pages may require changing tray settings as well as paper size settings.
  • Certain software programs override system paper size defaults. You may additionally need to set size in the program preferences/printer options.

With a basic understanding of the menu options, changing paper size on your HP printer takes just seconds. Adjust as needed for special print jobs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Changing Paper Size on HP Printers:

  1. Where is the paper size setting in my HP printer menu?
    It’s generally found in System Setup or Paper Setup options when you access the main control panel menu.
  1. Does paper size change affect copy settings too?
    Yes, changing default paper size will apply to copying functions in addition to printing.
  1. Do I have to change paper size back after printing differently sized pages?
    No, you can leave any paper size set as the new default. The printer will use the new paper size going forward until you change it again.
  1. What standard paper sizes does my HP printer support?
    Most HP models support Letter (8.5” x 11”), Legal (8.5” x 14”), Executive (7 1/4” x 10 1/2”), and A4 (8.3” x 11.7”) at a minimum. Refer to specs for other options.
  1. How do I print envelopes on my HP printer?
    You will need to set a custom paper size matching the exact envelope dimensions you are using.
  1. Can I print long banner pages on my HP printer?
    Some HP printers support banner printing on custom paper sizes over 50 inches long. Confirm specifications before attempting.
  1. Why do 2 pages print when I only ask for 1?
    If the content you are printing exceeds the dimensions for the selected paper size, extra pages may print to fit all the content. This indicates the paper size needs adjusting to match the document or template.
  1. How do I stop printing extra blank pages?
    Extra blank pages are also a sign of paper size mismatch. Double check settings match the document size you are attempting to print.
  1. What setting controls margins and alignment?
    Margins and alignment have separate controls from paper size and do not automatically adjust when changing paper size.
  1. How do I print a full bleed photo page borderless?
    Select borderless printing options in the print driver. This may be under Page Setup, Paper Type, or Finishing depending on printer model and software.
  1. Why won’t my prints feed properly after changing paper size?
    When using larger paper, make sure the correct tray is selected and adjusted to fully accommodate the longer pages.
  1. Do I have to change paper orientation to print landscape or portrait?
    No, orientation is handled separately from paper size in the Print Options or Page Setup menu.
  1. What might cause paper jams after I change paper size?
    Not fully inserting large sheets into the tray or not adjusting guide rails for the new paper size can contribute to jams.
  1. How do I save multiple default paper sizes?
    Unfortunately, only one global system default for paper size is available at a time. But custom sizes can be easily selected for individual print jobs.
  1. Can I name and save custom paper sizes?
    Some HP printer software does let you assign custom names to non-standard paper sizes you define.
  1. Where is the paper source option for trays and manual feed?
    Paper Source settings are also separate menu selections controlling which tray feeds pages during printing.
  1. How do I print using cardstock or other special media?
    Look for the Paper Type menu to choose options optimized for heavyweight cardstock, photo paper, labels, and envelopes.
  1. How do I switch between inches and millimeters paper size units?
    Units can be changed in the system preferences/device settings menus for countries using the metric system.
  1. What paper sizes should I buy for my print projects?
    Always check your printer specs and confirm settings first. But common sizes are Letter, Legal, Tabloid 11”x17”, #10 envelopes, A4, and A3. Match specific needs.
  1. Who do I contact for more help changing paper sizes?
    Consult your printer documentation and user forums first. If problems persist, contact HP customer support by phone, chat, email, or social channels for troubleshooting.

Summary and Key Takeaways

The most important things to remember when changing paper size on an HP printer are:

  • Find the Paper Size settings in the System Setup or Paper Setup menu
  • Select the desired size like Letter, Legal, A4, envelopes, etc.
  • Test print an alignment page after changing sizes
  • Adjust trays and guides to fully fit larger pages
  • Match paper size to individual print job contents to prevent extra pages
  • Refer to printer specs for supported sizes and optimal media

Changing the default paper size just takes a few quick menu selections on most HP printers. This allows you to print on varying paper types and sizes for all kinds of documents and projects.

Now you know how to customize your printing experience by adjusting paper size defaults at any time!


If you’ve ever gone to print out a document or project and realized you don’t have the right paper, changing your HP Printer paper size settings is vital. By taking a few seconds to navigate the Paper Setup menu selections for Letter, Legal, A4, Envelopes or special media types, you can quickly adapt your printer for optimal output every time.
Rather than hunting down a special size at the office supply store in a pinch, or wasting sheets due to size misalignment, simply tweak your system defaults and trays to perfectly match your tasks. Then load up the proper paper and start printing! With the steps outlined here, you’ll save hassles, jamming and waste when you switch formats as-needed going forward.
Ready to make the most of your printer’s capabilities? Contact HP customer support anytime for additional guidance on adjusting paper size or other settings as unique needs arise!

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