How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Printer?

Printer repairs can range widely in cost depending on the specific issue and printer model. Overall most basic printer repairs cost $60 to $120. More complex issues can cost over $200+ to repair.

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Printer?

What Impacts the Cost to Repair a Printer

Several key factors impact the cost to repair a printer:


Type of Repair Needed – Basic repairs like clearing paper jams are cheaper than replacing complex components like the printer’s logic board.

Printer Model – Replacement parts and repair complexity varies widely across printer models. Enterprise and specialty printers tend to cost more to repair.

Age of the Printer – Older printers typically have more wear-and-tear issues. Parts can be difficult to source driving up costs. Newer printers tend to be cheaper to repair.

Local Repair Shop Rates – Independent shops and big box chains have differing labor rates, driving variances in repair costs.

Typically it costs $60 – $120 to repair common issues with home and office printers. Read on for a more detailed breakdown of average printer repair costs.


Cost to Repair Paper Jams

Clearing paper jam errors often costs $20 – $60. Jams can often be fixed by opening access panels and carefully removing stuck paper. More serious jams involving disassembly can cost up to $120+.


Cost to Replace Ink Cartridges

Replacing empty ink cartridges is one of the most common printer repairs. Ink cartridge replacement costs typically range from $25 to $65 depending on the printer model and cartridge sizes. High capacity cartridges for enterprise printers can cost over $100 each.


Cost to Repair Printhead Issues

Fixing issues with the printer’s printhead like ink smearing or nozzle clogs generally ranges from $40 – $150+. This requires cleaning and calibration to get the printheads working properly. If the printhead is permanently damaged replacement can cost $100 – $300+.


Cost to Replace the Maintenance Kit

Over time components like rollers, pads, and fusers wear out. Repairing all these components via a maintenance kit typically costs between $80 – $250. Costs vary depending on the number of components included and the printer model. High page count enterprise printers generally require more frequent maintenance kit replacements.


Cost to Replace Major Components

Replacing major internal components like the laser scanner, transfer belt, duplexer, or formatter board can range widely from $100 – $500+. Enterprise and specialty printers with large format capabilities or high page per minute speeds generally have more expensive components. Swapping these out requires disassembling the printer and some technical skill driving up labor costs.


Cost to Replace Printer Control Board

If the main printer control board fails, replacement costs usually start around $150 – $300+ depending on the printer model. Swapping the control board requires rebooting and calibrating the device afterwards adding to the repair labor costs.


Key Considerations When Repairing Printers

Before paying for printer repairs consider the overall age and cost of the printer. Older low-cost inkjet printers may not be economically worth fixing for over $100+. Other key considerations around repairing printers includes:


Does the printer issue appear to be isolated and fixable or indicative of wider failures?

Am I better off upgrading to a new printer rather than sinking more money into repairs?

Will I lose printer capabilities like scanning, faxing, color printing if I downgrade models?

Does my printer brand have easily available replacement parts at reasonable costs?

Is my printer still supported by the manufacturer for firmware updates and patches?

Finally consider DIY troubleshooting before paying for printer repairs:

Try restarting both the printer and connected computer

Ensure cables are securely plugged into the printer

Clear paper jam errors by checking common jam points

Google any error codes that appear on the printer display

Update printer drivers and firmware to latest stable versions



The cost to repair a printer ranges widely from $60 – $200+ on average depending on the specific failure, printer model, and local labor rates. Basic fixes like clearing paper jams and replacing ink cartridges tend to cost less than fixing hardware components internally. Before paying for expensive repairs consider the printer’s overall age and capabilities. In some cases upgrading printers may be more cost effective than sinking further investments into repairs.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the cheapest printer repair?
    The cheapest printer repairs typically deal with paper jams which often cost $20 – $60 to fix by removing stuck paper internally. Clearing paper jam errors usually does not require replacement parts.
  2. How much does Best Buy charge for printer repairs?
    Best Buy charges a $40 diagnostic fee plus parts and labor for printer repairs. Total costs often range from $80 – $250+ depending on the failure and printer model.
  3. Can printer repair shops fix all brands?
    Independent printer repair shops can fix most major printer brands like HP, Canon, Brother, and Epson. Less common specialty printers may have less repair support availability.
  4. Is it worth paying over $100 to fix an old printer?
    Paying over $100 to repair an aging inkjet home printer over 5 years old is often not cost effective. In many cases these can be replaced by a new home printer costing $50 – $100 with modern connectivity options.
  5. Can I replace printer parts myself?
    Technically savvy users can source replacement printer parts online and install them as a DIY repair project. However this requires careful disassembly without damaging components. Improperly installed replacement parts can further damage printers.
  6. How much does HP charge to repair a printer?
    HP charges between $100 – $250+ to repair most printers depending on the model and failure. Getting printers serviced directly through HP often comes with extended warranties on replaced parts too.
  7. Why has my printer stopped printing suddenly?
    If a printer abruptly stops printing it usually indicates an electrical, software, or mechanical failure internally. Some common causes include control board issues, failed components like fusers, outdated drivers causing connectivity issues, or damaged cables.
  8. Can leaving paper jams too long break my printer?
    Leaving stuck paper internally for extended periods can overheat components or lead to further jamming. In worst cases neglecting jams can burn out motors or melt components requiring expensive replacement parts.
  9. What maintenance can extend my printer lifetime?
    Regular cleaning cycles, monitoring consumables like ink, proper shutdown procedures, keeping firmware updated, and refreshing components like rollers through maintenance kits can optimize printer lifetime.
  10. How much should I budget to repair my enterprise/commercial printer?
    Repairing enterprise and specialty printers often ranges from $300 – $800+ due to having more complex internal components. Budget higher amounts when considering fleet repairs for printers with heavy duty cycles.
  11. Can third-party or refilled ink cartridges damage printers?
    Using third-party recycled cartridges does not inherently damage printers despite some manufacturer claims. However quality control varies, sometimes causing clogs or leaks which can ultimately damage printers if left unchecked.

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