Can I Print from My iPhone to a Wireless Printer?

Connecting your iPhone to a wireless printer allows you to print documents, photos, webpages and more directly from your device. With the right printer and setup, printing wirelessly from an iPhone is quick and easy.

Can I Print from My iPhone to a Wireless Printer?

How Wireless Printing from an iPhone Works?

Wireless printing from an iPhone involves connecting both devices to the same local network, usually a Wi-Fi network in your home or office. Most wireless printers today support Apple’s AirPrint technology, which allows iOS devices like the iPhone to detect and print to compatible printers without needing any additional software or apps.

To print wirelessly from an iPhone, the general process is:

  • Connect both the iPhone and wireless printer to the same Wi-Fi network. The printer will broadcast its availability on the network.
  • On the iPhone, open the document, photo or webpage you want to print and tap the share icon.
  • Select the print option, then choose your wireless printer from the list of available printers.
  • Configure any print settings like number of copies or single/double-sided printing and hit print.
  • The iPhone will send the print job directly to the printer over the Wi-Fi network.

As long as both devices are connected to the network, you can print from anywhere within range, without cables or connectivity between the phone and printer.

Wireless Printers Compatible with iPhone

Most current wireless printers will work with AirPrint and allow printing directly from an iPhone. Here are some of the top models:

  • HP Printers: Such as the HP Envy, Officejet, LaserJet and DeskJet line of printers. Requires the printer be connected to the network with Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
  • Canon Printers: Such as the MAXIFY, PIXMA and imageCLASS printers. Wi-Fi connection required.
  • Epson Printers: Includes the EcoTank, WorkForce, Expression Premium and Stylus models. Must be configured for wireless printing.
  • Brother Printers: Several Brother inkjet and laser printers work with iPhone printing. Check printer specs for AirPrint compatibility.
  • Samsung Printers: Many current Samsung printers support wireless printing from iOS devices. Connection via Wi-Fi is needed.
  • Lexmark Printers: Select Lexmark printer models enable AirPrint. Check manual or specifications to confirm.
  • Dell Printers: Many Dell-branded printers can print directly from an iPhone as long as Wi-Fi is enabled.
  • Xerox Printers: Some of the latest Xerox office and photo printers allow wireless printing through AirPrint.

Check your printer’s manual or specifications to confirm if it supports wireless printing from an iPhone before buying. For older printer models, a firmware update from the manufacturer may be needed to enable this capability.

Setting Up Wireless Printing on iPhone

To enable wireless printing from your iPhone, you will need to get the phone and printer connected to the same wireless network, then add the printer in iOS. Here are the general steps:

Connect the Printer and iPhone to the Same Wi-Fi

The first step is to get both devices hooked up on the same local network.

  • For the printer, connect it to the Wi-Fi network using the manufacturer’s setup process. Consult your printer’s manual for detailed steps.
  • For the iPhone, go to Settings > Wi-Fi and have it join the same wireless network as your printer.

Once both the iPhone and printer are on the network, wireless printing will work anywhere within range.

Add the Printer in iOS

Once Wi-Fi is set up, you need to add the printer to your iPhone:

  • Go to Settings > Printers & Scanners on your iPhone.
  • Tap Add Printer. Your iPhone will automatically search for AirPrint compatible printers on the network.
  • Select your wireless printer from the list. Tap Add to finish setting up the printer.
  • You may need to enter the printer’s security PIN or password if prompted. Check the user manual for this.

After adding the printer, it will now show under your list of available printers in iOS. You can repeat this process to add more than one wireless printer if needed.

Turn On AirPrint on the Printer

Some printers require you to enable AirPrint in the manufacturer’s software before they are visible to iOS devices on the network.

Refer to your printer’s user guide for details on enabling wireless printing support. This is usually done by connecting to the printer through its web interface and turning on the AirPrint option.

Once enabled on both devices, you should be ready to start printing from your iPhone.

Printing from an iPhone

The process of sending a print job wirelessly from an iPhone will depend on which app you are printing from. Here are the general steps:

Print from iPhone Apps

  • Open the document, photo, webpage or other content you want to print.
  • Tap the share icon (usually in top right).
  • Select Print. You may need to tap through a preview screen first.
  • Choose your wireless printer from the list.
  • Select print settings like number of copies and orientation.
  • Tap Print to send the job to your wireless printer.

Photos, PDFs, webpages, notes and other content can usually be printed easily this way.

Print Webpages from Safari

To print a webpage from the Safari browser:

  • With the webpage open, tap the share icon.
  • Scroll down and select Print.
  • If prompted, choose to print the full webpage or just the reader view.
  • Select your wireless printer and adjust print settings.
  • Tap Print to send to the printer over Wi-Fi.

Print from Other Apps

Many third party apps like Evernote, Kindle, iBooks, Notability and Microsoft Office also support wireless printing through the share menu. The print options may vary depending on the app.

Consult the app developer’s instructions if you are unsure how to print created documents and files. Some apps require an in-app purchase to unlock printing capability.

Overall the printing process is straightforward whether you are printing photos, PDFs, scanned documents, webpages or other content from your iPhone. With a compatible wireless printer set up, you can easily print from anywhere in your home or office.

