How big is the iPhone mini?

The iPhone mini is one of Apple’s newest and smallest iPhones, appealing to users who prefer compact devices that still pack a punch. But exactly what are the dimensions and size of the iPhone mini? Let’s take a closer look.

How big is the iPhone mini?

The Basics

The iPhone mini comes in two variants:

  • iPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone 13 mini

Both minis share identical dimensions and only differ internally when it comes to their chipsets and camera technologies.

Here are the key size specs for the iPhone mini models:

  • Height: 5.18 inches
  • Width: 2.53 inches
  • Depth: 0.29 inch
  • Weight: 4.97 ounces

So in essence, the iPhone mini is a petite 5.18 inches tall and 2.53 inches wide. At just 0.29 inches deep, it’s extremely slim as well.

How the iPhone Mini Compares

Compared to larger iPhone models and other popular smartphones, just how compact is the iPhone mini? Here’s how it stacks up:

iPhone Mini vs Regular iPhones

  • iPhone 12 mini – 5.18 inches tall
  • iPhone 12/13 – 5.78 inches tall
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max/13 Pro Max – 6.33 inches tall

The iPhone mini is significantly shorter than the regular and Pro Max iPhones, making it much more pocketable and one-hand friendly.

iPhone Mini vs Other Brands

  • iPhone 12 mini – 5.18 inches tall
  • Samsung Galaxy S21 – 6.2 inches tall
  • Google Pixel 5 – 5.7 inches tall

The iPhone mini is smaller than most competing Android flagship phones. Only a few compact Android models like the Pixel 5 come close in size.

So if you’re looking for a truly petite high-end smartphone, the iPhone mini is one of the best options in terms of compact dimensions.

Screen Size

The actual viewable screen size of the iPhone mini comes in at:

5.4 inches

So while the phone itself is only 5.18 inches tall, you get a usable screen real estate of 5.4-inches diagonal thanks to the edge-to-edge display. It strikes a nice balance between footprint and screen size.


At just 4.97 ounces, the iPhone mini lives up to its name and is one of the lightest iPhones ever made.

For comparison, the iPhone 13 weighs 6.14 ounces, so the mini model is over 20% lighter. Yet it still feels solid and sturdy thanks to its glass and aluminum construction.

Which is Smaller – iPhone 12 Mini or iPhone 13 Mini?

The iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini share identical physical dimensions down to the millimeter.

So in terms of size, shape, weight, and screen real estate – they are essentially the same.

The only differences between the two mini models are internal upgrades like processor, camera, and battery life.

So pick based on your budget and desired features – but don’t factor size into your iPhone mini buying decision. You’ll get the exact same compact footprint whichever generation you opt for.

Key Takeaways on iPhone Mini Size

  • The iPhone mini is 5.18 inches tall and 2.53 inches wide making it extremely compact
  • It’s also very slim at just 0.29 inches thick
  • The usable screen real estate is 5.4-inches diagonal
  • It’s one of the lightest premium phones at 4.97 ounces
  • The 12 mini and 13 mini share the exact same petite dimensions
  • The mini is smaller than regular iPhones and most Android flagships
  • You get big performance in a mini footprint with the iPhone mini

Frequently Asked Questions About the iPhone Mini’s Size

1. How big is the iPhone 12 mini in cm?
The iPhone 12 mini is 13.16 cm tall, 6.41 cm wide, and 0.74 cm deep.

2. What size pocket does the iPhone mini fit in?
The iPhone mini fits nicely into most pants, jacket, and shirt pockets thanks to its ultra-compact shape. Front jeans pockets are no problem.

3. Can you use the iPhone mini with one hand?
Yes, the iPhone mini’s petite dimensions make it very easy to use with just one hand for most users. It fits nicely in even smaller hands thanks to its slimmed down grip-able body.

4. Is the iPhone mini the same size as older iPhones?
The iPhone mini is smaller than any previous iPhone, with the iPhone 5 being the closest in size at 4.87 inches tall. But the mini squeezes a much bigger screen into a tighter body.

5. How much smaller is the iPhone 12 mini compared to regular iPhones?
The iPhone 12 mini is almost 15% shorter than the iPhone 12 at just 5.18 inches tall versus 5.78 inches. It’s over 20% lighter as well at 4.97 oz versus 6.14 oz.