Tips for Wireless iPhone Printing

Here are some useful tips for smooth wireless printing from your iPhone:

  • Update to the latest iOS and firmware on your printer for best reliability.
  • Position the iPhone and printer within a reasonable distance. Try to avoid walls and obstacles.
  • Connect devices to a less congested 5GHz Wi-Fi network if possible, for faster printing.
  • Reset the printer and reconnect to Wi-Fi if connectivity issues occur.
  • Enable AirPrint on the printer if needed through its web interface.
  • Add printers to your iPhone in advance to save time later.
  • When printing photos, choose higher print quality for best results.
  • For documents, enable 2-sided printing under options to save paper.
  • If a print job fails or disappears, try sending it again.
  • Confirm the selected printer before printing from a new app for the first time.

With some minor troubleshooting, wireless iPhone printing should work reliably in most home and office environments

Key Takeaways on Printing from iPhone

  • With a compatible wireless printer, you can print documents, photos and more directly from an iPhone using AirPrint.
  • To enable wireless printing, connect both the iPhone and printer to the same local Wi-Fi network.
  • Add the wireless printer in the Printers & Scanners settings on your iPhone.
  • Many leading printer brands like HP, Canon, Brother and Lexmark support wireless printing from iOS.
  • Tap the share icon in apps, then choose print, to send a job to your printer over Wi-Fi.
  • Position the iPhone and printer within a reasonable distance and connect to a less congested Wi-Fi network.
  • Enable AirPrint on your printer if necessary through its configuration interface.
  • Convert documents to PDF or image formats if having compatibility issues printing certain files.


Thanks to AirPrint technology, most current wireless printers can work directly with an iPhone, allowing you to print from anywhere in your home or office. After getting both devices onto the same Wi-Fi network and adding your printer in iOS settings, printing documents, photos and more is quick and convenient right from your iPhone. With a stable wireless connection and compatible printer, you can take advantage of simple, cable-free printing to bring your iPhone content into the physical world.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Can I connect my iPhone directly to a printer with a cable?
    Yes, some printer models allow direct USB cable connection to an iPhone for printing. But this limits you to printing when right next to the printer. Wireless printing is more flexible. 
  2. What wireless printers work best with an iPhone?
    Newer printer models from major brands like HP, Canon, Epson, Brother, and Lexmark have reliable wireless printing from an iPhone. Check printer reviews and specs before buying. 
  3. Does wireless printing from an iPhone require ink or toner?
    Yes, the printer will need ink or toner to print just like normal. Wireless printing doesn’t change the normal supplies required. 
  4. Can I print from iPhone apps like Photos, Notes, Safari?
    Yes, most built-in iOS apps support printing to a wireless printer through the share menu. Third-party apps may require an in-app purchase to unlock printing. 
  5. How do I check the print queue for jobs sent from my iPhone?
    Most wireless printers have companion apps to let you manage print jobs from iOS devices. There is no central queue on the iPhone itself. 
  6. What paper sizes can I print?
    This depends on your printer model. Most support common sizes like Letter, Legal, 4×6 photo paper. Double check your printer’s specs for compatible sizes. 
  7. My iPhone can’t find my wireless printer, what should I try?
    Restart both devices, reconnect them to Wi-Fi, move them closer together, and check if AirPrint is enabled on the printer. If issues persist, contact the printer manufacturer. 
  8. How do I print multi-page documents from iPhone?
    If printing a PDF or Word doc, all pages should print automatically. For a webpage, you may need to select print all linked pages under options. 
  9. Can I print emails from my iPhone mail app?
    There is no native print option in the iOS Mail app. You will need a third-party app like Printemails to print emails from an iPhone. 
  10. How can I test iPhone printing before buying a wireless printer?
    Try taking your iPhone to the Apple store and printing a test page from display printers. Or borrow a friend’s AirPrint compatible printer to test it out. 
  11. What is Bonjour and do I need it for wireless printing?
    Bonjour enables devices to find each other on a network. AirPrint uses Bonjour to discover wireless printers – so you will need it enabled for iPhone printing. 
  12. I’m having trouble getting my iPhone to print reliably – what should I check?
    Update printer firmware, move iPhone and printer closer, connect to 5GHz Wi-Fi if possible, reduce network congestion from other devices, and check placement of obstructions. 
  13. Does wireless printing use a lot of battery on my iPhone?
    Printing a few pages is minimal. But printing many high-page count jobs can drain battery faster. Keep phone charged or plugged in when printing a lot. 
  14. How do I choose paper type options like photo paper on my iPhone?
    When selecting print options, choose the media type that matches the paper you have loaded in your printer for best quality results. 
  15. **Can I print from anywhere in the world to my home wireless printer? **
    Only if you setup remote access to your home network so your iPhone has access to the printer over the internet – otherwise you need to be on the same local network. 
  16. What should I do if my prints are coming out blank?
    Make sure your printer has enough ink or toner. Clean the print heads in an inkjet printer. Calibrate color settings on the printer. Check for issues with the print job source file. 
  17. I’m selling my wireless printer – what should I do?
    Delete the printer from the Printers & Scanners settings on your iPhone to remove any saved printing presets and prevent access to the new owner. 
  18. How many pages can I expect to print from my iPhone on a battery charge?
    It varies based on phone model and battery health. But expect to print 50-100 pages from a fully charged iPhone before needing to recharge. 
  19. My documents print from iPhone but photos do not – why is this?
    Check photo print quality and paper size settings. Try lower quality or smaller photo prints. Ensure you have photo paper loaded and enable any special photo modes on the printer. 
  20. Why do my iPhone prints have a page break after every paragraph?
    Turn off any smart text formatting or custom pagination options in the print settings. Use basic document or text format printing.

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