6. How do you measure the size of an iPhone?
You can measure an iPhone using a ruler, measuring tape, or calipers. Key dimensions for size include height, width, depth, weight, screen size, and usable screen area.

7. Does a case make an iPhone mini bigger?
Yes, putting an iPhone mini in a protective case will marginally increase its dimensions and bulk depending on the case thickness and style. But the added size is minimal with slim cases.

8. Is the iPhone mini big enough to watch videos and movies?
Yes, the 5.4-inch screen on the iPhone mini is plenty big for enjoying videos, movies and other visual content almost anywhere thanks to the high pixel density.

9. Can you put an iPhone mini in your back pocket?
The iPhone mini could likely fit into some back pockets, but it protrudes enough to possibly fall out, so front or jacket pockets are safer options. An armband case could also work well for active lifestyles.

10. What percentage smaller is the iPhone mini screen than a 12 Pro Max?
The iPhone mini’s 5.4-inch screen is 32% smaller in surface area than the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s huge 6.7-inch display.

11. Is the iPhone SE or mini smaller?
The 2nd generation iPhone SE (2020) is actually fractionally smaller than the iPhone mini, with the SE coming in at just 4.7 inches tall by 2.31 inches wide. However, the mini’s screen is considerably larger at 5.4 inches diagonal.

12. Can you reach the whole iPhone mini screen with one hand?
The compact dimensions of the iPhone mini make it possible to reach all areas of the touchscreen comfortably with just one hand for most people, thanks to the phone’s petite height and width.

13. Does the iPhone mini have the same water and dust resistance ratings as larger iPhones?
Yes, the iPhone 12 mini and 13 mini have IP68 protection just like their larger siblings, meaning they are fully dust tight and can withstand immersion in 6 meters of water for up to 30 minutes.

14. Will a mini fit in those tiny pockets in my jeans?
Thanks to its impressively compact dimensions for a smartphone, the iPhone mini can indeed fit nicely into those tiny coin or watch pockets in jeans or cargo pants.

15. Does the iPhone mini fit most phone car mounts?
The iPhone mini will be compatible with most dashboard, windshield and air vent car mounts thanks to its broadly similar shape and size compared to other common smartphone models on the market.

16. Can you operate an iPhone mini with gloves on?
Yes, winter gloves won’t be a problem with an iPhone mini! All iPhone mini models utilize Apple’s touchscreen technology that allows the display to recognize finger input while wearing a wide range of gloves for maximum cold weather usability.

17. Is the iPhone mini comfortable for mobile gaming?
The iPhone mini’s pocketable dimensions do provide a nice portable form factor for gaming on the go. And its screen is large enough to fully enjoy the latest iOS titles. Just pair a controller for marathon sessions to avoid hand cramps over extended gameplay.

18. How easy is it to break an iPhone mini?
Like all other smartphones featuring front and back glass panels, the iPhone mini remains reasonably fragile if dropped directly on a hard surface. A protective case helps guard against damage from accidental bumps, drops, or scratches during daily use.

19. Can you use the iPhone mini with a stylus?
Yes! The iPhone mini has full Apple Pencil support, allowing you to accurately draw, sketch, write, annotate, and more with pinch and zoom capabilities using the svelte Apple Pencil 2 paired with your mini.

20. Is there a big difference holding the mini versus the 13 Pro Max?
Yes, the size difference between the iPhone mini and Pro Max models is immediately obvious. The Pro Max’s giant 6.7-inch screen makes it feel much bulkier and heavier compared to the featherlight one-handed ergonomics of the pocket-friendly mini.


In the smartphone world, the iPhone mini truly lives up to its name as one of the smallest high-end models available. Precisely measuring just 5.18 inches tall by 2.53 inches wide, it crams a usable 5.4-inch touchscreen into a supremely compact design.

Weighing under 5 ounces, it’s built to be light and pocketable. Yet despite its petite dimensions, the iPhone mini is big where it counts – offering flagship performance rivalling much larger iPhones!

So if portability is your priority, but you don’t want to sacrifice productivity or features, the impressively petite iPhone mini is sized to please.

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